BAUDETTE, Minn. (AP) — A fishing trip to Minnesota turned out to be more expensive for a Nebraska man.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says 68-year-old James Thomsen of Ashland, Neb., was fined nearly $1,200 when he was caught with 27 walleye. The current daily and possession limit on Lake of the Woods, where Thomsen was fishing, is six walleye and not more than one longer than 28 inches.

A DNR conservation officer patrolling the nearly 350,000-acre lake began questioning Thomsen about the fishing on Lake of the Woods recently and discovered he was well over the walleye limit.

The DNR says the Lake of the Woods County attorney reduced the charge to a misdemeanor. Thomsen pleaded guilty to the violation and was fined $1,165.

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Comments (14)
  1. Jason says:

    The guy blatantly disregards the limits and the prosecutor lets him off with a lesser charge, gee that really shows that you are serious about this stuff.

    The laws are pretty clear about this stuff, if people want to ignore them then they should be facing the full penalty!!!!

    1. Welcome to Minnesota says:

      It took this Cornhusker so long to catch this many fish that he will now qualify for unemployment, welfare, food stamps and medical assistance through the state of Minnesota.

    2. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Sometimes it is a much better deal for the state to back off a little in exchange for pleading guilty, waiving a trial and getting the money in the bank. Can you imagine what this would have cost the state if it had gone to trial? Good call on the D.A.’s part. Save the departmental priorities and court resources for – pun intended – bigger fish.

      1. Your right richard? says:

        Lets just go after the ones who catch just few over the limit. What a DA remark!!

  2. Mike Hawk says:

    So what’s wrong with that? Everyone is doing it…. Right?

  3. Poacher says:

    Should have taken his boat and truck, banned from ever fishing/hunting in the state again.

  4. Market Value = $9.99 # says:

    They must base the fine on market value – if each fish weighed 4# he paid about $10 a pound – pretty good deal (if you aren’t caught) and he got some sunshine and fresh air too.

  5. Shane G says:

    The guy is nearly 70 years old for crying out loud. It’s just Fish. Let him have whatever he wants. Let me remind everyone of a simple quote… “The world doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the world.” The last time I checked..the fish aisles in the supermarket were pretty well stocked. I don’t think the world will be running out of fish anytime soon. This bureaucratic DNR needs to relax and maybe worry about actual problems such as domestic violence or vandalism at the Lake.

    1. Ali says:

      This guy does not need to fish to eat. Nor do I so I toss back EVERYTHING I catch. Can I go down to Nebraska and keep all the fish or shoot all the birds I want?
      Why waste time with vandalism, it is just kids having fun?

      1. Joe F says:

        I for one am grateful you toss everything back. If that ole man did the same then there wouldn’t be anything to count nor would there be dead walley for him to have to give up and pay the fine. who got the fish? Also, if everybody felt that it’s only kids having fun, then everybody would be doing it and there’d be no fish to catch. wow, then imagine the insect population, smelly lakes n rivers – repurcussions would be endless

    2. Joe F says:

      Quite the contrary – you need to get out a lot more.

  6. dah says:

    8 of the least intelligent comments ever posted, I feel for your families.

    1. Joe F says:

      you call that comment intellectual? come on, you must have something more to offer than insults.

  7. Bob says:

    Sounds like James T is 68 going on 12. Hey, what about suspension of hunting and fishing rights for 1/2/3 years fellas? That is the real stinger. OK, lets say you have three guys in the boat and the fishing is good. You miscount and come in with 19 fish instead of 18. That can happen. One of the fish is hiding in the back side of the livewell. But one guy amd 21 over the limit? You are a frigging pig James!

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