SPRING LAKE PARK, Minn. (WCCO) – One person was shot and three suspects are at large after a shooting at a Spring Lake Park hotel on Friday, authorities said.

The incident happened at about 2:30 p.m. Friday on the 1600 block of County Road 10 in Spring Lake Park at the Highway House Hotel. The area is near the intersection of County Road 10 and Pleasant View Drive.

Police said three black men walked into a room at a hotel and opened fire. One man who was inside the room was shot. He was transported to a local hospital. The three men involved in the shooting fled on foot.

There is a daycare nextdoor to the hotel, and police immediately put the daycare on lockdown while a search for the suspects began. Authorities said none of the children at the daycare was injured in the incident.

Police don’t have a good description of the suspects at this time and they don’t know what led up to the shooting. Police said the men involved in the incident used a semi-automatic weapon to shoot the victim.

“The suspects in this case fled on foot,” said Spring Lake Park Police Chief Doug Ebeltoft. “We don’t know their identities and the case is under investigation. We’re trying to identify the suspects and apprehend them.”

The victim’s condition is not known at this time and police aren’t releasing information about the victim because the suspects are still at large. Police are searching everything around the area, from apartments to a mobile home park. Police also don’t know if the victim was a registered guest at the hotel or was with somebody who was registered at the hotel.

Anyone with information about the incidents or the suspects is asked to call police.

Comments (27)
  1. Terry Schwanke says:

    i drove by this, at 2:30 when they were hauling out the body in a stretcher, and on the way back at 3:20, and the photo above is not the same vehicle line up as today. There are more police cars today and no big van like shown in the picture. The entire parking lot is yellow taped across.

  2. Inferior2most says:

    I once had a bookie who lived in this Motel, I wouldn’t let my cat spend the night there it’s quite gross.

  3. drove past says:

    The picture above very well is from today. I drove past less than half an hour ago, and the big van/truck WAS there. The majority of the street that runs in front of the motel is taped off so you can’t go in or out.

  4. Victoria Meyer says:

    I live not more than 5-8 mins from here in the neighboring town and I have drove past this motel millions of times. I have noticed even where I live it’s crime rate has been going up .With the types of people that often walk the streets are not your family friendly types that you see in a suburban area . Why can’t the trash stay in the city . Sadly as times get harder , people get desperate for tenants and don’t do enough to ensure that the tenants they are renting to are good , hard working people. Hopefully this isn’t just some random act of violence .It’s probably over drugs or some other stupid thing! People are ignorant and can’t handle things properly without pulling out a gun and shooting someone!

      1. @Crotchgobblerbob says:

        Wow are you 5? he says 2 words, and there shut up, I bet he has a big weekend planned of nothing with all his friends which is none. Go shoot yourself in the foot spank.

      2. Victoria Meyer says:

        Wow, the idiot of the group speaks ! Gun nut bob, you are about as smart as pieces of dirt ground into the soles of my shoes !
        The award for most ignorant person goes to …..drum roll please ….. gun nut bob!
        You really swept me off my feet with your intelligent comment !

    1. Meyer Vic says:

      “Why can’t the trash stay in the city”- My inner-city neighborhood is 100 times safer than the string of slumburbs along Highway 10. Ugly run-down and not built to last.

      1. Victoria Meyer says:

        Okay , First off couldn’t you been a little bit more creative with the screen name ! I mean seriously what the he** are you thinking.
        Second, yeah the trash should stay in the inner city . I happen to live in an extremely nice neighborhood ! I didn’t not once say that I live on or off 10 ! I specifically said I live 5-8 mins from the area in a neighboring town.
        What your unintelligent self doesn’t realize is that inner cities are filled with all sorts of low lives . In the suburbs you don’t see prostitutes tricking down the main drags . You don’t see drug deals taking place on the corner. You don’t see low lives hanging at the bus stops trying to figure out which hood rat they should make their next baby momma ! You don’t see want to be gang bangers mobbing down the street 20 deep . You don’t have molesters on every other block, because these are the types of areas that fight to keep our kids safe. It is sad however that there is people like you have probably never lived in a nice suburban setting and wouldn’t understand the joy of peace and community strength ! I have lived in a few different inner city neighborhoods and I will never ever move back!

