ST. PAUL (WCCO) — At least 232 motorists have been arrested for DWI in the first weekend of Minnesota’s statewide DWI crackdown, according to preliminary reports from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office of Traffic Safety.

The number of arrests was reported by 108 out of approximately 400 participating agencies.

The “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign, which runs through Labor Day, is also being conducted nationwide.

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  1. markH says:

    Great. Now let’s not applaud ourselves like those miscreants who turn out once a year to feed the homeless a few turkey dinners at the local soup kitchen and then forget the need the other 364 days a year-let’s do this all the time! If we’re serious about making people think twice about drinking and driving, let’s turn up the heat and show the would-be killers that we’re serious. Peace.

    1. just sayin says:

      Yeah. Also they should increase all other penalties. Like, those that kill, death penalty. That would really show murderers that we’re serious about crackin down on crime.

      1. em0886 says:

        Yea because Minnesota has the death penalty….

    2. zee the reporter says:

      you are such a goody two shoes you make me drink and fall over drunk !

  2. Let's have another beer says:

    That’s a lot of drunken fools. Hey, I wonder how many of them are regular tailgaters at the Vikings games and would we call them “athletic supporters?” … heh, heh

  3. Somebody please explain it to me says:

    They advertise for weeks that they are going to crack down on drunk driving and people still get arrested for it. Wow. No one should be upset or surprised that they got caught. Whether you agree with the laws or the crackdown or not, what is so hard about taking a cab or getting a sober driver? Is it really worth the risk to drive yourself? Is it arrogance or the “it won’t happen to me” attitude? I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be a smart aleck, I don’t understand the thought process. And yes, I go to bars and drink. I just choose not to drive afterwards.

  4. markH says:

    Pride Weekend my partner & I had a few too many winecoolers on a hot,hot day & an empty stomach (ok,we shared a salad at Brunch) so we did the right thing & shared a cab with another couple back to Anoka & spared ourselves a DWI arrest.

  5. Obvious says:

    Those idiots! What a waste of gov’t money, so what if I drink and drive, we’re a free country! Get off my back Uncle Sam!

    1. IwonderIf says:

      Spoken like a true republican

      1. Ferris Lind says:

        spoken like a true idiot

        1. Obvious says:

          Who care! Sometimes I drink a little and sometimes I drink a lot and get plowed. It is my right to drive if I so choose – the police just have to ruin it!

          1. Not obvious enough, obviously says:

            Would you care if while driving drunk you hit another car and killed someone? Driving is not a right, it is a privilege. Grow up and get over it.

          2. em0886 says:

            K that may be but when my son and I are on the road and you plow into us and kill my child or injure him I will end up with murder charges because I will kill you for taking an innocent life….you can’t really be serious….why would you risk your life and the lives of others because you can’t control yourself or be responsible enough to get a cab or a sober driver!! I seriously can’t believe you are this stupid!!!! I don’t drink and drive period…I wouldn’t be able to the lives of others in my hands….I just am completely baffled that you are this brain damaged….must be all that drinking.

      2. .08 Cash Cow says:

        I think Obvious is actually Minnesota State Senator Jim Metzen (DFL) South St. Paul…

  6. As jack said... says:

    Wow the local law enforcement and courts are going to make money now. Attorney’s fees, car forfeiture, chem dep. councilors are all going to get paid. A system that only serves itself. A great way of producing revenue in these tax cutting recession times. I wonder if there has been a survey of how these arrest are initiated; was the driver demonstrating they weren’t in control of their vehicle or did the officer pull someone over for a cracked windshield, object hanging off a rear-view mirror or head light out. What is referred to as “pouching.”. There is a difference people to someone that is a legitimate threat to public safety at that moment, the person that is demonstrating they are not in control of their vehicle, and that of a person that by definition is under the influence and only under the influence. If its the later, I would rather the officer save the 3 to 4 hours processing the DUI and look for more legitimate threats to the community such as burglary of shops and businesses, looking for suspicious activity but again those things don’t make headlines and get Chiefs of Police reappointed to their jobs or officers win awards.

    1. As Jake says... says:

      I bet if you looked into it, you would find that most burglars are under the influence when they are doing the break-ins. I bet ” Local law enforcement” makes zilch when you compare the small portion of the fine they receive to the costs of arresting someone. Why are you against a possible life saving proactive project? It’s pretty simple, don’t drink and drive and nobody gets all those attorneys fees, councilor fees and fines you’re so worried about…

    2. em0886 says:

      Well a cracked windshield, if bad enough, constitutes a legal stop!!! I think someone drinking and driving is definitely worth their time….I bet your tune would change if someone you knew was injured or killed by someone drinking and driving.

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