MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — More than a third of school districts in Minnesota are planning to ask their voters for additional money in November, the highest number since at least 2001, according to the Minnesota School Boards Association.

Association spokesman Greg Abbott said on Monday that 133 districts have said they will have levy elections in conjunction with city or county elections. They had a Friday deadline to announce their plans.

However, the number of school levies could still increase. Abbott said there’s a Sept. 16 deadline for districts planning solo elections.

The number of districts with levy elections will be the highest in at least 10 years. There were 101 levy elections in 2007 and 188 such elections in 2001, Abbott said.

The Minnesota Department of Education has reported that as state per-pupil funding has failed to keep up with inflation since 2003, schools have become more reliant on local taxpayers.

Charlene Briner, a department spokeswoman, said the high number of levy requests could also be tied to state leaders’ decision earlier this summer to help fill a $5 billion budget hole by delaying payment of about $2 billion in education money.

“I think that’s reflective of the difficult financial situation districts find themselves in,” she said of the levies.

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Comments (41)
  1. djp says:

    I think if people decide to have children, then they should have to pay to educate them. I have been trying to find somet law or amendment that says education should be FREE!! Is there a legality to that? You want kids…then make sure you can afford them. Oh don’t give me that *#*#() about the poor should be allowed to have kids and have US take care of them!!

    1. Garry Freeman says:

      No such thing as “Free” somewhere someone or some group pays for that service

    2. Jake says:

      I have felt the same way about roads for a long time. I didn’t make you buy a car.

      1. Guy says:

        And roads are paid for by gas taxes (except where they are siphoned off to pay
        for leftist subsidies to mass transit)

  2. Kevin says:

    I agree with djp! I have no children, my neighbor has 7 children and yet we pay the same in taxes? Really? We also need to get rid of all govt involvement in Education. Private schools are the answer! Shut the govt unions down! Anythig the govt touches turns to garbage! And dont give me that “we are a villiage” bs! The MN educational system is ranked #37 in the nation! So lets dump more money into a failing system? This nation is on the verge of imploding! Its time for real “change” not Obami’s smoke and screen change! I have no children so I will pay 1% of the tax….if you have 5 children you will pay 5% of the education tax. You can pick and choose which private school your children will go to. With the unions gone, a teachers salary will be based on their results! Good teacherfs should make GREAT money! If your a single mother and you spit out 9 children…..9 daddies will be paying for their education, NOT ME!!!

    1. v says:

      No children? There’s a shock.
      No personality, no attraction, no girlfriend, no sex…. no children!
      Wonder where all that bitterness is coming from.
      DJP…. you and Kevin should hook up!

      1. Jake says:

        Or maybe he’s smart enough not to ‘hook up’ with someone like you.

      2. Billy Bob says:

        Say your a rainbow lover arent you????

      3. haha says:

        39, 105 pounds, very cute, 3 UofM degrees, hot husband, plenty of jing, 2 bmw’s, cool house, nice cabin—nope no kids.. Never wanted the brats! Lots of us out here.

    2. G Dog says:

      MN is ranked #37 educationally? Are you on drugs? For funding – yes, by any academic measure – no.

      You shouldn’t pay for the education of young people just because you don’t have kids? Who do you think paid for YOUR education? Went to private school. eh? No wonder you don’t know what you are talking about

      Private schools are the answer. Really? Try to get your handicapped child, mentally challenged or wheel-chair bound, medically fragile child into SPA, Breck, Blake and etc. If you want a private education for that kid you don’t have, YOU pay for it – why should I?

      I get it, you hate unions, I take it that you do not have paid vacation, health insurance, sick days or any of the other things that unions fought for in this country and were adopted by non-union businesses as away to attract skilled workers.. If you do have them and still use them, isn’t that hypocritical?

      You have no children? Who is supposed to defend our country against enemies foreign and domestic? Some other family’s kid?

      The nation is on the verge of imploding? Ever heard the story about Chicken Little? The US has been through many a crisis that makes today look like a bad cold. Read a History book sometime, you might learn something.

      See Kevin. It’s not all about you. It really isn’t. It’s about us. You know, “We the People….”? All of us. If we don’t think in the big picture, then we stand the chance of becoming irrelevant to history.

