WATERLOO, Iowa (WCCO/AP) — A man who was beaten by a mob in Waterloo late last week died of his injuries.

Police said that 19-year-old Marcellus Richard Andrews was kicked and punched by the group early Friday morning along a Waterloo street. He was taken to an Iowa City hospital, where he died Saturday.

No arrests have been made in the beating. Police say it’s unclear how many people were in the mob or why Andrews was targeted.

The WCF Courier in Iowa reports that witnesses said they heard members of the mob taunting the victim with anti-gay slurs.

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  1. garage illogic says:

    Other sorces report the group was spouting gay names and targeted him because he was gay.

    1. Jim fierce says:

      Any updates on this story? Does anyone know about services donations is there a FB wall where we can leave condolences?

  2. Janice says:

    One thing is for sure- they were all cowards. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore if i was part of a mob beating on one guy

    1. Jyl says:

      That was my first thought too…Its’s a shame they need a mob to attack someone because of their own insecurities

  3. Botanist says:

    Does “early Friday morning” mean around 2am or thereabouts? Why do people insist on loitering around after midnight? There is nothing for you to be doing at that hour.

    1. Chris says:

      Why does it make a difference?
      Was he really “loitering” or where does that come into play?
      Whether it was 2:AM or 2:PM, there is no excuse and it is not his fault.
      Tough guy groups like this should be eliminated.

      1. Botanist says:

        I wasn’t referring specifically to the victim. I mean all parties involved. It does make a difference, because avoiding being out in Mpls during these times seems to be a key component for remaining alive.

    2. Mike says:

      there are many things to be doing at 2AM. I work in a hospital at night. Even on nights off my sleep pattern is odd and i’m until at least 2 or 3 and sometimes later. Sometimes I’m at Cub or Rainbow late. Other days I may meet friends for a beer or two and walk into my house around 2AM. People don’t lock their doors at 7PM and stay inside all night long. We should feel comfortable going anywhere anytime of the day. Its a shame people are still bashing gays. Sounds like a bunch of closet cases trying to cover up a man crush on their buddies

      1. Mike Conway says:

        Mike – your job and social life may mean you are frequently out at 2 or 3 am. I think the Botanist means that you are much more likely to run into unsavory characters at that time of day – and I agree with that. Maybe that shouldn’t be the case but I think it is true. You should realize that and be aware or you are much more likely to be the subject of one of these nasty stories. Contrary to what some people think there are some really bad characters out there and they often tend to avoid the sun.

  4. Brian in MPLS says:

    It saddens me that this kind of stuff still goes on in 2011. Why do people care if others are gay? It really just makes the places where this happens look like the kind of outdated places where no one would ever want to live in, let alone start a family or business.

  5. Kimmie says:

    they only care because they them selves are gay other gays scare them . They may bring out their gay feelings they want to supress. In any case they are losers to beat anyone up..hope they catch them and remove their junk!

  6. sad says:

    I heard he way white and the mob black?

    1. Botanist says:

      Have you ever heard of a white man named Marcellus? I’m just speculating…

      1. Guy says:

        Not in the last 2000 years or so …

        Marcus Claudius Marcellus (42 BC – 23 BC) was a famous general during the Roman Punic Wars….

  7. HURT says:

    I agree with Brian, this is 2011, people have their own beliefs and should not be targeted over them. Can someone give me some advice, the owner of the business I work for told me yesterday, I should be a better person and turn my back to the racial comments made in my office. I advised her twice it is not acceptable in the work place and I feel offended and hurt when another worker uses the N word. Iam not racist and I know the other emplyee is. My family is white,black and hispanic, we are all the same. Any ideas

    1. Botanist says:

      That is workplace harrassment, and your employer is condoning it. You need to call a lawyer immediately.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        Every time somethin wrinkles your panties, you call a lawyer??? Get real,stop whining and grow some balls.

    2. oh man says:

      the world is full of mean, rude, politically incorrect people and the sooner you toughen up the better you will handle the kind of people you are talking about. I am curious, with your racial background would it bother you to hear a black man call someone by the N word?

