By John Lauritsen

WINONA, Minn. (WCCO) – For the fourth time in 12 years, a baby has been found floating in the Mississippi River.

Officials in Winona County recovered a body on Monday.

In November of 1999, a little girl was found near Red Wing. Then a boy, believed to be that baby’s brother, was discovered near Frontenac in 2003.

In 2007, a girl baby was found at the Treasure Island Marina. And now this incident of a baby being found near Winona.

The Winona County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday that the body found Monday was that of a baby girl who weighed seven pounds and was just a few days old at the time of her death. A family who lives on the Mississippi River discovered the baby about six miles south of Winona in a bag.

With this discovery, it’s hard not to think there may be a connection to the others. Winona residents said Tuesday they were shocked when they heard what had transpired.

“At home I have four of my own kids so I cannot even imagine why or how somebody could try to do something so horrible,” said Cindy Lambert.

“You’ve got to wonder who would do that to a baby,” said Joe Gale.

The circumstances surrounding the baby’s death are being investigated by the Winona County Sheriff’s Office, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Winona County Attorney’s Office. The baby’s body was brought to the Dakota County Medical Examiner on Tuesday for an autopsy. Authorities said it could take days to find out how the baby died and what led to its death.

Watch Aristea Brady’s earlier report:

Comments (45)
  1. Gloria says:

    So sad; poor little child! I hope this case is solved. RIP, Baby.

  2. Sam I am says:

    There have been 3 or 4 cases of infants dropped in the river. I thought I remember 2 of them being related but a couple years apart..

    1. um says:

      Read the article…

  3. tan pup says:

    As horrible as it is, let’s not blame the mom here. The statistics show that child abuse and death is commonly done by a male figure.So many senarios, I wish that the news would print the facts of a story so people can learn how to keep it from happening again.

    1. Justice will be served. says:

      That is a very sexist statement. Child abuse and death are done by both sexes. It isn’t always the female that is the innocent victim. They are typically the ones that opt for the abortion when the man wants to raise the child. This mother when she is found will be brought to justice and will suffer with a long sentance.

      1. Uncle Rico says:

        Tan Pup is a big time idiot that thinks every woman is misrepresented in the media and society. Tan Pup is drunk on Lifetime.

        1. Aunturstupid says:

          If half wits would stop breeding with winners like yourself this would never happen. Go crawl back into your hole..

          1. Coming down to Aunts level says:

            Serve me up another cup of that delicious Lifetime Television, hmmmm, love the buzz.

    2. Casey Anthony says:

      If not the mom, then who? And what are these statistics you’re talking about? And P.S. the news did print the facts. What are you going to do to prevent this in the future. IDIOT

    3. em0886 says:

      while your statement is true it is the woman that generally drowns the children or kills the children in such a manner; what about the woman who killed all of her children because she thought she was saving them…men are generally responsible for sexual abuse and physical as well but I believe this was done by a woman.

    4. Dave's Not Here says:

      tan pup, while that might be the case, you should consider the more prominent fact that statistics show that men shake and beat kids more often than women, while women more commonly drown their children.

      So, as horrible as it is, it’s tough to point at the dads here.

  4. Momma of 2 says:

    Ugh, this makes me litterally sick to my stomach. This child was helpless and so fragile, but yet this is all the person responsible could think of doing to the child?!!! I

    As a mother to two beautiful children learning of this breaks my heart. Whoever is reponsible for this tragic outcome will face justice one day or another.

    ^^^ RIP Sweet Child ^^^

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      “Whoever is reponsible for this tragic outcome will face justice one day or another.”

      Why do you always comment that someone will “get theirs” after they die? How is a dead human punished exactly? What a dumb comment…

      1. Back Off says:

        Stop being such a jerk. She has a right to believe that, and you have a right to believe what you believe. You don’t need to insult the woman.

        1. Dave's Not Here says:

          When someone tells me a dead person is going to be punished, I’m almost obligated to insult them because that is simply not possible.

          YOU back off. I don’t need to listen to you. See how that works?

          1. DaveNeeds2GetALife says:

            Um, perhaps this is a good time to point out that she never said they would be dead when punished? Only “Whoever is reponsible for this tragic outcome will face justice one day or another.” Which could certainly be interpreted as justice in the courts, vigilante justice, whatever. Stop jumping to conclusions, and stop being such a turd burglar.

  5. Get a real life says:

    What the hell does race have to do with anything in this article. Quit adding answers to no questions

    1. Hope these people are brought to justice says:

      All babies are highly sought after regardless of color of their skin. I hope whoever is it is that did this willl be brought to justice. That baby definetly could have been dropped off at the hospital no questions asked. But these idiots probably saw the baby as thier property and as such if they don’t want it then nobody else willl etiher. I think laws should be changed and there should be an automatic death penalty in these cases.

      1. jen says:

        Not all babies are equally sought after…a friend went through a Chicago adoption agency and was told that there would be a minimal wait and a third of the bill if they would take a black baby. Incredibly sad.

