3 Boys Arrested For Allegedly Smashing Car Windows

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Three boys were arrested Monday night, accused of vandalizing at least 140 vehicle windows in south Minneapolis.

Police say the three — ages 11, 15 and 16 — were arrested around 10:15 p.m. Monday after officers received a report that more vehicle windows had been smashed.

According to police, the boys smashed an additional 14 windows between 27th and 37th avenues and between 34th and 44th streets on Monday after breaking more than 126 windows the day before.

Witnesses pointed officers to a vehicle that matched the description of the suspected car at 38th Street and Columbus Avenue. Police found evidence, like a baseball bat, inside that suggested the occupants of the vehicle could be responsible for the damage.

“This car was out, my sister’s car was out and they were just smashing the neighbor’s car when I got outside,” said Jeff Hall.

Hall was getting ready for bed early Sunday morning when he heard the sound of smashing glass coming from outside. It wasn’t until he got outside that he learned that sound was coming from his car, his sister’s car — who was visiting from out of town — and pretty much every other vehicle on the street.

“We had this car get the back window smashed out, which was kind of a burn because we keep the bare minimum insurance on it,” Hall said.

It cost Hall $200 to get his car fixed. But he has some vindication now that the three have been arrested.

Police say the 15-year-old boy was driving at the time of the arrest. They say he did not have a driver’s license.

In total, the three smashed 140 windows before being caught. But police say they don’t think that’s all.

“We expect that number to climb throughout the day as people discover that their vehicle was damaged last night,” said Sgt. William Palmer of the Minneapolis Police Department.

That’s not surprising to Stephanie Metcalf, who is waiting for the new windshield for her 2011 Volkswagen to be sent from out of state.

“I’m really mortified this happened. I hope they caught the right people and they can face the appropriate consequences for it,” Metcalf said.

Because they are juveniles, little information has been released about the three boys who were arrested.

They were processed at the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center, and even though they were released, they could still face stiff penalties.

Hall said he has some ideas for how the vandals can make up for their damage.

“I’m wondering where the parents are here. One hundred and forty cars in all and if everyone is paying $200, let’s just hope those kids are going to be paying for it. Or at least in community service so they can help these neighborhoods out,” he said.

The total damage to vehicles in that area is estimated between $100,000 to $200,000.

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  • responsibility

    in reality…parents should have to fork over the cash to repair ***all** the broken windows.

    • Kent

      Yes, that is the solution..The parents must pay.

    • Purrmaid

      The parents also need to attend parenting classes also. Obviously, they’ve done a poor job so far.

      • Iconoclast

        You’re assuming they have 2 happily married parents at home with full time jobs that just didn’t do a good job.

        I promise you that you’re completely wrong in that assumption.

        • stubby

          So what, at least one parent should be resposible for what their poorly-raised kid did. If you can’t take the time to raise them right, don’t have any. People like you Iconoclast are part of the problem

          • Iconoclast

            What if his parents are out of the picture and one is living with his grandma, or his cousins, such as the case frequently is, stubby? Then what?

            I’m not part of the problem. I’m part of the solution. Which are you?

            • John Frykman

              It all starts with people having babies they either won’t or can’t raise properly. Whover the legal guardian is must be held accountable. There are no excuses for this kind of behavior. And a 15 year-old with no drivers license (wouldn’t be valid anyway because of the time and the fact there were passengers) is out at 1:00 AM on a Monday morning? What about curfew violation.

              These kids should have gone directly to juvenile detention and kept there until they went to court–let them know what is ahead for them if they don’t straighten out.

    • Deep Thinker

      Of course someone brings politics into the picture, thanks @Ferris for being so lame childish.

    • Toni

      Why should the parents have to pay? The boys should be made to pay for the damages and provide community service to the people that they have caused this damage to, some good manual labor in exchange for the inconvenience thay have caused….it’s what my children would have to do.

      • g8bbgg

        Excuse me?? A parent is more than knocking up a chick or pushing a child out of your crotch. It is responsibility to care for, teach and be responsible for your child and his/her actions. What these little criminals did is a crime. An 11 year old out at 10 PM?? Be one or two parents they did not take care of the child. Toni are you one of the parents? or are all three yours??

