MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Well-traveled Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is making a public appearance in Minnesota to give a speech to the American Legion’s national convention.

Bachmann, a 2012 presidential hopeful, was slated to address the major veterans’ organization Thursday morning. The convention’s speaker roster has also included President Barack Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Bachmann has spent much her time lately in Iowa, South Carolina and other places as she seeks her party’s presidential nomination. In June, she delivered a speech at another convention in Minneapolis soon after announcing her White House intentions.

After winning a closely watched straw poll in Iowa, Bachmann has been overshadowed by the emergence of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. She also trails former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in most national polls.

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Comments (17)
  1. Sue J says:


    1. Mike says:

      Yes! Lets run a Governor who advocates seceding from the nation and a ding bat perpetual liar who dislikes any part of government as his vice President. Brilliant!

      1. dan says:

        I thought you were talking aboput Obama. My bad!

  2. Wink says:

    I hope she explains how her support for the Patriot Act and her phony love for the Constitution don’t jive.

    As far as her being over shadowed, I’m more disappointed that Ron paul got overshadowed than her. I guess honesty and real change is out of season

  3. Tony Zuk says:

    Do some work now that you are home instead of making speaches. BTW ask those legionaires what AWOL means. Because I C you are out all over making speaches. OOPS congress in recess, but you still represent Minnesota or should I have to remind you of this. I truly believe anyone that wants a higher office should resign FIRST, both LIBs and Cons.

  4. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    Another day another distant third place finisher in Iowa story. Way to go WCCHOE, keep pitching her when she does not have a prayer. Are you only stirring the pot, or are you trying to burn people out of hate and vitiol, or is the news just this slow this time of year?

  5. press reporter says:

    “Make everything I do and say a press release. I will make them like me. I will be Queen, er, I mean, President. They WILL like me, they will!”, MB

  6. Carl says:

    Nice picture CCO! So you have the entire video clip but decide to show this one frame for your article? I bet if this was Obama you would find the one shot that he is looking into the distance and pondering how great he thinks he is. Glad to know what side you are on.

    1. Betty says:

      Great comment! They try to get the best possible picture of Dayton, but when you have that to work with it still looks like a doof in his best frames!

    2. Realist says:

      What is it with you people who always have to make this about Obama?

      1. Based in Truth says:

        They aren’t based in reality and they watch FOX more than WCCO.

  7. rayjay says:

    Old Crazy Eyes probably thinks this is a spin off of the French Foreign Legion. Will she speak French??? Are their any good pictures of her???

  8. Cya MB says:

    Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead !!!
    sinking by the day in the pols …… cya goofy

  9. markH says:

    I think Bachmann would be more at home delivering her speeches from a pulpit.

  10. Hmmm says:

    I can’t wait. I wonder what will come out of her mouth this time. We usually get one or two good lines from her speeches that we will hear about in the late night shows.

  11. lefty says:

    She will be able to make her speech but the only one able to hear over the BOOO’S will be God. Is she actually this frickin stupid to think after all she has said that anyone who has ever been in the military would listen to her rantings

  12. Andrew says:

    Ron Paul 2012! They don’t even mention him. Media black out continues.

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