  6. TW says:

    Is this not as ugly as partial birth abortion? One is legal and the other not, what a mixed up country we are. I don’t know anyone who says that partial birth abortion is a good thing but some will defend the right to use it. This is tragic no matter what the details are, life is precious and whoever is willing to waste it will have to answer someday for what they did.

  7. Etta Samples-Bredeson says:

    First of All who said anything about Partial Abortions ?? One has nothing to do with the other !! 2nd This is why when Babies are born their DNA should be taken and put on file with the Hospital records and put into some kinds of Data Base so that there is a way to check who belongs to who.. If they did this to everyone then when people grow up and have these babies and throw then away the DNA can be checked and the person found and thrown in jail. I know it is not the perfect answer and that there are Babies that are not Born in Hospitals but the ones that are can be traced and Maybe just Maybe it will make people think BEFORE they commit crimes !! This could be used in so many different ways to HELP solve crimes. No Ones DNA is the same !! We test the Blood of New Born Babies… So How Hard would it be to do this NO matter the Cost… We need to get Control of this Crazy World !!! Automatically assign Social Security Numbers and Attach the DNA to the Number or Something !!!!

    1. TW says:

      I brought up partial birth abortions, you read my post didn’t you? I brought it up because for whatever reason this woman or some terrible guy decided that this child needed to go away. The motive to me is similar to what a partial birth abortion accomplishes, ending the responsibility of keeping a child. These two reactions are only similar in that sense. I don’t know why this child was dumped. Maybe the woman had no choice at all, maybe she is living in a hellish situation and needs to be rescued. She might be like that girl who was kept a prisoner by that sicko and his wife where she was stolen as a kid and kept hidden. Maybe having more kids was not in someone’s plan. Whatever is going on is a dark situation no doubt of that. Stranger things have happened.

  8. Justice will be served. says:

    A doctor kills a child inside the birth canel and it is legal. a parent kills a child and it is murder. Both are equally wrong in my book and should face the consequences. I do not see how any one who works in the abortion industry (planned parenthood) can possibly sleep at night at the images of all these babies they have slaughtered.

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      Planned parenthood is about birth control and safety and avoiding diseases. Sounds like you’re an idiot without a clue.

    2. Katelyn says:

      Those people who work at planned parenthood, the VAST majority of them dont perform a single abortion, ever. And I would bet they sleep just fine, knowing they have, in fact, prevented many abortions by providing education and birth control to their patients. If you were able somehow to magically make the “evil” planned parenthood just disappear because they provide abortions, would you? Could you sleep knowing that decision would cause the number of abortions in your community to rise, not fall? Could you sleep know just one baby was aborted because you took away a woman’s only access to birth control?

  9. graciesue says:

    You pro-lifers just can’t help yourself, can you? This story is about a murdered newborn has nothing to do with abortion. It was likely killed by its mother and its mother is more likely than not the same gal who has been dumping newborns in the river for the past – what, 11 years or so? That makes her on a seriel killer. Likely mentally ill on some or several levels and someone who no doubt keeps her pregnancies to herself (or is in denial) until the babe is born. Very sad, actually. The people needing birth control the most are often the ones least likely to use it, regardless of its availability. Instead of damning everyone and everything on these boards, try to have a little empathy. To honor this baby’s life, I propose we ALL go out of our way to lend a hand, financial support or a few hours of babysitting to a young mother who is exhausted.

    1. PDB says:

      Some posters have questioned why this is illegal while an abortion is illegal. Others posters chastise these “pro-lifers” indicating that one has nothing to do with the other. Actually both sides are missing the point to some degree. One does have a lot to do with the other depending on how you define a human life. One could argue that a life is a life is a life. and therefore killing a baby before it is born is no different than killing a baby after it is born. Others argue that an unborn baby is NOT viable and therefore not a life deserving of protection. Still others use the terms like embryo and tissue, to describe the unborn child in essence taking away its humanity. But from a legal perspective whether the pro-life contingency agrees or not there is a huge difference. The killing of an unborn baby is protected by law by the constitution (yup the same constitution that protects YOUR life, liberty and pursuit of happiness). The law as it exists today would find no issue with a doctor performing a late term abortion. Heck technically, you can have an abortion up to the point you go into labor. So it is perfectly legal for a mom to have the doctor kill her baby today. However, if she waits until tomorrow, goes into labor and delivers it and THEN kills it, it is murder. So if the pro-choice advocates find the one option acceptable, I question why they find the other issue so terribly wrong… Really does 12 – 24 hours make that baby more human or more viable? so that its life is now deserving of protection? Why is it that if a pregnant woman is killed in a drunk driving accident the person causing the accident can be found guilty of killing her unborn child and serve time for the crime, but it is not illegal for a mother to voluntarily kill her unborn child. Even for those of you that argue it is not a baby until it is born unlike the pro-lifers that argue, life begins at conception, must question when does the child become human? I have a 17 year old nephew that was born 3 months premature. Was he not human when he was born? I myself suffered a number of miscarriages. I have never cried for “tissue or embryos” but I have cried for my unborn children that never saw the light of day…. This question is so much larger than just a sick woman (or man) killing babies, it is about the value of the human life as a whole. It makes people uncomfortable, but do the research, abortion was legalized in 1973. So for the past 38 years women had a legal option to kill their children before they were born. Yet, in those same 38 years there has been HUGE increases in the number of infant fatalities, as murder as a whole. Even when accounting for the increased population, the increase is disproportionate. The fact is that when we removed the protection of a whole class of people (unborn children) we de-valued human life as a whole and without respect for all human life, individuals have found it less appalling to kill their babies, their children, their elderly parents, etc, Call it mercy killing or a mentally disturbed person committing these crimes – the fact is that life is no longer protected at all levels and thus no longer considered precious.

