Bachmann Attends Church, Campaigns In Florida

LUTZ, Fla. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is attending church and then visiting with GOP activists as she wraps up a three-day campaign swing through Florida.

Bachmann planned to greet worshipers after services at Idlewild Baptist Church Sunday before taking her campaign bus to Sarasota, where she will address Republicans from area counties.

The Minnesota congresswoman says she plans many trips to Florida as she seeks the nomination to challenge President Barack Obama. Florida officials want the state to have a significant role in the nomination process.

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  • Matt

    Rumors are she was there to collect checks to give to her rich supporters.

    • A

      Get a job Matt.

      • Matt

        what jobs?

    • Robert

      if she is president we all have nothing left but divine intervention

      • Pete

        You are a liar Matt.

        • Dave's Not Here

          No, he’s right. I heard the same thing, Pete.

  • Ummm

    so she went to church and planned to greet worshipers after service.

    And that would be newsworthy because……..?

  • Johnson


    That just about describes this shell of a woman and her real values!

    • Sue

      And how many times have you talked with her?

      My guess is none. You feel better spilling your hate?

      • really Sue?

        Actually Sue, we are just throwing her hate back at her.

      • Dave's Not Here

        Hey Sue. I’m from Stillwater. I’ve spoken to Michele Bachmann several times, and out in public, not at a political event.

        She’s an idiot, and a liar, and a chameleon of the worst order.

        There you have it from someone who knows. Have a nice day.

  • lefty

    I hope to God she prayed for God to help her see the way clear to staying out of Minnesota giving up her seat in the house and for God to give her a few brain sells oh and by the way ask God to help you find out a fact before you open your pie hole and say more stupid moronic statements

    • B

      Get a job and learn how to spell!

  • In the Middle

    The T-Party (American Taliban Party – My Way or the Highway Mentality)

    Feed the Wealthy
    Starve the Poor
    Tax the daylights out of the Middle Class

    Michelle, If you listened to God and Jesus, you would change your ways and serve all of your constituents equally. I don’t believe you do. I think you are power hungry.

    • Jake

      By the way, the statement that Tea Party folks want to “Tax the Daylights our of the Middle Class” is like saying Mother’s Against Drunk Driving want kids to drink more booze. The Tax Party’s mantra is about lowering all taxes where reasonably possible.

    • Jake

      This is actually pretty funny. Accusing the Tea Party (or anyone else for that matter) of wanting to get their way ignores the fact that all groups that have a belief system or agenda want to have their way. Would you suggest that unions have been about anything other than delivering the goods to their leaders and members? You might, but that wouldn’t be credible.

      Tea Party people, as near as I can tell, believe government has grown too large and public employees (being so effective at the system) have gained too much compared to their private sector counterparts. It’s pretty hard to argue with that.

      • Reality sucks

        Okay, here we go again. Everyone wants their way. I want you to really read this. NO ONE PARTY IS RIGHT. The democrats want to keep living like nothing happened or is happening (denial) and put a tax on it. The republicans want to take a hammer to the system and make a really bad problem worse (back to basics) —-with their piggy-back riding brats, the tea party, that want to torch the debt and give everyone tax cuts to boot. WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG. I’m not a political person. Policy and social issues bore the death out of me, but I do understand the economy. Uncle Ben (not racist, we have an Uncle Sam that takes our money and an Uncle Ben who prints it) is causing a world of hurt with his printing press and Depression Era mentality. He desperately needs our deficit and debt to be shaved to the bare bone or his magical printing press is dooming us to a whole new way of life through inflation. It’s already, in my opinion, too late. So the tea party has it right, that debt needs to be paid down– and programs and pets cut–with no new spending but preserving employment. The republicans (generic) are nuts to think that this is a time to deregulate or stimulate with tax cuts! And the democrats are right in that we need to get some big time revenues coming in by taxes of all kinds—but we can’t let them touch a dime, it needs to go to sustaining current and important programs and to absolutely nothing new, which means slashing Obamacare now. Put it this way, if you made $20,000 per year income, would you spend $140,000/year plus interest to live? Nope. Ben’s gotta keep the interest rates low so we can make our interest payment on the debt at the lowest cost and with the least addition. When the interest rate can no longer remain low, then we get to see inflation. We are in trouble, and no one party seems to have the answer.

        • Sid


          • Reality sucks

            get a napkin for that

    • Cindy

      You got it all wrong, we are soccer moms, mom and pop stores, joe the plumber, and all around just regular folks that are tired of carring the load for all the freeloaders, illegals, and half wits (like yourself). We work hard and want government to stay off our backs and let us live our lives and persue our dreams. The days of Obamas socialist government is over. 2012 will see the biggest defeat for the progressives ever. The fact is the economy will not improve until Obama is gone and that is because he has caused it with his energy policy, stimulus, obamacare, cap and tax through the EPA, dodd/frank regulations, etc. etc. etc.

