MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are searching for the person or persons who shot two young boys riding their bikes on the north side of Minneapolis on Wednesday night. One of the boys was killed.

Officers responded to 16th and Upton Avenues in north Minneapolis around 9 p.m. on the report of a shooting.

When officers arrived, they found a boy who had been shot. He was transported to North Memorial Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

That victim told police that there was another boy nearby who had also been shot.

The second victim was found two hours later on the 1700 block of Russell Avenue North. He was pronounced dead at scene.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner identified the boy who was killed as 13-year-old Rayjon Gomez of Minneapolis. His death was ruled a homicide with the cause being a gunshot wound to the back.

Family member said he was just blocks from home when he was shot.

The age and identity of the second boy shot has not yet been released.

Police said no suspects are in custody and anyone with information is asked to call the Minneapolis Police Department’s tipline at 612-692-TIPS.

Comments (67)
  1. Kimmie says:

    Nice Jeff!

    How about a cerfew for a while around there everyone in side by 8 or something I know its tough in the summer to come in but it seems like if your out after 9 your dead. Cerfews were always in place when I was growing up. Why no Crefews any more?

    1. LindaLu says:

      I believe you mean “curfew”? Good luck enforcing that one anywhere, let alone N Mpls. It’s obvious the police have better things to do than enforce something that the parents should be responsible for but wait….there are either no parents at all or there are those that don’t care so what would be the point? The violence is going to happen, curfew or not…..

    2. Mike Hock says:

      What a naive,ignorant remark. How do you enforce a curfew on a society?? Figure that one out & get back to us after you’ve engaged the spellcheck feature on your PC.

      1. whatever says:

        More clever, would be Mike HAWK.

      2. Dave's Not Here says:


        Martial Law

        Which, honestly, may be the only hope N. Mpls would have at this stage of the game…

    3. paulette says:

      There is still curfew, there may not be very many people who follow curfew but it still stands. 11pm for 16 and under. But if your under 16 you should be with a parent anyway. What is Minnesota coming to? It almost makes you scared to go out at all! You might lose your life!!

  2. KegHead says:

    St. Louis clone.

  3. Back at you says:

    Where’s Kevin’s racist comment? His mommy must not have woken him up yet.

    1. Up in You says:

      Kevin’s not racist..You’re just a naive,head-in-the-sand,blind-to-reality apologist..You’ll make the perfect victim for a saggy panted Thug..It’s pretty easy to peg you as a 20 something with very little real life experience..Go play your XBox.

      1. just sayin says:

        “back at you” can’t afford an xbox remember? They still have their nintendo system they got at savers.

        1. ME says:

          jusy sayin…..why you always shopping at savers? Looking for Hawaiian shirts?

          1. just sayin says:

            No I wouldn’t want to take from you, the less fortunate.

        2. me too says:

          Don’t need to “afford” an XBOX … just 5 finger discount it from wallyworld

    2. Kevin rules says:

      So calling ghettoapolis st louis is racist?

      What is the definition of racism again?

      Get it right.

      1. Kevin says:

        Some people look to blame my views for the black on black violnece in Mpls….they had a peace rally sunday to end the violence in Mpls….two people were shot there! Wonder Boy is part of the problem. He does not understand the solution. We need to stop being MN nice and stand up against the black on black violence in Mpls! This makes our state look like a war zone! How many shootings have there been the past thirty days? Its not the swedish community killing each other! It is what it is! Blacks killing blacks! So I guess I am a racist. I can live with that…..but the black youth will continue to die unless we take a stand…unless the black community takes a stand! Unless black parents take a stand!

  4. Irving Shapiro says:

    The white guilt,sympatheitic embracers should be checking in soon with their liberal defense of the criminality of all things Black.

    1. Frozen In Time says:

      What’s funny about that kind of reaction (class warfare, genderfication, etc), which will be coming shortly, is that there are no answers. None. This is simply the way it is. Seems like these “things” are more likely to remain constant or devolve than actually improve. Most of the suggestions I read on here are far too large or sweeping to implement. You would litterally have to start at a neighborhood by neighborhood basis and the residents would have to give total buy in to change ANYTHING AT ALL. While some may be on board, it never works out because life itself gets in the way and you cant waist all your time trying to cleant up after everyone else. Therefore, it all stays the same.

      1. Pecos River says:

        You’re right..The naive gun buy-back program that was implemented a few years ago seemed to slow things down for about a week,but flash mobs became the new method of destruction in it’s place..Bill Cosby wrote a thick book with some thoughtful,realistic solutions for improving the lives of black folks, but he was roundly dismissed as an Uncle Tom for offering them..

        1. Pecos is right says:

          Right on Pecos River – RIGHT ON.

          100% spot ON! Now there is someone who has knowledge!

  5. nmpls sux says:

    Crime down in Minneapolis my A$$….

  6. sam says:

    this situation will never improve with those kinds of people living North. I feel sorry for the law-abiding citizens who have to deal with the stress of llving in a place where it isn’t safe for your children to play in the neighborhood park because of some dumb a$$ thugs thinking they can shoot bullets like it is the wild-west. i hope they all do each other in.