        • em0886

          Nice mouth!! I agree that what these kids did was wrong and that they had no business out late at night but sometimes parents really do their best with their kids and try disciplining and their kids still rebel and act out…..that’s where juvenile detention centers come into play and I personally think these kids could use a place like that and then have community service as part of their punishment.

        • Toni

          No I am not one of these parents, I happen to live 200 miles away but grew up in the cities. I am however the parent of a 10 and 15 year old. My children have been raised with morals and respect for people and their property. If my children were ever to cause harm to another you can bet your ass they would be working off every last cent to cover the damage that was done. It’s called teaching them to be responsible for their actions. None of us on these boards know who these parents are or what their home life is like. Seemingly good kids go out and cause trouble all the time. Just because they did this crime in that neighborhood doesn’t mean they live there. There is an awful lot of judging before the fact going on.

  • DJ

    just book them and release them so they will do more damage.
    Maybe a couple years of community service would do some good.

  • Carolyn


    • Botanist

      The next time? We’re ok with them doing this again before we REALLY punish them?

    • Dave's Not Here

      Whose pig farm should get the little criminals? Are you volunteering to Lead the group?

    • Angry Parent

      The parents SHOULD be held responsible. Their kids should NOT be out galivanting at 1:00 AM! They owe and those kdis owe!

      • Iconoclast

        Did you realize my screen name is far better than yours Architect or do you just enjoy riding the coat tails of my superior intellect. I have to remind you again that your feeble, boring rants filled with racist jabs will never be mistaken for me :-) Good luck though.

        • Architect

          Yup, you’re the smartest and most well informed janitor I’ve encountered so far.

        • Iconoclast

          You’re a very paranoid person..without a job.

        • @Iconoclast

          Maybe you should log off & go polish Bruce’s toenails or something.

      • Dave's Not Here

        How would your life change if suddenly the cops came to your door and said your 15 year old son went out with his buddies and did 150 grand worth of vandalism to cars and you had to pay up a third of it, 50k?

        Should the parents just be put in prison then if they can’t pony up the 50 Large? How will they live and survive without a home and vehicle if you take those as payment? Why not just kill them and be done with it?

        • cheechandchong

          C’mon, man…I got the stuff

  • Punks

    Actually and legally – yep, the parents owe.
    Won’t happen but my God-between 100-200K in damages? Indebted public servants for years the kids should be. This is nor-was not a silly prank gone astray but guarenteed to be tomorrows gang bangers.
    Whip them until the skin is gone to start and then chain gang vs “bang” gang

    • Carl

      That is not true. When a child is ordered to pay restitution they are responsible for the cost, not the parents. If they do not pay the restitution by the time they true 19 a judgment is issued against them.

  • TL the alligator

    ….these three should be held in juvenile detention for at least 2 years each AND they AND THEIR PARENTS should be MADE to pay back every single dollar for the damage they caused…..NO MATTER HOW LONG IT MAY TAKE….put leins on their property……take away any vehicle that is worth more than $2000 and liquidate it……put liens on any tax returns…..liens on any gov’t checks like property tax rebates….seize any 401K account money they may have……they should have no luxuries until this debt IS PAID IN FULL.

    • Botanist

      What makes you think their broke parents living in S. Mpls will be able to come up with 200 grand, especially if you take their cars, their property and their retirement?

      You, sir, are an idiot.

      • Guy

        Parents are probably on welfare & were busy smoking crack while their little “welfare checks” were out breaking the windows.

  • Stupid Parents

    Throw the parents in jail for not raising there kids to know the difference between right and wrong

    • Botanist

      I’m guessing none of the boys has a father at home. They may already be in jail to begin with.

      You suggest having their moms thrown in jail too? What about the boys? No culpability?

  • Steve

    I believe it is the boys who need to pay thru community service for the next 5 years+ each. They should also be in counseling as well as the parents, forced. You otherwise end up with. Alligator, doubt you are a parent. The parents were not the ones driving underage or smashing the windows, idiot.

    • wtgsteve

      sounds like you’ve never had kids…the parent/s are the one/s who raised these kids (and you possibly?) and they are responsible for their actions.

      No need to call anyone an idiot…

      • Botanist

        I have 5 kids. I don’t think the parents are the ones who should be punished. All human beings should be held accountable to know right from wrong, regardless of their upbringing. No human inherently believes that destroying the property of others is ok. They knew it was wrong no matter how they were raised.

