Wis. Baboon Kept In Basement Finds New Home In Texas

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A 3-year-old baboon that had been living in a Madison basement has a new home in Texas.

The baboon, named Monkey, was transferred Monday to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley, south of San Antonio. The sanctuary is home to more than 500 primates.

Sanctuary Director Tim Ajax tells the Wisconsin State Journal there are 13 other baboons in a 2.5-acre enclosure where Monkey will be housed.

A Madison man denied owning the baboon on two previous occasions when questioned by officials. When animal services officials returned with a warrant, the man admitted the animal was in his basement laundry room. He agreed to surrender the baboon.

Dane County Animal Services lead worker Patrick Comfert says the man was not fined.

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  • Mike

    GREAT … We can leave comments about this absurd article but we can’t leave comments about the Eagan man who is arrested for the horrific abuse of his 11-Week-Old Daughter.

    THANKS A LOT WCCO … what are you afraid of?

  • G Dog

    What was the Governor of Wisconsin doing in someone’s basement?

    • Tan pup

      First thought that came to me too . . . Maybe he’s Rick Perry’s new pet.

  • Jake

    First thought that came to me was the AA hooligans who assaulted (BTW, with NO PROVOCATION) all of the WI state Fairgoers who got assaulted by the big “chimp out’.

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