By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A future Gopher quarterback wants to end his Lakeville high school career with style.

Mitch Leidner doesn’t exactly look like a quarterback. He’s big, athletic and looks like he could play any position. He’s been offered scholarships from Big 10 schools, but he chose to play for the University of Minnesota.

Leidner said he wanted to work with the U of M’s coaching staff because they are young and energetic. He said that Iowa’s coaching staff “seems like they’re getting a little bit older” in comparison.

Leidner’s high school coach, Larry Thompson, knows he has a good player.

“I think Mitch brings a knowledge of the game. He is very intelligent. No one works harder than he does,” Thompson said.

He wasn’t the only coach impressed. The U of M’s Jerri Kill saw Leidner at a summer scrimmage and offered him a scholarship. Leidner accepted.

With his athletic build and strategic intelligence, Leidner is a natural leader.

“He’s got a very good understanding of what we want to accomplish,” Thompson said.

This year Leidner wants to take Lakeville to the Promised Land.

“I think we’re definitely capable of winning the conference and then winning state,” he said.

  1. Neat story Mike! It will be interesting to see Mitch compete with Philip Nelson this spring as it sounds like they will both be with the Gophers for spring practice. Could be a real showdown! I think both QBs have some things they could work on mechanically with their passing motions, but they are cetainly well-built, athletic kids with a lot of potential.

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