    1. just sayin says:

      If they don’t like it they can move. People have a choice.
      Where else they could move- well they may not like it – but if you think about it – there is probably no welfare. 🙂

      1. just sayin' so fricken dumb says:

        Crazy comment actually. But by playing the just saying game ya can hide and be a closet racist 😉

    2. Lord help this person says:

      How can you wish people dead? You need jesus!! I’m gone pray for you sam

  7. addin in says:

    I think it’s been longer than 200 years… look at Africa. The imbalance of power has gone on for YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS.

  8. Jean says:

    @Steve – Wonderful comments! Thanks! Nice to have someone give suggestions.

  9. em0886 says:

    I love how everyone has had sympathy for the families and the boy that lost his friend….I agree that the violence and gang activity is extremely out of hand…but no details were given as to exactly what happened, how old the kids were…or anything….so how can everyone pass judgment with no information. The crime rate is actually down but of course we will hear about all the bad stuff happening…that’s what makes the news right?!

  10. em0886 says:

    Finally someone that has a brain!! I couldn’t agree with you more….even if we help just one….that one can make a huge difference and maybe end up affecting more lives as well.

    1. tina says:

      Its not my job to teach life skills to children whom their parents were incapable of doing so themselves. I help them everyday through my tax dollars and furthermore it is not society’s responsibility to parent children who come from trashy mothers and fathers.

      As I’ve said a million times and I’ll say it again….

      If you cannot support a child either financially or emotionally, then CROSS YOUR LEGS.

      Simple solution to a simple problem.

    2. Dave's Not Here says:

      Help? You mean handout. Who steps up to give you handouts, em?

  11. Fineberg says:

    Steve mocks white people for living in good neighborhoods .. And for being white.. And for living stable productive lives..His criticisms are woefully misdirected and in clear avoidance of the topic of this news story..He blames white folks for the crimes of blacks.

  12. Steve says:

    @ Rix
    Responsibility for themselves? These are kids..you understand that part right? You think what you want buddy, there’s no changing your ingnorant mind.

  13. Steve says:

    How do you know the color of people involved? Like it matters, your assuming and your comment is not based on fact…tsk..tsk..tsk

    1. just sayin says:

      Because you see a WHOLE BUNCH OF WHITE people going and shooting kids in North Minneapolis all the time.

      Get your head out of your a$$ you idiot.

  14. wake up says:

    Steve, he wasn’t talking about the kids. He was talking about the criminals doing the shootings.

    Even at 14 years of age. Even younger than that, one should know exactly what a gun is and why not to point it at someone.


    And Em – Seriously????? One big happy family? Lets all hold hands across the globe!? What are you that stupid????????

    World peace will NEVER happen.
    There are always differences. Come down from your extacy trip… get a clue.

  15. LMAO says:

    LMAO…and yet the biggest crooks in the US are white……

    1. @lmao says:

      show your proof.

        1. @david says:

          Show your proof

          1. @david says:

            still waitin..taps foot..looks at watch..sighs

        2. liberals are stupid says:

          LMAO another uneducated liberal… what else is new?

          Bet he hasn’t heard of any liberal tax cheaters… hmmmmmmmmm…

  16. Pete says:

    Oh boo hoo!!! Broken family, next meal drugs!!! I doubt the person (s) responsible for this were thinking about their next meal or mom and dads divorce. Im sure some idiot felt he was “disrespected.” It only takes one funny look on a bus and somebody starts shootin’!!

  17. Kevin says:

    Good lord how mnay black youth are left? This is sickening! Parents need to be parents! The police need to crack down on gangs so they cant fart with out a squad car pulling them over! Its time the citiznes of Minnesota step up and step in to stop this! This makes our state look like a war zone! The black community needs to stand up! I do not see swedish gangs shooting each other! We need to stop being politicaly correct and state the facts!

    1. me says:

      Oh there’s plenty left … they breed em in 6-packs …. with 6 (or more) different baby-daddies … and usually after downing a couple 6packs (cuz ya gotta be drunk to wanta “DO” it with most of those ugly druggies…

  18. Dave's Not Here says:

    Ain’t it the truth. Good comment!

  19. Kent says:

    Same old racist remarks over and over.
    You people hide behind fake IDs and spill out ignorance. Most wouldn’t have the guts to make stupid racial comments if they were face to face with anybody.
    It’s a fact the Black community needs to improve there tolerance of fatherless families, but we all have areas to improve in our society.
    I am white and live in North Minneapolis. I am glad I live here because the people are more real and socially adjusted.

    1. just sayin says:

      Seriously, learn the definition of racism before you prove to people that you didn’t make it past high school.

      Pretty obvious if you are stuck in north mpls.

      1. Kent says:

        High School?
        I am a research scientist with a PHD in Chemical Engineering.
        What do you do, besides scanning this site for the opportunity to make ignorant remarks filled with bias hatred.

        1. too funny says:

          And you live in north… I am seriously laughing so hard right now!!!

          1. Kent says:

            North includes the Victory Neighborhood. Probably less crime that your suburban hide-out!

