BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (WCCO) — Mall rats will be mourning the loss of the Brookdale Shopping Center next week by holding a funeral for their beloved mall.

A public Facebook page has been created to say goodbye to the Brooklyn Center building, which is slated to eventually be demolished and redeveloped for new business.

The memorial will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 30 from 7-10 p.m. in the Sears parking lot.

The page asks mourners to, “Wear your best black outfit or black arm bands to show your grief. Let’s share photos and stories of the mall that we grew up near. Many of us have wonderful memories from the time the Mall was built until now.”

The mall originally opened in 1962. It closed in 2010 due to dwindling business and losses.

In May, Brooklyn Center Mayor Tim Willson said, “The days of a typical mall are pretty much over. They’re very expensive to maintain, to heat and keep in place.”

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  1. mourning says:

    I for one will be attending the service, wearing all black and wearing my old nametag from when I worked at brookdale… the best mall ever. All of the people can throw their racist slurs, jokes and ignorant comments, but for those of us who live in the area and grew up working and shopping at brookdale, it holds alot of good memories.

    1. I'm Just Sayin' says:

      Hey Mourning, None of the comments are racist. If people that worked there and most noticably the police and “security” would have controlled the bad element well then this mall would still be open. I used to love Brookdale, until everytime I went there I had to carry to protect my life and property. I can not tell you fear I felt the last couple times I went there thinking I would have to take a life to protect my own.

      1. Really? says:

        I never understood how a bunch of grown adults could be so scared of a bunch of teenagers hanging out at a mall. I beg to differ about the racist part, becasue people are assuming just because the area was more diverse in the last years that people had to be “afraid for their lives” to go to a shopping mall. My parents are in their 60’s would go to brookdale frequently all times of day and night and were never scared just becasue they might run into some black kids or people hanging out at the mall…. after all, isnt that what malls are for, places for all kinds of people to shop and hang out?

        1. Kevin says:

          Ummm….search the crime stat’s for the mall…..your part of the problem….now go back to your mommies basement and play with your sippy cup…..Ignorance is bliss….and brother you must be in heaven….PS…I worked Security at this garbage dump……you have no clue….

      2. whatimjustsayingdidntsaythistime says:

        none of the comments are racist yet, unlike your previous posts which suggests it usually.

        1. I'm Just Sayin' says:

          a flat out lie. I have never made a racist comment becasue I love all races. I hate hoods and people that harass me to try to get me to dig into my pocket book to steal from me, but I much rather hand out with my black friends than many of my white friends, just because they are funner people to be around. As for my earlier comment about carrying, I only wernt to brookdale to get rings inspected and that drew way too much attention, which is why I carried.

    2. It was the crooks in Florida that forced this Mall to close says:

      I worked near Brookdale from 1982 to 1999 at the Earle Brown office building and the brooklyn Crossings building and have alot of fond memories of this place. Brookdale was the place to do all of your christmas shopping. I loved the mall because it was all on one level and the stores were so close together. The only reason this mall is being demolished is because of the crooks in Florida that drove their developement company into bandkruptcy. I saw the proposed renovation and was quite convinced that this renovation project was going to do to Brookdale what they did to Rosedale. Race has nothing to do with it. You put money into a mall like they did to Rosedale and people will clock to the mall to shop. Keep in mind that Rosedale is closer to the the inner city (University avenue) than Brookdale.

  2. a little late says:

    I must add, that most of the mall is gone already. JC penney, Daytons, mervyns is almost gone all thats left is sears and the old food court

  3. CROOKDALE says:

    When I worked there it was known as CROOKDALE because of all the shoplifting & wanna be gang bangers hang’n out trying to look cool & intimidate innocent shoppers 😦 My store mgr. called corporate and said we need to leave this mall….and they/we did…along with everyone else. REALLY REALLY a shame.

    1. Curfew anyone says:

      If only Brooklyn center would have a policy like the one at the Mall of America that prevents underage people to be in there without an adult. Also , how about bringing in the curfew siren telling all young people that they can no longer be on the streets. 9:00 should be official curfew.

  4. O says:

    What a joke who in their right mind would mourn a defunct mall? How pathetic!

  5. Heather says:

    I loved this mall! So sad it’s gone. Great idea to have a funeral, I will be there for sure!

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