      • Dave's Not Here

        Cindy, if you support Michele Bachmann for the President of the United States, then you are in an incredibly minute minority.

        There is no socialist government. Period. When you say things like what Michele Bachmann shouts through a microphone, and you pretend those are the real issues America faces, you sound like a blathering idiot.

      • Johnson


        Sounds like a line right out of Fox news..

        You really need to not believe everything you hear…

        You conservatives are the reason corporations can now buy politicians…

        • C

          GET A JOB JOHNSON.

  • Murph

    With those nails she could field dress my deer for me in the fall!

  • whitey

    we dont want you Michele Bachman WE WANT MICHELLE OBAMA

    • Get Real

      Don’t say we, cause I don’t want Michelle Obama……..You need to learn to speak for yourself.

  • Angus

    Cindy, you must have a regular job with benefits. Many folks envy you because they were in the same position until George Bush and the Bushie Boys took a surplus budget and ran it into the ground and then started tunneling downward. When Obama took over we were already in the hole and he warned us it would take a long time to correct 8 years of dishonesty (WMD_Remember), deficit spending, no taxes on the rich, etc.

    Get out and see how many people are living. If you are a Christian, remember how you are to help the less fortunate and do not listen to Fox news

    • Freeloaders

      Sometimes to help, a person needs a hard lesson. I have no problem with giving a hand up, but all our government wants to do is give a hand out.

      My comment is from personal experience from someone who has relatives who play the system.

      Free food

      Free daycare

      Free educations

      And all they did wasnpop out another kid.

      • SnowFire

        …and all of this came about the day the pres took office? No, this has always been an issue and now we have the GOP yelling as loud as they can that the current administration is to blame and no one else. All our politicians over the past 10 years are responsible along with the wealthy that control them. You need to turn them in if you are aware that they are collecting money’s from the government illegally – please do your part. Of course the best plan would be to remove this type of abuse of the system yet our elected officials seem to be incapable.

    • Lance

      There is a reason Fox news has more viewers than all the other cable channels combined. People enjoy getting both sides of the issue so they can make an informed decision on an issue. Most people want to know the news, not be spoon feed left wing propaganda.

      • Jo

        Not so. Fair and balanced, bull puppies!

  • Jo

    I have worked all my life, and didn’t get any help from anyone. But we all aren’t blessed with brains and the work ethic. It is my job to take care of those who can’t. It’s called watching out for those who are less fortunate than yourself. I think everyone should do their fair share. I know that Republicans and Tea Party advocates think differently. But Michelle doesn’t even think. Bottom line she is a waste of time and space.

    • Lance

      You are so out of it. She took care of a family and over twenty foster kids.

      • Jo

        By the way, that’s a adult informed way to have a discussion. YOU are so out of it.

        • Get Real

          Jo – You are an idiot. You obviously have no idea what it is like to deal with children who are in the system and have all sorts of problems. You are hateful and have not given any credible advice. Also no one is blessed with a WORK ETHIC it is taught by family or you can teach it to yourself. Having no work ethic is the same thing as being lazy and wanting a hand out.

          • Dave's Not Here

            Ok, Get Real, let’s summarize.

            You think Michele Bachmann is a fantastic person.
            She’s not crazy. (no really, she’s NOT!!)
            It’s ok that she thinks a supernatural being talks to her.
            It’s ok that she thinks a supernatural being is mad at the Obama Administration so he/she is killing Americans via a hurricane and earthquakes.
            Michele Bachmann has a fantastic work ethic.
            Michele Bachmann was a great mother and superb foster mother who helped a lot of kids.
            Michele Bachmann might hate gays, but gays are very hateable people and shouldn’t be endowed with full American civil rights.

            Does that sum it up?

            • Redneck Purist

              Dear Dave’s Not All There,

              You’ve got it wrong. MB does not hate gays, just that they are unhealthy in their head, a view that i share. I don’t think she hates gays, though like many she may think it’s kind of creepy. I know some liberals who think that.

              She prays to God for wisdom and guidance as do millions of people all over the world, including world leaders. One would suppose Obama, being an avowed Christian does the same. Or maybe he doesn’t which would certainly explain a few things. Billy Graham has been invited to visit just about every president including Clinton for decades, for the purpose of praying with our leaders for our country. Are Clinton and Obama religious freaks to you?

      • Jo

        For the money! She is a blight.

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