ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton begins a statewide jobs tour in Fergus Falls on Wednesday.

The first-term Democrat will visit an assisted care facility built with public and private money. He will also hold a forum on jobs with local officials, business owners, economic development specialists and those who train workers.

Dayton said Tuesday that he sees the tour as a way to develop a statewide business plan to put people back to work all over the state.

Minnesota has a 7.2 percent unemployment rate, with more than 200,000 people lacking jobs.

The governor says the Fergus Falls trip will be followed by other meetings around the state as he aims to make job creation his main focus. The jobs tour will end with a statewide summit in St. Paul in October.

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Comments (26)
  1. Sid says:

    I don’t understand why dems don’t get it. Just leave the private sector alone, get rid of all the bs regulations, forms, minimize taxes and fees, allow for right to work, help reduce energy costs, get rid of obamacare requirements, and things will happen. Its all about creating a business friendly environment.

    1. Amy R says:

      That was all done under the previous administration and guess where we ended up. Recall the bubble bursting and the economic meltdown that followed at the end of his presidency? They cut regulation across the board. Ask Californians how much they saved on energy during his presidency as a result of deregulations. It was lack of regulation in the stock market that allowed the derivatives, credit default swaps, etc. to get our of control and allowed the banks to get neck deep in dung.

      Find out a little bit about Elizabeth Warren, check out THE WARNING, a Frontline documentary on PBS’s website.

      1. Sid says:

        You are under a dem illusion. The economic meltdown was caused by toxic investment bundles which contained toxic mortgages. These were created by the dems so that people that could not really afford homes got loans. As a matter of fact in 2004 when Bush tried to pass a bill to reign in Fanny and Freddie the dems, including sen B Obama, voted against it. When these loans went into default everything went downhill. Remember, Bush had a dem house and senate passing bills, and spending money.

      2. lib says:

        NO Amy it was Barney Frank and Fannie and Freddie that was the largest downfall to our economy, and we are not finished with the housing bubble yet, there is a shadow inventory bubble still out there of A property homes that will continue to tank the economy, that is why banks are horading cash, but don’t worry the politicians won’t let that happen till after the fall elections.

      3. Carl says:

        And what regulations have been put in place since we have been “saved” by the great one?

        1. Reality sucks says:

          He put new regulations on financial institutions and the credit card industry.
          The financial institutions must maintain cash on hand and scrutinize lending their lending procedures and follow standardized qualifications. Credit cards have to list new information to the consumer, have plain english and standardized fees among other things.

          1. Sidney says:

            The Dodd Frank bill, which your speaking off, is the biggest bust yet. They passed it without even finishing the new rules and regs. Its a thousand pages of regs that small business have to deal with when they finally get around to finishing it. Everyone wants to repeal it as soon as possible. This was truely a job killer.

          2. Carl says:

            Tightening of the lending standards by individual lenders have done far more to protect against future instability. By stopping the lending to low income households has and will do more benefit in the long run than any cash reserve requirements. The reserve requirements are on the lenders and not the brokers that Democrats blamed for the mess in the first place.
            Anybody too stupid to not read a contract shouldnt be allowed to have a credit card. Again, just restricting who is eligible to have a credit card.
            Not everyone deserves a home or credit card!

            1. Reality sucks says:

              I agree with both of you (Carl/Sidney). You asked what the “great one” has done so I answered–not knowing you actually already knew the answer.

          3. Monty says:

            The people signing up for a credit card at some crazy rate of interest do not need something told to them in plain english, they need to take remedial math.

  2. gdog says:

    Since the govenor is so clueless, maybe he needs to start listening the the republicans ideas. They actually want to grow the economy so MN can prosper again, not take everyone’s money and continue to through it down the drain hoping it will magically make everything better.

  3. Dean says:

    Maybe some of the residence at the assisted living faclility are looking for a job? Come on, Dayton, get real. Quit spending with your entourage on the road and stay home. Did you build a black bus for your tour?

    1. James S says:

      I don’t think he has the secret service with him.

  4. StraycatStrut says:

    I cannot help but think the Dayton “Jobs Tour” is much like the Stones “Steel Wheels Tour”. Old, redone, and of little job creation value. Just entertainment for a clueless Governor….. making good sound bits for the Democrat (also clueless) base. Go for it Medicated Mark but take the flower prints off your VW van!!

  5. Gimme da money says:

    I wonder how many times he said “Make the wealthiest Minnesotans pay their fair share”.

  6. dan says:

    The jobs tour kicks off at a nursing home. Priceless!

  7. What's the angle says:

    Sometimes I think we live in a parallel universe. In the universe the Dems, Libs and Progs inhabit, the laws of physics don’t apply and in the Conservative universe the laws that do apply are laughed at by the Dems, Libs and Progs. Seriously though I sometimes wonder what the angle is with the dems. We know giving stuff away that other people earned doesn’t work and that lazy people drag the system down but we never address any of the real problems. It’s like Dayton is a stubborn child with his fingers in his ears ignoring the real problem.

    1. SnowFire says:

      all of you commenting here = idiocracy at its best! You don’t present the opportunity for serious conversation. You are all lemmings, doing exactly what those in control want you to do, continue the finger pointing and the blame game to create the distraction required while those in power continue the greed!

      1. Vernon says:

        the first comment layed out a number of things Dayton could do to help business in this state. .fact is though he won’t because the dems believe government is the answer and repubs believe government is the problem.

        1. Dave's Not Here says:

          More accurately, Republicans believe Democrats in government is the problem. Republicans have a great way of pointing fingers. Gays are bad too, don’t forget. And you may not die when you want to. If you try, Republicans will throw you in jail if you survive the arrest.

  8. pat says:

    Maybe he can talk us out of the recession, a way better plan then spending our way out.

  9. Get Real says:

    He can start by getting rid of state regulations and mandates that cost companies and trickle down to the consumer.

    Also if you are curious about what government employees make look at the website attached below. Some of the compensation is reasonable, others to low, while even more are ridiculously high.

  10. Redneck Purist says:

    How about if he just quits fixing things and goes to Martha’s Vineyard? We could all use the vacation from his hard work. Especially when he just grows the economies of the neighboring states.

  11. StraycatStrut says:

    Hey Dems out there……. Governor Dayton…. 1st 6 months in office…. shuts down MN …. over the largets MN budget proposal for a $1 hike in Cigeratte taxes…. lays off 22,000 people…. now he’s on a Jobs Tour. Are you serious?….. the Governor is a total idiot. Trust me…. he’s not smarter then a 5th grader…. and neither are Democrats he represents that voted for him.

  12. Doug T says:

    Wow – looks like the “Good Government” pixie dust is wearing off even here in minnesota.

    Good – its time for the taxpayers to take back their government and get things going in a positive direction again!

    The polly-annas will never understand – but they dont pay taxes anyway…..

  13. SB says:


    How is it that the pathetic Dayton “I’m so saaad,” picture disappears after you click on the link. Yet another liberal twisting of the media so that their darling: a rich descendent of retailers in MN, appears as a champion of the common man.

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