      1. Kevin says:

        Well g diggy dog…I guess most agree with me on here….most are tired of paying for those who dont pay. See 50% of Americans dont pay any taxes at all (fact). MN educational system is ranked 37th in the nation for results (fact). Give me a break “we the people” your kidding right? Read the constitution….its all about individual rights! Of course being that g diggy doggy is one of those who are entitled…..well……oh and by the moron..l..lI served 8 years and saw battle…and I still dont want to pay for your kids…you have them….you pay for them….

      2. me says:

        G Dog
        “Try to get your handicapped child, mentally challenged or wheel-chair bound, medically fragile child into ” whatever …hey – YOU produced this genetic mistake YOU should pay for passing on your inferior genetics.

      3. huh? says:

        Since when do people have kids for the sole purpose of sending them off to war? Dumb, dumb, dumb and more dumb.

  3. Sue says:

    I’m sick and tired of funding the schools when they should start living within their means and start making administration cuts rather than getting rid of teachers and other things. This happens year after year and will continue as long as the Repubs keeping cutting and cutting and deferring the school funds so they have to borrow, each year they say they don’t have enough money and each year our property taxes go up to pay for it and it is never enough, well enough is enough if they cannot live within their means and start making some real cuts rather then wasting all this money on administration then they can get it from the Repubs who keep taking away the money rather then putting it on the backs of the poor and middle class.

  4. soapboxgod says:

    The Mpls public school district gave themselves a brand new administration facility despite the fact they’ve got a 10 year old vacant edifice called Jordan Park over on the city’s North Side.

    They’re all about the kids ya know….

    1. Jake says:

      Too many bullets flyin’ around that building, the administrators have to be kept SAFE, donchaknow. Where would we be without THEM??

  5. Chuck says:

    The Minneapolis school district has 34 ;people employeed earning over $100000. None of them afre teachers. Maybe that is where we should cut.
    Also I read an article this week that says in Minnesota we have about 1 admionistrator for each 5 teachers. seems a little top heavy to me!!!!!!!

  6. TaxedtoMuch says:

    Maybe they can start by buying Windows based computers instead of Apple Mac’s etc at almost 3 times the cost plus the cost of S/W to make them run with other applications.

  7. Samo Samo says:

    “The Minnesota Education Department reports that as state per-pupil funding has failed to keep up with inflation since 2003, schools have become more reliant on local taxpayers.”
    What’s state per-puple funding up to now? $14,000? More? Does that include the free meals we provide via the feds or transportation?

  8. Plenty of cost cutting can and should be done in our schools. says:

    School districts are a lot like Zygi Wilf – they NEVER stop hounding you for your tax dollars. If they have a referendum and it gets defeated, fine, no problem, they’ll keep putting it back up again and again and again until they finally get it.

    I’m all for educating our children but I see way too much waste in the school system. After the expense of pure waste comes the expense that shouldn’t have to be there at all – e.g. repair and replacement costs for vandalism. You would be shocked to know what your school spends on this line item (and they probably won’t tell you if you ask).

    There is a lot of belt tightening that can and should be done in the school districts before they hit the taxpayers up for more money.

    I would still much prefer to help pay to educate our children than to build a new Vikings stadium.

    1. @Treestump says:

      Wow your 1st solution is to not fix broken windows or holes in walls, amazed you’re not a ceo of a major company.

      1. me says:

        Or maybe bill it to the PARENTS of the little hooligans – take their welfare money until its paid for & they might teach their brats not to trash the school.

      2. Firewood says:

        Not if Deeshawnn put a baseball bat through it. But I’d have him sit in front of that window all winter.

  9. Give me liberty says:

    People, don’t you understand you are asking for common sense solutions? You will not get that from school adminstrations because they are beholden to the unions.

    They take your tax money and use it to buy elections so they can bloat their budgets. When will the progressives wake up and see they are being played like fools? Or maybe they are all bought and paid for by now since government has grown so much in the last 20 years.

    I predict many levies getting voted down this fall and it will be a rebuke of the teachers unions, not the kids.

    1. give me liberty says:

      I sure hope they get voted down because enough is enough.

  10. Jake says:

    Well, don’t complain about your property taxes going SKY HIGH if you vote for these ill-advised school referendums. Also take any voting for school board administrators seriously. This is a bad time to be raising any kind of taxes in this state. My next door neighbor just told me today that her kid is in a class with only *12* students for one teacher, and no, it isn’t ‘special ed’, at least not the kind of special ed that most of you think it is.

