SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (AP) — A Sheboygan woman whose car was totaled after vandals flipped it over says her nightmare turned into a dream when a local car dealer offered her a replacement for $1.

Cristina Earls is a 40-year-old single mother of four. She also has lung disease and leukemia, which is in remission.

She says she was devastated after her car was vandalized this week, since she had just drained her cash getting it fixed. But she says her faith was restored when several kind people stepped forward.

First, she says two anonymous “angels” handed her an envelope with $150 in cash.

Then the Sheboygan County Budget Auto in Plymouth offered her a $1 car.

Dealership manager Tina Murphy tells The Sheboygan Press the employees heard what happened and wanted to help.

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Comments (12)
  1. Callie's Mom says:

    Why does 4 kids matter?

    1. Callie's mom says:

      I was responding to a comment made before me.

    2. MIke says:

      Your comment was heading in a good direction until you made it political. It obviously was a Democrat that supported her because everyone knows that Republicans could give a rat’s petiole about anyone but themselves. After all, the vandals would have jobs and something more productive to do if it wasn’t for Gov. Walker eliminating more than he has produced since taking office.

      1. Not true Mike says:


        That’s a typical liberal sterotype, check out John Stossel’s report on Who Gives and who does not….

        I find it more refreshing to give to poor directly, rather give to a middle man (taxes), makes much more sense.

  2. Jake says:

    Well, actually, they didn’t say the the dealer was going to sell her a NEW vehicle for $1., but I think that after seeing what she was driving, if they even sell her a nice used vehicle for $1, the dealership is an angel. I have NEVER understood why/how some people get ANY satisfaction by trashing/stealing someone else’s vehicle.

    In the old days, if you got caught stealing another man’s horse, you would get hanged, because that was your ONLY method of transportation and/or livelihood. I think we should treat cars/trucks/vans the same way. Why is it any different NOW?

  3. Darren says:

    Where is her husband? Why is she a single Mom? Is she divorced? Never married? Her husband died in the war? And does all the medical problems run in her family? If so why would she jepordize her health to have 4 children that she may not be able to be raise? Sounds like she is broke? Why is she broke? Was she broke only after the vandals damaged her vehicle? Didn’t she have car insurance for the vehicle?

    To me the story made her sound like she is a poor, on assistance mother of four children who have no father.

    I apologize if I am wrong. But it just seems that is the case in these situations.

    1. St Paul says:

      Wow!! Did we wake up on the wrong side of the bed this afternoon?? You name should be Darren the Judger!!

  4. Sorry Mike says:

    @ Mike

    Have you seen how some liberal politicans live? Large houses built by liberal politicians preachng how we need to raise taxes so the poor can live a better life. Ahhhh…. the arrogance…Don’t you just love how someone else tells you how you should live your life?

  5. TL the alligator says:

    Darren…….from what us readers can tell somebody let the door open at the imbecile farm and you escaped……please go back and stay in there……the story made you draw your opinions because you are what you are.

  6. Dawn says:

    What a wonderful act of generosity!

    The people of Wisconsin really are nice, as opposed to “Minnesota nice.” Google “Minnesota nice.” if you want to read what people who move here from other states think of the behavior of Minnesotans. Hint: It’s not nice.

  7. Gotosleep says:

    A democrat working at a car dealership? Highly unlikely. The demos are working for the state, county or city, stealing from the tax payers with lazy, shoddy work , high pay and overly generous benefits.

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