MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As a kid, many of us emulated our favorite sports heroes. MJ Huss is a Twin Cities toddler who transforms into his big league idols.

“He watches the nuances of the players,” said MJ’s dad Matt. “He knows how to lead off the bases and all sorts of weird things you wouldn’t expect a two year old to know.”

The little slugger has learned how to hit just like the players in the Twins line up by watching them.

“He’d come up to us and say ‘Mommy, look, I Cuddy’ and show us the swing, or Mommy look I’m Joey, or Thome,” said MJ’s mom, Brandee. “He’d watch them swing and you could just see it churning in his head, he’d be sitting there practicing it.”

When the Twins heard about the little slugger’s talent, they invited MJ onto the field for a batting practice. Taking a break from their practice, the Twins players gathered around the toddler calling out names and watching him swing — some even offered tips.

MJ may not know it now, but imitating the pros is the same way these players learned the game.

His parents joke if MJ doesn’t become a major league slugger, he would have a successful career as a scout because he picks up on the details of the player’s game.

To see more of MJ at the plate and of his trip to Target Field, visit the Twins Blog.


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