ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says no Asian carp were captured during a five-day search of the St. Croix River. But efforts to find the invasive fish will continue this week.

Last week, DNR fisheries biologists sampled fish populations in two stretches of the river. But no Asian carp were caught.

DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr says that suggests if Asian carp are present, their population could be very low.

Earlier this month, the Minnesota DNR announced that scientists had found DNA evidence that Asian carp are present in the scenic St. Croix River as far upstream as the dam at St. Croix Falls, Wis.

A commercial fisherman hired by the DNR will begin using large nets Tuesday to try to capture Asian carp in the St. Croix.

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  1. AKarp says:

    The video on TV shows about a half a dozen DNR workers seaching for the Asian Carp on the same boat.
    I can only assume one was the boat driver, one the boad driver assistant, three deck hands and one looking for the fish.
    What are they going to do when they find one?
    Anyone one wonder why there is government BLOAT!!!

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