      1. graciesue says:

        Tell me how you really feel. NO DON’T! JUST KIDDING. I, too have had a few early term misscarriages and I never shed a tear for my “babies who never would see the light of day”. Sad I lost the pregnancy? Absolutely. Disappointed? Definitely. Don’t forget that most miscarriages are fertilized eggs that don’t take or go awry in the earliest stages of pregnancy. It’s nature at work. Please don’t confuse a fertilized egg w/a full term baby. I’m back to proposing we all help a young woman or family in need, who is exhausted and at their wits end. I care a lot more about born babies than what some women must feel is there only viable option when they’re 6 weeks pregnant.

    2. Badnameday says:

      People should take what you posted to heart. Thanks for the thoughtful comment amongst a barrage of judgmental trolls.

  10. Heartsick up North says:

    We have no idea who did it or how it happened. But I hope they find out soon. Sterilize her, convict her of murder, and wallpaper her cell with newborn pictures.
    Hope she suffers the rest of her life for the moment it took her to put her baby in the water.

  11. pat says:

    What is the difference if you do an abortion or wait 2 days or even a month to end a childs life?. The child does not know it is in danger of death and it is over in minutes This theory is taught in our universities. This is the slippery slope of abortion

  12. Phil Mcrackin says:

    The root cause here is mental illness, you can not find any rational in his sort of thing, so sad for all.

    1. Dave's Not Here says:


      You not finding the rationale does not equate to mental illness.

      Sometimes people are just bad, and they’re willing to do bad things that most of us cannot fathom doing. That still doesn’t point to mental illness, simply because you cannot personally reconcile the act with yourself, ya goon.

      1. UofC Student says:

        @Daves Not Here, you should quit posting, you are making yourself sound more ignorant every time. What you are saying is the definition of mental illness, “Sometimes people are just bad, and they’re willing to do bad things that most of us cannot fathom doing.”
        Definition of mental illness: mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern generally associated with subjective distress or disability that occurs in an individual, and which is not a part of normal development or culture.
        NOW STFU

    1. Yup says:

      That one word about sums it up. There’s a lot of us and some are just messed up.

  13. em0886 says:

    I agree that there is always an option to give the baby to a good home, to people that desperately want children but can’t have them, or like you suggested taking them to the hospital….at least the baby would have been warm and taken care of. This story made me so sad and nautious!! Not to mention the other children that were dumped there…I personally think there may be a connection as well….besides the fact that the two first found were brothers!!!

  14. Sarah says:

    You will see more of this if republicans ban abortions….

    1. lib says:

      Really Sarah? we have abortions now and look what happens, there is barely a day that goes by in the news that some atrocity is perpetratred on a child. The fact we have abortions shows a devaluation of human life and the younger the less value. Look at the punishment (?) people receive, the younger the child the less the punishment. We need to put value back on childrens lives, or we will contrinue to see more and more of these stories.

      1. Dave's Not Here says:

        Please be clear on what you are proposing when you say “we” need to put value back on children’s lives.

  15. bluemoonslexus says:

    we are assuming the baby was still alive when dropped in the river, maybe it was born dead, or died shortly thereafter and someone didnt kniow what to do?

  16. Bill Tomsick says:

    Maybe whom ever dumped this baby in the river could be found IF we used the existing technology seen at —— We have had it for years and DO NOT USE IT to protect us all.

    Educate yourself about it – then share the info whereever and with whomever you can.

  17. Diana says:

    consider a situation such as Ms Dugard in California. These babies were born 4 years apart. Isnt it possible we have a kidnapper here who is holding female(s) against their wills. They need to be looking at local missing girls/women who went missing around 9 months before the babies were born, and try to trace where these girls are.

  18. Kim says:

    Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the safe haven program??? If you don’t want a baby you can drop it off at any hospital, firehouse or police station no questions asked! Why kill it???? I understand that depression, post-partum psychosis and other mental health factors come into play but really most of these cases are scared young girls that don’t want to take responibility for their actions. If you’re able to willingly consent to sex then you’re able to make buck up and take responsibility for the consequenses that sex can bring…it’s kind of a package deal. I could just shake these women until their eyes roll back in their head! If they’d stop being so self centered and focused on themselves and take a few minutes to use the common sense that the good Lord gave them then this wouldn’t have to happen…there’s sooo many other options then killing an innocent child.

  19. lisa says:

    I’m wondering if they have investigated the possibility of a woman or women being held and abused in the neighboring area. I know it may sound crazy but what if that is the case and the captor is disposing of the infants? Whatever is happening it needs to be resolved before more babies are killed.

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