MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Ramsey County Medical Examiner has identified the body of the woman who was shot and killed Saturday afternoon by a Minnesota State Patrol officer after she dragged him 200 feet while he hung half-outside her car window.

The Medical Examiner’s Office said 48-year-old Debra Doree, of Landfall, Minn., died shortly after being shot at 1:40 p.m. near the intersection of Interstate 94 and Century Avenue in Oakdale, Minn.

The identity of the trooper who shot Doree has yet to be released. As is standard procedure, the trooper is on paid administrative leave while the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) investigates the circumstances behind the shooting.

The shooting, which occurred during what appeared to be a routine equipment failure pullover, happened after the trooper saw what he thought to be drugs in Doree’s car. That was the moment when Doree tried to escape, police said.

Lt. Col. Matt Langer of the Minnesota State Patrol said that Doree sped off “under rapid acceleration,” dragging the trooper down westbound Interstate 94 for about 200 feet. While he was being dragged, the trooper pulled out his gun and shot Doree.

The BCA said the preliminary investigation showed there was a large amount of suspected narcotics in the Doree’s car. Police described the suspected drugs as a white crystal-like substance.

Although Doree had no criminal convictions on her record, her husband, Scott Doree, is on probation for a Pine County felony drug possession conviction stemming from an August 2008 incident, Minnesota court records show.

Comments (42)
  1. Jason says:

    Hey moron that’s what happen when you flee, if she was so freaking innocent why was she taking off?

    1. Brian says:

      Killed her for nothing? He lived to tell the story…that’s why he shot her.

    2. tom says:

      killed her for good reason

  2. emza says:

    Why did’nt the stup cop let go. He should get in trouble for killing the woman, it was only drugs not a dead baby.

    1. AC says:

      If he’s in trouble it should be for only shooting her once!

    2. Community Organizer says:

      “Only drugs.” wow. Another clear example of how dumb/ignorant/and short sighted our friends and neighbors are. As I have said to many like you before, if you are a professional of any capacity, I hope to God that it does not involve reading/thinking/and making decisions, cause you’re an idiot.

    3. pop you dopehead says:

      hey moron – hisw arm was caught in the steering wheeel when the meth head decided to play race car
      he did what he had to do to live. As a taxpayer — thank you Officer for taking another POS off the streets

    4. fred says:

      probably a suicide by cop….woman was not going back to the joint….for the tenth or one hundred and tenth time…..plenty of other stories to wet your bed over…..get busy

  3. Doesn't like Dimwits up North says:

    Only drugs? If it was only a little pot, I would call it “over kill.” But it sounds like meth or what ever bad drug is crystal like.
    As for you saying, not a dead baby, well, leave drugs around and the next case could be a dead baby.
    If she was so innocent, she wouldn’t have ran. I commend the cop for shooting her.

    1. Eddie says:

      If life means as little to you as it seems, you could have been the cop, he could have got her down the line!

  4. Know it all Mike says:

    You need a psych evaluation Mike. Big know it all.

  5. hotnike says:

    Why all the negative comments?

  6. Sue says:

    I can’t believe how stupid most of these posts are. Cops are trained for these types of situations and are trained to reach in and turn the wheel or take the key if possible to stop a suspect from leaving a scene, especially when another crime is being or suspected of being committed. What they are not trained for are their arms being caught up in the wheel or in a window that suspect may be trying to close so he can’t escape death which had he not shot her we would be hearing and mourning a dead officer. She tried to kill him as if she had a gun aimed at him and he acted in the manner in which he was trained. I’m sorry that a life was lost but I am glad it was not another good officer who is there to protect you when you need him/her

    1. Thin Blue Line says:

      Very well said. Everyone hates the cops…until they need one.

    2. Community Organizer says:

      Mike, you’re really stupid, man. I hate knowing that I share the world with you. How did you get so dumb? Drugs are absolutely devestating and destroy peoples lives causing them to make completely irrational decisions, case and point with this woman. You need to go back to school and learn how to evaluate situations properly. One less bag of BS on the street is a huge win for a countless amount of people and reasons. The number of lives that have been saved from this officers actions are why people are proud of him and hope that he is able to return to work ASAP. I cannot believe that you feel it is within your intelligence to question and assume this situation, sitting back and playing Monday morning quarterback like some kind of ignorant adolescent who just bought his first law book.. And now it’s time for your reward:” if you are a professional of any capacity, I hope to God that it does not involve reading/thinking/and making decisions, cause you’re an idiot.”

  7. MetroCopper says:

    You, sir, are diluted beyond belief. The officer in question should be commended for putting himself in harm’s way and protecting himself and the rest of law-abiding society from this woman. Under the cirumstances, the fact that he was able to end this ordeal before innocent civilians were killed/injured in a high-speed chase, crash, or something else is a true testament to his training and skill. Just because drugs are common (a claim I would argue) doesn’t make it right or an innocent crime. You’re in no position to judge the actions of any officer. And if his actions were as “unsafe” as you claim, why were no innocent bystanders injured or even put at risk? There wasn’t even another vehicle damaged!! Finally, drugs are a scourge not only to law enforcement, but to all law-abiding citizens. It’s obvious you belong to neither of these groups. The officers actions were not an attempt to thwart drug trafficing.

    1. You Got It says:

      Couldnt have put that better myself!

    2. Sue says:

      Very Well said and I totally agree!!

