Deputies Sued By Man Who Was Strip Searched

ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) — A man who was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving is suing two Olmsted County sheriff’s deputies he says conducted an unreasonable strip search.

Jonathan Jacobson says the two deputies searched his body without reasonable suspicion or probable cause that he was smuggling drugs or weapons. The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court names deputies James McCormick and Polyxene Voltaire as defendants. Jacobson says he was taken to the county’s jail in Rochester and ordered into the strip search cell in September 2009. He alleges the deputies searched his entire body, causing him emotional trauma.

County Attorney Mark Ostrem tells the Post-Bulletin it’s standard procedure that anyone brought to the jail is given some sort of a search. Jacobson is asking for monetary damages in an amount to be determined by a jury.

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  • Dave's Not Here

    Some sort of search? Does a strip search qualify as “some sort of search” you frigging baboon?

  • rach

    hmmm dont drive drunk if you dont want to goto jail and be searched.

    • .08 the cash cow

      Don’t see where it said he was driving drunk. Only arrested on SUSPICION of drunken driving.

    • Ryan

      “A man who was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving ” doesn’t say he was convicted, if the charges were dropped,or if he was charged with a lesser crime. I hope he wins a monetary award for an unlawful search.

    • Real Talk

      @ rach…..shut up.

      Since when does driving drunk give the police the right to search under your scrotum or inside your anal cavity? What country do you think we live in?

      People like you are the reason tyranical governments can rise to power. Suffienctly scare you and you will allow the government to do just about anything…as long as you feel safe, right? You are a goober and undeserving of your constitutional rights.

      • Morgan

        If you are going to jail you are going to be searched…expect it. Yes, that includes your nutsac if necessary. If this was done in the streets we have another issue.

        People have to work in these jails and to they have a right to expect a certain amount safety while processing these dunderheads. Drunks are dangerous, I am one, I know.

        • Real Talk

          Agreed. But it is my understanding that not all detainees at the jail are subjected to this same manner of strip search…..correct?

          If this is standard practice and all detainees are subjected to it…..i can be a bit more understandin. But if they used their discretion and subjected only this lucky individual to that type of search….we have a another issue.

          • Morgan

            True that. I am leaning towards standard practice. Contraband is a big problem. I am guessing if they had even an inkling that this person is carrying spread em and cough.

  • Iconoclast

    Ohh, I wish they would search me and my life partner Brucie…

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