  • Steve

    Here’s what will happen. The kids will go to Juvenile Hall and will become heroes to their peers. The kids will not have to pay one DIME in restitution, and neither will their parents.

    The kids won’t even be asked to clean out the broken glass.

    I know, because two years ago, kids broke windows on my truck and a few other vehicles. They were caught. When I asked who would clean out the broken glass and pay for my new window, the cops almost fell down laughing at me.

    • djp

      That is ridiculous! A lot of good policing is if this is what we have to deal with when personal property is damaged!

  • Purrmaid

    The parents and their rotten little delinquents need to do hardcore community service, or better yet, the work on a hog farm suggestion would do wonders for making them realize that poor choices result in even worse consequences. They should be made to apologize in person to each and every victim. Those boys felt all large and in charge sneaking around to do their dirty work. Whole different story when they have to own up to their stupidity in the harsh light of day..

    • Sunny

      My brother was caught vandalizing when he was a young teenager years ago- he’s in his 50’s now and still remembers the embarrassment it caused the family. He had to apologize and clean up his mess. He never did it again (that we know of:) ) They need to be held accountable, clean up the mess and face the victims of their crimes.

  • patty

    What country is it that has public whippings?

    • Botanist

      China has public canings. Where do we volunteer for caning duty?

  • Tball

    I agree that parenting is likely part of the issue, however, teaching the kids they need to pay back the money damages caused by their actions may teach them a lesson in property damage. sending them to juvenile detention may just give them the means to learn more about crimes they never even fathomed through networking with other kids. I hope these kids get put to work and counseled. As for the parents I hope they go through counseling as well to deal with the emotional stress caused by learning your child committed a large crime. Parenting skills may need to be taught, but i dont think thats a safe assumption…

  • just askin

    Wait a minute… the kid was 15 and driving???

    Who drives without an adult at 15?

    I’d like to see a picture of these kids too… Just to satisfy my stereotypical needs.

    • Toni

      I drove when I was 15…illegally with a friend who had her license and her own car, and I am white and grew up in the suburbs….it may have been back in the 80’s but it still happens all the time.

      • Tan pup

        Did you take your younger 11 yr old friends and cause $100,000 in damages too? What’s your point?

  • buggyhead

    I know — all these people who’s cars were damaged need to go to these 3 little punks houses and smash all their windows out — they need to know what it feels like — the little pukes

    • Botanist

      None of the kids own houses, genius.

      • Guy

        That just means that the Sec. 8 landlord of the parents has to pay to fix the windows.

  • Willow

    I can’t believe the lack of compassion shown here. The boys are the actual victims. Growing up in less than ideal circumstances with no village to support them. Probably never got a Play Station and had to steal their Air Jordans. They are heroes for channeling their justifiable anger against inanimate objects rather than human beings. Let them out so they can learn from their mistakes, grow and prosper.

    • Michael Clark

      Heros??? I think NOT

      • John Frykman

        Do you know what satire is? Google it.

  • Amom

    Parenting skills at this point?? That should have been mandatory when the kids were born! In fact, Im all for parenting classes be mandatory for all. Evidently, we as parents arent educating our children, nor teaching them right from wrong at an early age. Maybe some parents dont know how to be parents. Most of us use the tools we learned from our parents, good or bad, to non-existent. These kids are the failures of their parents, now the justice system gets to deal with them. Lets hope they do a better job…thats a laugh!!

  • Just do it

    Restitution to the tune of $100,000 to $200,000, with accruing interest until paid off, should be an appropriate punishment, and one that will NEVER be attained in any of their, or their parents, lifetimes.

  • buggyhead

    Botanist: They are most likely (99.9% sure) they are getting Section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare and everything else bleeding heart liberals like you throw at them.

    • Botanist

      You’d be hard-pressed to find me giving my money or belongings to ghetto dwelling felons-to-be, sorry.

      Once again you’re wrong. I’m starting to sense a pattern here with your comments…

    • Carl

      What are you basing this on? What do you know of these children or their situation that makes you 99.9% sure?

  • kate

    Sorry but Im going out on a limb here,taking a guess,not intending to sound racist-but does it say what country they are from?