    3. @Mike says:

      Losers love to stick-up for losers, he probably shot Mikes dealer thats why he’s so mad. Mike its time to do something with your life, you have been a burden on your family and society for to long.

    4. Community Organizer says:

      if you are a professional of any capacity, I hope to God that it does not involve reading/thinking/and making decisions, cause you’re an idiot.

    5. Dave's Not Here says:

      Mike, you are an idiot and don’t know the first thing about law enforcement. You’d be better off shutting that flapping hole in your face as soon as possible to avoid looking even stupider. Just a thought.

  8. frankgarrett says:

    you sound like a f’n loser

    1. tom says:

      what the truth hurt frankgarrett

  9. tom says:

    takes one to know one, you must have it real bad. it is a shame you were not the driver

  10. JIm says:

    HEY Scott! Nice job buddy. You had your wife muling for you now she is dead. AAHH Scott you are an upright, outstanding, wonderful human being. You should be proud of the path you chose. SWEEET!

  11. Zeros says:

    THE only people that dislike cops are lifelong losers, it is so easy to go thru life and not interact with them, just don’t be a F-up. I hope every person here that defends this woman, is hit tomarrow in a hit and run by a fleeing crackhead, because thats what you’re saying you prefer to let her run, and maybe catch up with her another day.

    1. @Mike says:

      Wow you know many officers who have been in similar situations, ah ok seems like 1 of a kind story but you seem to know alot. You say you know many people who were promoted to managers or supervisors, sounds like you’ve worked alot of jobs, always a sign of a successful person lol, unreal how many people think this was a long drawn out decision that the officer had all day to analyze, it is a split second he reachs in to grab the keys she floors it, 5 seconds, I wish you could comprehend that.

  12. Jake says:

    Mike, I sure hope that you are not a cop, because you would probably be one of the most USELESS, INEFFECTIVE, IDIOTIC, BRAIN-DEAD beings who ever wore a badge.

  13. Jake says:

    Good shot, Trooper. I mean it in the way of overwhelming support, not sarcasm or satire. Hope you get back on the job soon. Civilization NEEDS people like you. The clueless who are here bashing you probably can’t add 2+2.

  14. rand says:

    murder, that is all this is. You who praise it should go take a long look at what is wrong and right. Killing this girl over drugs is just murder and the cop should have to pay. What a joke that people think it was some heroic move, Let go of the damn car and you lose for being no good at your job, not kill an unarmed person like it’s okay, shame on all of you who think the war on drugs is real. You are the reason they can keep killing. One more dead drug dealer just leaves a place for two more to step in. Get a clue, people like to get high and forget how messed up this place is, forget how the idea of freedom is just that, an idea, not a fact. Murder that’s all this was. Murder. He is a murderer

    1. Community Organizer says:

      Shame on you for not supporting the war on drugs. People like to do a lot of things like beating, killing, and stealing from each other too, in your world we should probably ignore that as well. Here’s the deal, you’re wrong. Drug dealers do not multiply upon subtraction, this wasnt murder. This POS put herself in this position and she got what was coming to her, life was NEVER going to work out for this woman and she would have only ended up taking more people down with her the longer she lived. And somehow you losely managed to tie “freedom” into your “point.” Here is some education for you, the reason why other countries hate America is because we have too much freedom. So much in fact that you are able to call out the actions of an officer on a public forum that for all anyone else knows could be being accessed from a free wifi hotspot with a laptop you bought with student loans. This place is incredible and if you really think you’re not free here then get out, but you wont cause this is the only place in the world that will tolerate idiots like you and keep you around when it is so obvious that we would be better off without you. I celebrate this incredible act of bravery in the face of madness. And without delay, it’s time for your reward: “if you are a professional of any capacity, I hope to God that it does not involve reading/thinking/and making decisions, cause you’re an idiot.”

  15. Mad outraged says:

    It’s a such a shame the police are so quick to shoot to kill. If he was on the he was on the passenger side of the car with his hand stuck in the steering wheel how could he be dragged is he ten feet tall. It’s murder if you ask me. I knew her and there is no way she would have done harm to anybody. And what does her husbands record have to do wit any of this? How did shooting her stop the car? It makes no sense she was a sweet lady.. R.I.P Deb

    1. your brain on drugs says:

      @Mad outraged, bet you didn’t know this “sweet lady” was willing to kill a cop.

    2. Dave's Not Here says:

      “How did shooting her stop the car?”

      I’m guessing after the bullet went through her, she bled out and her muscles were incapable of sustaining the pressure on the accelerator. Just an educated guess…

  16. Drew says:

    Let’s see. I’m being dragged by a moving car so to save myself I shoot the driver? That makes no sense. He’s lucky the car didn’t go out of control at that point. If she had been thinking she would have side-swiped the jersey wall.

  17. don says:

    looks like 80 percent blogging here are cops, typical spin on the truth. no drugs in her, witnesses said the car moved 3 ft from when she was alive to dead ,nice job law enforcment

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      “How did shooting her stop the car?”

      I’m guessing after the bullet went through her, she bled out and her muscles were incapable of sustaining the pressure on the accelerator. Just an educated guess…

  18. Oh-Really? says:

    wait.. whats this… whitey does drugs and runs from cops… Say it aint so

  19. Racialprofiler says:

    If she were black it would have been too far of a reach into the Escalade and none of this would have happened.

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