        2. don't get it says:

          Kent normally I can’t stand liberal elites but I actually respect the chemical engineering field as I realize how difficult it is. I however can never quite reconcile how intelligent people can’t see the forest throught the trees.

    2. stuck in the ghetto says:

      You fit right in there Kent. More bike paths than firemen. HAhaha.

    3. @Kent says:

      Socially adjusted??? You call random,unprovoked violence,senseless murder,child abandonment,havin babies at age 13 socially adjusted in North Mpls??? That’s the very start of your flawed & skewed thought process..YOU are the root of the problem!!

  20. Kevin says:

    We need to look at several issues facing the black community in Mpls. Employment! Gangs! Welfare! Migration! Youth Programs! Education!! Family structure! Community involvement! The “Man” keeping us down argument went away with a black president! The black community needs all of our help to stand up and become a vital part of MN! Stop the welfare! Start Workfare! If you give it they will suck it up! I see many blacks in the ER…..with cell phones…nice cars…..gold teeth…..smokes……out partying…..they are all on mn care….but they can afford all that? :Long term welfare is nothing more than forced racism! It does nothing good for people! Go back to give a man a fish….and or teach him to fish……we need to stop giving all races welfare….we need to teach them all to “fish”. But these communities need to step it up! Welfare keeps them in the pocket of those who feel the need to control them. Usually those in government…..and do gooders……This once great nation has become a welfare state…gov states that 57% of illegals are on some type of welfare….over 50 million Americans now receieve welfare……we are going the wrong way….give education, jobs, short term assistance…end long term bennifits……give hope….not welfare….

    1. Heather says:

      Jeez……take it easy on the exclamation point. Nice spelling too – blowhard!

  21. Ruth Taylor says:

    Save me a nicka…….

  22. LindaLu says:

    And we don’t work for a living? We are working to pay for the welfare that is doled out at every turn because “people” think it’s easier to take the welfare than to work and pay taxes like everyone else. I will be more than happy to help those who are helping themselves but guess what, there aren’t many who are doing that. Bix nailed that one right on the head!

  23. Sarah says:

    How old were these “boys”?

  24. Donald says:

    BOYS! Who you callin BOYS sucka?

  25. Jess W says:

    Very sad for the two boys and their families.

    This North Minneapolis gang violence needs to stop. I live in North Minneapolis (near Victory Memorial Parkway), and driving home after work is down right depressing. Gangs of thugs hanging out on street corners, thugs walking out in front of your car and then staring you down like they own the street (god forbid you honk or say something), gunshots heard in the middle of the night, ghetto rides cruising around at all hours of the night, with music blasting so loud you can feel the base inside you home…I could go on and on.

    Fortunately, our block is decent, we watch out for each other, we take care of our properties, and “WE WATCH — WE CALL”. It has gotton the point where I avoid Penn, W Broadway, and parts of Dowling because it’s so depressing. There’s trash in the streets, houses and yards are run down or so overgrown you wonder if people live there, but then you’re reminded there are people that live there when you see a gang of them just sitting on the porch drinking their 40s.

    Minneapolis police need to step it out and patrol a lot more. I don’t think we see the cops driving around enough.

  26. tina says:

    This is just the result of Welfare culture. I find it funny how some of you somehow think that Welfare reform is the answer. You cannot reform a culture.

    These welfare recipients in North Minneapolis (and elsewhere) are PROUD of their Welfare status. They actually BRAG…in public….when their benefits go up. These are 3rd or 4th generation Welfare collectors. This is the only life they know.This is how they grew up.

    You can talk about education and job-training all you want, but it DOESN’T WORK. These people have never had to work a day in their lives. They don’t understand (nor appreciate) the satisfaction one gets from honest pay for honest work. BUT YOU CANNOT BLAME THEM!!. The system has created a culture of handouts and this is the only way they know how to survive. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

    The bottom line is that the crime in North Minneapolis is just a reality that we have to accept. It will not change. Ranting about it on here will do nothing. Just accept it, walk away from the topic, and if you want to keep your families safe, just don’t go into these neighborhoods. Simple as that.

    1. Dave says:

      I don’t condone slavery whatsoever……but hey, at least we could get them to work. Oh the irony – back then they got worked to death and never got paid, now they don’t work at all and get paid quite well.

  27. Joe says:

    We have poverty – that is the problem. By poverty I mean poverty of character, values, and not poverty of $$$. I grew up in t he 1930’s and we had squat but we did have a peaceful life. Why???? Because we had good parents and not of bunch of kids running around without good parents. Stop shipping in tons of hard-working taxpayers money. I am mad as hell for the taxes that I pay to support a bunch of lazy no-good people -black or white or whatever. Money is not the answer -a culture change is the only solution.

  28. Derek Petersen says:

    tighten up the welfare system in mn in general and rental property system in N. Mpls. Crime free housing as well as limitations on household occupants would cause a great change. I live just off dowling and morgan and see this garbage every day. there’s only one house on the block that is “ghetto” and there’s gotta be 8 people living there over the age of 18, Ridiculous!

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