MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A semi truck and a car collided Monday, killing an 85-year-old woman in Nicollet County, police said.

Melvina Aaberg, of Mankato, Minn., died in the crash, which happened on the Highway 14 and Highway 111 junction, at around 1:40 p.m., police said.

The crash is still under investigation.

Comments (5)
  1. Sarah says:

    These oldsters need to hang it up – they just can’t drive anymore.

  2. Botanist says:

    There is no reason for anybody over the age of 80 to be in control of a motor vehicle. And on the freeway, driving 38mph in her gigantic Buick? No way. Stop putting us all in danger of dying on the roads. It’s time.

  3. elderlydriver says:

    States need to revise elderly driving rights! There are many elderly driving that shouldnt be allowed on the roads! Many have had strokes, suffer from dementia, or other health issues,that put US at risk. Yet, these individuals believe because their DL is still valid they have the right to drive. Doctors, hospitals, and family members should bear the responsibilty of reporting individuals that dont have the capabilities needed to drive any longer to have the DL revoked, or suspended, until the individual can pass a written and driving test.. Another option would be to require testing every year after a certain age, or reported health issue that could affect an individuals ability. Im no spring chicken, and fully recognize that one day it could be me driving well under a posted speed,, not understanding which lanes Im to be in for a left turn due to hi-way changes, or how to react to any number of situations.which could endanger myself ,or others. I cant be the only one to admit such fears ,and hopefully not the only one that would turn in my DL.if concerned family members were to tell me the time has come.

  4. deathbyaccidents says:

    in the lines of accidents, whether car or motorcycle, there is no mention of seat belt use or whether or not an air bag deployed in this story. So when reporting on motorcycle accidents where a death has occurred, WCCO appears to have decided that no comments are allowed on those stories by the public because they complain about the helmet issue being mentioned in the story. So, if you are going to report on accidents where a death has occurred, please tell the whole story, ie; was seat belt used or not and would it have mattered, was an air-bag deployed or was it not included in the vehicle, etc.

    Look at it this way, helmets can save lives, they can also cause death (RIP Dale Earnhardt Sr) as well as air-bags can save lives as well as cause death (thus the reason the passenger side air-bag can be disabled).

    Include the whole story about any and all safety measures taken and whether or not they were helpfull in a particular accident – or quit with the “was not known if a helmet was worn or not” being added to the story.

  5. peripatetic says:

    Nice, sympathetic comments. Sarah, if you’re lucky you’ll live to be an “oldster.” Botanist, it was no gigantic Buick, but a Saturn. All drivers should be tested regularly; elderly drivers, yearly.
    Is it really necessary for this web site to accompany the article with a broken-glass graphic?

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