MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 13-year-old boy is dead and his 12-year-old friend is hospitalized after they were both shot Wednesday night in north Minneapolis.

Police found the 12-year-old in the street near 16th and Upton Avenues. As he was being transported to North Memorial Hospital he told police his friend was shot nearby.

Later, police found the 13-year-old boy, identified as Rayjon Gomez, a couple blocks away on Russell Avenue, two hours after he was shot. He was pronounced dead on scene.

Friends of Gomez said he was trying to run to safety and believe his death is related to other shootings involving teenagers.

“Very fun to be around. Just an all-around good kid,” said Gomez’s father, Kevin Funchie when asked to describe him.

Funchie said his son had recently returned home from Bar None, a residential treatment center in Anoka, and was turning his life around. He liked to play basketball, swim at the YMCA and would have been in the 8th grade this fall.

“Everybody is just really in shock. Nobody really understands how this happened or why this happened. It’s just so senseless,” said Funchie.

“We have to do something as a community to stop this and I just hope that we can all pull together and keep our children safe,” said Gomez’s aunt, Katherine Funchie.

Gomez’ his death comes four days after 14-year-old Quantell Braxton was shot and killed on the North Side. Vijay Smith of MAD DADS says there isn’t enough for kids to do on the north side, and getting their hands on a gun has become far too easy.

“I think our kids are getting more courage. And they are growing too fast,” said Smith.

A step-grandmother of the 12-year-old said he is in stable condition at North Memorial Medical Center and doing much better.

A vigil is being held at the intersection of Lyndale and Broadway Thursday night, and it that has been organized by people who live in the neighborhoods affected by the recent shootings.

On Thursday afternoon, Minneapolis Police said they will increase patrol over dozens of blocks in the north side.

Comments (7)
  1. for whom the bells toll says:

    When is this madness ever going to end? It’s terrible what our society has become.

  2. tan says:

    ” We have to do something as a community to stop this ”

    Sorry, but communities can’t stop this. Individuals need to stop this.

    1. momof5 says:

      How about instead of the father saying we have to do something as a community, it starts at home???? I don’t believe this kid has had the best home life if he was in a treatment center at 13, maybe his father and mother should have spent more time finding positive activities for him to do. Maybe instead of hanging out on the streets he should have been hanging out at home with his family. It is very sad that he has lost his life but we need to take responsiblity as parents first. We as a society need to stop making excuses like there is nothing for kids to do, really the best things they can find to do is shoot each other? I live in a small community and my 14 yr old son always says there is nothing to do, but him and his friends don’t go out and get guns and shoot each other or others. We need to start holding parents accountable for the way their children behave/act. We need to teach are kids to be respectful of others and to respect themselves, we need to tell kids not everyone is going to like them and they aren’t going to like everyone that is just the way life is but you don’t go out and get a gun and shoot someone because they make you mad or you don’t like them. Maybe just maybe if we as parents can start teaching our kids about respect,values, and how precious life is, we wouldn’t have to keep hearing about the shootings or make excuses like there was nothing better to do that day then grab a gun and shot someone.

  3. Samo Samo says:

    Terrible thing when a 12 year old gets wounded and a 13 year old gets killed.
    My money is on him not turning his life around as fast as Baby Daddy thought (check his criminal record too, he didn’t set any glowing example) and this was relaliation for the 14 year old from the rival gang that was shot last weekend. Pressure the 12 year old he knows who did the shooting.

  4. you know says:

    Maybe black men need to grow up and start being fathers to their kids instead of running off like a bunch of losers.

  5. justine f. says:

    WOW all you people just want to blame someone for his death! The whole northside does need to change as a community because there are way too many shootings and deaths on the northside anyways! You people make me sick I can’t believe what I have read! Society as a whole need to get it together is a boys life was lost and all you can say are negative things! Very disrespectful. Even if the boy was in treatment or not he was 13 and people grow but as a child your actions should never lead to death. It was a child no matter what. People grow up without fathers all the time and don’t get involved in gangs or negative activities. It’s the environment. They saying it takes a village to raise a child it goes beyond the parents. You can have both parents and still end up living wrong. So for people to post things like this you really need to check yourself and facts first!

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