    1. Billy Bob Has A Gun says:

      Oh silly Jake liberals and their unions do not care about your views! You are simply anti social or full of hate if you do not agree with their veiws! A racist if you will. See my neighbor Mercedes has 5 children from 5 fathers. She does not work and they do not pay her. Mereceds does however thank you for supporting her. And the 5 fathers of her children….well they thank you too. No lets all be like g diggity doggy style up top and pay for all of them ! Its a God given right to be as irresponsible as possible and to have other pay for your issues! MY GOD THIS IS AMERICA MAN! Where 57% of all illegals are on one type of welfare or another!

      1. Stats man says:


        Cite your source.

        BTW, did you know that 74% of all statistics are made up on the spot by someone who wants to make a shocking claim?

        It’s true!!

        1. Kevin says:

          An artricle that ran in WCCO last week….look it up….it was released via the state……

          1. Stats man says:

            You don’t trust “the media” do you, Kev?

      2. UGETIT says:

        Ok if you don’t want the school to function even though your children attend it also, then vote no and your kids can remain as clueless as you obviously have become, this isn’t a vote on welfare reform, so save your comments for that section, kill your local district, and let your property values drop also great plan Einstein. I don’t want to support people who breed like stray cats and dogs also but sometimes things get tied together.

        1. g says:

          150 years ago kids were taught in 1-room schoolhouses; by ONE teacher … and learned reading, writing, math, history, etc BETTER than 95% do today. You don’t need big budgets for anything except agrandizing the administration & pandering to the union…

          1. SeekHelp G says:

            Wow super thought lol, so you suggest minneapolis builds 500 1 room schoohouses, and have every child no matter the age walk to school year-round. Kids needed to know very little back then, I understand the kids made it on little house on the prairie, but there were 40 kids in the town. I can’t even continue this response, you have left the least intelligent comment in months.

            1. g says:

              No; I’m suggesting that you don’t need a principal, 4-5 v-p’s; 2-3 “counclers” and 5 levels of “admin” to teach those 40 kids. Maybe Minneapolis public schools should be split into 6 or 8 MUCH SMALLER regional “districts”. Get rid of the 5 levels of admin. Get rid of all the union “padding” of the payroll for the conclers & v-p’s.
              6-8 elementaries feeding into 1-2 jr highs & 1-2 sr highs per “district”

  11. ThisIsRealLife says:

    Simple fact is people who don’t have children or grandchildren currently in the school system they pay taxes in stop wanting to pay anything, cuts are made everywhere everyday in every walk of life, things like education, police, and things like that can only cut so deep, there’s not 1 person here that knows what goes into running a whole district from top to bottom, but so many act like it. If states and federal government keep cutting school funds everyyear what do you expect, nothing gets cheaper as time goes on, so the obvious if they receive less money and it cost more then something has to give… I wish you people made better choices in your lives that these levys wouldnt bankrupt you so easily. Also when you vote every levy down and then you live in a terrible school district it will reflect on your homes value.

    1. huh? says:

      Uh, I don’t think our home values will suffer a hit, homes do a bang up job of that on their own. Sucky shcools do too. These are desperate times calling for desperate measures. NO MORE SPENDING. They’ll just have to get even more creative and stuff 40 critters per room. Sorry, but welcome to the new world of, “Dang, we are broke”

      1. @huh says:

        Im not broke, I just bought my house last year so I have a tiny house payment, If you can read cuts are everyday everywhere I said, but sometimes certain things cant be cut everytime, sorry you’re struggling because you made poor decisions, I live within my means and it allows me to accept levys if they help my community.

        1. huh? says:

          ha. I’m not struggling and I cetainly haven’t made poor decisions. I’m the 39, 105 pound, 3 degree, 2 beamer owning, cool house and nice cabin chick with no kids. Poor decisions!!?! My arse. I’m doing just fine and have no worries in my occupation. I speak for all, not just myself–like some people.

  12. The Tally says:

    Looks like we had a straw poll here—sorry school districts, the answer appears to be NO! Save your questions and ask again in 2.

    1. preachin' to your choir says:

      There is no straw poll here. This comment forum has become a rant room for the ignorant and closet Nazis. On the bright side, it’s so far down the page it can be easily ignored.

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