It will be a windy and cool Sunday afternoon. Some of us could even see a brief shower as moisture wraps around a low-pressure system over the Great Lakes.

Labor Day will be a bit warmer and much less windy, with plenty of sunshine. The coming week looks mainly dry, with high temps returning to normal by Wednesday or Thursday.

On a personal note, my current stint at WCCO is coming to an end. Thanks for watching WCCO-TV and for checking out our forecasts here at It has been a fun ride — I just wish it had lasted longer.

Some memorable moments: I was on the air during the past two tornadoes that hit Minneapolis and other parts of the Twin Cities, and I also was part of our team coverage of the two big snowstorms this past winter.

This is a great part of the country to work as a meteorologist — we see almost every type of weather, except for hurricanes. Here’s a bit of trivia: I appeared on every single one of our Sunday morning newscasts on WCCO over the past four years. I think that record will stand for awhile!

Take care everyone, and have a great Autumn. If you want to contact me, is one way to reach me.

  1. Joseph Rodela says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Ron! Wish you the best.

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