      1. As jack said... says:

        “Politically incorrect”; maybe for that work place that is the correct political thinking therefore it is “politically correct” This term has been so misused. The term is not exclusive to a more socially liberal ideology. What ” Politically Correct” means is that the environment that you socially operate in has a certain political thought that is dominate and that it is expected that everyone in that environment adheres to it or tolerates its by product.

  8. Real Talk says:

    The potential for humans to behave inhumanely while feeding on the “mob mentality” is astounding. Take the London riots for example.

    In any instance, any of these individuals by themselves (i’m betting) would not carry this act out, however throw these goobers in a group together and watch the chimpanzee’s go. Amazing.

    Its like 1/2 the population stopped evolving once they were able to recognize their own reflection.

    Yet these low-life mouth breathers still get the same amount of votes for our elected officals as us……effin scary. No wonder why any cheese brain who can raise enough money to get on TV can get elected.

    So utterly frustrating and senseless. I am ashamed to share the human race with these cowards.

  9. TL the alligator says:

    …this is a hate crime and as such should will demand a much harsher sentence….these parasites should ALL be in prison for the rest of their lives…..and THEY WILL be caught……the first one or two to rat out and testify against the rest will have a ray of hope for a future otherwise the others should never see freedom again for the rest of their lives.

    1. Real Talk says:

      You are stupid.

      There is no such thing as a hate crime. Just crime. The hate part is implied. You think a mob of people beat a boy to death out of kindness? So i ask you….should these people really be punished any different if they beat him to death for the thrill or they beat him to death because he was gay?

      I argue they should not. The result is the same…these people need to be punished harshly….no matter what the specific motive was.

      1. As jack said... says:

        Agreed, best not to punish based on emotions but on the facts of the offense.

  10. Trev says:

    Well, I want to hear more of the story. Bottom line is that the mob needs to be hel accountable for murder. However we’re too quick to jump on the anti gay crime bandwagon. Anyone walking near a “mob” at that time of morning is going to be harmed. A woman would likely be raped and beaten. A guy, no matter if he were gay, straight, too white, too black, too mexican whatever…he will be beaten… I want to hear more about the story before I jump on the anti gay bandwagon.

  11. rj says:

    They sure are tough guys when bunched together like animals. Black or white, straight or gay, it’ disgusting.

  12. markH says:

    Are they sure it a mob and not a congregation?

    1. pat says:

      christaphobe, bigotry is the fault of ignorant people displaying it. Because Christians believe that the lifestyle of gays is a sin{, and we are all sinners and need forgiveness}, you want to accuse us of a henious act such as this. No matter whatr religion, race, ethnicity or natoinality people should be judged by their behavior not their religion Rememvber Andrew Cunan?

  13. Peggy Steinmetz Koehler says:

    Dale Gribble you are an idiot!

  14. eugoogley says:

    is it possible to taunt a person with PRO-gay slurs?

    1. As jack said... says:

      Only if they’re anti gay.

  15. Jim Fierce says:

    I am looking for more information on this story. Has there been a funeral service yet? Is there a fund for Marcellus? Does anyone know if there is a Facebook wall where people can leave condolences? Have the perpetrators been caught yet? Do we need to start putting pressure on the police or are they all over it?

  16. Dre says:

    Whats a Mob in Iowa?? 3 people??

    1. Dave says:

      3 people and 4 cows, to be exact.

  17. As jack said... says:

    Never trust a Holstein! Oh does that make me anti dairy?

  18. Murph says:

    Acting like true and new Republicans! How disgracingly low that Party of No has become,it is outrageous and unAmerican! It only encourages these atrocities and exposes the REAL non spititual nature of the so called Conservatives.Obviously their goal is to conserve their wealth while draining everyone elses! One state = one vote! It worked for the colonies! Get rid of the greatest gathering of nincompoops ever to ravage our country,too many Congressmen and Senators! Now thats the reduction of government that would work the best!

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