Police: Man Sexually Assaults Woman, Jumps Into River

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 21-year-old St. Cloud woman is in serious condition after she was sexually assaulted and severely beaten by a stranger, who later jumped into the Mississippi River, early Monday morning, police said.

James Bryson, 21, of St. Cloud, is currently being held for court in the Stearns County Jail awaiting charges of criminal sexual conduct, false imprisonment and second degree assault.

According to a criminal complaint, Bryson assaulted his victim at her apartment, located on the 300 block of 6th Avenue South, at around 5:50 a.m. Bryson sexually assaulted his victim and left her with wounds all over her body.

She is being treated at St. Cloud Hospital, where she is in serious yet stable condition, police said.

Police found Bryson near the University Bridge after hearing a report of a man jumping into the Mississippi River at 6:15 a.m. Bryson had on only a T-shirt when police found him.

Bryson and his victim were not acquaintances, police said.

The St. Cloud Police Department is continuing to investigate this incident.



  • What Next?

    Castration works, too!

    • Agreed and how.....

      Cut ’em off with the backside of a dull butter knife!

      • What Next?

        And cut REAL SLOWLY!

  • Sandy

    Glad he jumped in the river, didn’t bother to read the rest, hopefull the F is dead! Enough~!

  • maggie

    St. Cloud man? Maybe he goes to school there, but he’s a Plymouth resident. Lives in our toney neighborhood.

  • Murph

    Looks more like 35 than 21 to me! A freak! Toss away the key on that one!

  • Coolrain

    What’s worse is that they could free him in a year or two for “good behavior” and this animal can live among law abiding citizens… Castrate this monster!

  • itchy scratchy

    He must have caught some serious crabs to go jumping in a river like that.

  • DeShawn Hawkins

    As a joke,WCCO puts up a white guys picture..That’s funny!!

  • Botanist

    Picture says David Bryson and article says James Bryson.

    Sup wit dat, CCO?

  • you know

    If I was a woman, I’d put razor blades up in there when out on the town. Like they did in Auschwitz… ya know – just in case.

    This guy deserves to be castrated.

  • Jeff

    He is only 21! He looks awful for being 21. At least they got him.

  • Iconoclast

    I blew a guy up in Sauk Center 3 weeks ago at an Adult Bookstore that looks EXACTLY like this guy!!!

  • Wolf girl

    What is wrong with you???? If you could see what this monster did, you wouldn’t say that!!! Stupid people

  • Aunt

    He just needs to die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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