        1. Meyer Vic says:

          “In the suburbs you don’t see prostitutes tricking down the main drags”- Right, you meet them on Craigslist and go to the rundown apartment complex where they live or have their pimp drive them to your taupe sided box. And don’t forget the trailer parks.
          “You don’t see drug deals taking place on the corner”- Because no one walks in the suburbs, they take place in the big-box parking lot. See also previous retort.
          “You don’t see low lives hanging at the bus stops trying to figure out which hood rat they should make their next baby momma”- Uh…Brookdale, Northtown, The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes five years from now?
          “You don’t see want to be gang bangers mobbing down the street 20 deep”- Never seen that where I live either.
          “You don’t have molesters on every other block” – Because the state places all the halfway houses in the city that house the recently released suburban child molesters. Seriously nine times out of ten these creeps are from suburbia, you obviously read the news so you should know this.
          “…people like you have probably never lived in a nice suburban setting”- I grew up in the city and live there now, however I have lived in the bucolic settings of Fridley and Shoreview. It sucked.
          “I have lived in a few different inner city neighborhoods and I will never ever move back!”- Good, keep trash like yourself out in the ‘burbs.

          1. Victoria Meyer says:

            To trash queen who likes using a parody of my name!
            Well obviously you watch news too, Yes there is crimes everywhere and yes it happens in suburban areas as well as country areas, however the crime rates are always going to be higher . Indeed it’s a sad situation but it is the way it is . So regardless of my feelings or yours facts speak for themselves.

        2. Jamal says:

          I love how Suburbanites trash talk the city on these comment boards but the second you call them out it’s “waaahhh, stop being mean, bully” etc. Victoria Meyer, you are a hypocrite of the lowest form.

          1. me says:

            Gosh Jamal – guess what COLOR that KSTP identified the perps as? Yep – BLACK!

            Maybe we should just pack all of you monkeys up & ship you back to Africa.

          2. Victoria Meyer says:

            Ok, being bullied …obviously you must be a mind reader ! Don’t quit your day job Jamal ( that’s if you one) because you are no good at reading minds! I grew up in the the city and I found a better life out in the suburb for myself and my children. Sorry that you can’t better yourself .
            So carry on with your lame comments and pat yourself on the back for being such a complete utter waste of space 🙂

  5. Sandy says:

    Dive MOTEL, this is by no means a hotel, shocking, who would have thunk?

  6. sandy says:

    Exactly Kristin.

  7. Dave Sandness says:

    Criminality IS the issue; not skin color. . .

    1. Victoria Meyer says:

      I couldn’t agree more . Every race commits crimes of the same nature ! Crime is crime and should not be viewed as a race issue but as a mentality issue.

  8. fred says:

    the article says the gunman fled on foot…..long walk back to brooklyn park

  9. Nancy Aleshire says:

    These motels attract a diversified population, much of which is negative (i.e. drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, gang trash, etc.) They do this because motels do not do background checks. You give the clerk the cash and they will give you the room. There are some decent people that find themselves in these types of motels. They are people and even families who are new to town who are trying to establish themselves with jobs and permanent residences. It is very hard to find landlords willing to rent to someone new to town without a local job history. We found ourselves in this situation when our family moved to Tulsa. It was not a pleasant situation living in these roach traps and as soon as one of us found employment we moved into a permanent apartment. Living in motels are no places to raise kids.

  10. KegHead says:

    Is this a suburb of St. Louis?

  11. Bob says:

    No, actually Spring Lake Park is the trailer trash capitol of Minnesota.

  12. Iconoclast says:

    I’ve had Craigslist M4M hookups at that Motel..I used to check in,dress in Drag & place my personals ad for anonymous sex with black guys..I’ll never go back now.

  13. Trailer trash capitol resident says:

    Although I cannot speak on the nature of guests that stay at this motel, I would like to state that it may not be beautiful but is family owned and operated. In fact the individual that owns the motel is also the hero who saved the little girls abducted from St. Paul this summer. As for those of you who like to judge and make generalizations about individuals and various neighborhoods (both inner city and suburb), I grew up to a single mother in what Bob refers to as the “trailer trash capitol of Minnesota” and am a grad. student. I will never understand why so many are insistent on putting others down, given a forum to do so. This article is about a crime that was committed and I haven’t seen a single post inquiring about the well being of the victim or the whereabouts of the perps.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Being a High School Grad isn’t worth boasting about honey..Neither is being Trailer Trash..Now go check the lug nuts on your home!

      1. Victoria Meyer says:

        She says she is a Grad student …not a high school graduate moron!

        1. Iconoclast says:

          H.S. Grad…nothing more..now get out there & check those lug nuts under your home Jethro.

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