    • Just saying

      Sure does! AMERICA!

      • Me

        don’t you ever say anything worthwile???

  • tye

    I say ship ’em to Siberia . . . ummm, I mean North Dakota.

  • kate

    And at that age kids need to be taught that lesson that THEY are responsible for their bad choices and the consequences or they will continue that behavior. Id like to see a better system for juvenile criminals. In the long it could maybe save states the costs of caring for adult prisoners.

  • Always Amused on 'CCO

    Yes, the comment boards are full of people who are bored at work (if they have jobs – maybe they’re just unemployed and living in their mom’s basement) and can anonymously express their underlying racist attitudes. It would be nice if we could have intelligent discussion about issues. My favorite comment above: What country are they from!? Maybe “America!”

    • Tan pup

      And you live and work where? How’s this racist? Not one post mention’s the tone of the kid’s skin color – looks to me like you are making the assumption , however, I can bet that these kids don’t consider themselves Norwegian Americans.

    • j

      I think it’s to the point where it’s laugh or cry.
      At least that’s the point I’m at.
      Don’t rely on the judicial system – No teeth, and kids like these were not raised to respect authority anyway.
      But thanks for setting everyone straight on the origin of their country.
      Whew – I know I was confused!
      Thank God – A beacon of hope is amongst us!

    • @Amused

      The “mom’s Basement” insult has become toothless & tired…Maybe it’s time to refresh your tired cliches from the late 80s..

    • John Frykman

      Whites do commit crimes. But this repeated vandalism against complete strangers has “ghetto” written all over it. They are not from America’s values. They are America’s parasites. They are all on their way to more serious crimes in the not-too-distant future.

  • red

    a dad at 15? What the? and he is out crashing windows? frick in grow up!! This has nothing do with Racism Laquisha. If he is a daddy why is he not with his kid?

    • tina

      Cuz black daddies never return home after they pump a Welfaya mama. They run off…..only to return once they realize that they Welfaya mama is now collecting a Government check…then they return home to get money from the said Welfaya mama to get EBT cash to buy liquor and cigarettes.

      • tina

        I drive bus for Metro Transit….I deal with this trash everyday…..They never have money for the bus fare, but they always have money for liquor and cigars. They’ll walk on the bus with a gallon of Vodka and a pack of cigarettes in their pocket and they’ll say, “can you help a Brutha out”? Um..no I wont help a “Brutha” out. This is another example of black trash. Priorities: Liquor and Cigars. Less priorities: taking care of your Welfaya babies.

        • em0886

          TIna I highly suggest that if you don’t like your occupation then maybe you should have gone to school for something that you would enjoy!! I understand that there are some people on welfare that unfortunately do abuse it, or continue to have children just to stay on it but that’s not the case for everyone and you are stereotyping which isn’t fair. Just so you know, you can’t purchase cigarettes and liquor directly from your EBT like you used to be able to when the food stamps were in paper form…I know this because I used to be a cashier and was upset when I would see that this is what people of all races were buying. In order to do so they would have to pull the cash from an ATM from their card….we can’t control what people do with the benefits they receive but you are honestly wasting your time being so hateful and negative constantly..don’t you have anything better to do.

          • canigetsomechange

            Auntie Em, so sad that your infinate wisdom as taken you to the role of a cashier at the local food-n-fuel. I will pray that you hit the lottery, it seems the only way you can better yourself.

            • em0886

              Okay…haha, maybe you would benefit from re-learning how to read, I clearly stated “I used to be a cashier” I am currently over halfway done with my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice….and even if I was what shame is there in providing for your family, your job title does not define who you are as a person.

  • John Q Public

    If you are doing stuff like this at 15-16 there is something very wrong. I mean these people are mentally ill. We shoould have a way to make these people have to say they did a mentally unstable thing and should have to report it for the rest of their lives when getting a job or housing or anything else.
    And i like th eanger and hate here because we do not need people liike this anymore. I wish everyone would resort to mob violence and give them a good beating…and their families.

  • Just saying

    Hahaha, I bet Laquisha and Monique are both a White dude pretending to be a young African- American girl. Haha, idiot. If you know anything, nobody writes like that, not even the ghetto little girl standing next to you.

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