MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It seems another Block E business has bit the dust.

Officials say the Hard Rock Cafe, located at 600 Hennepin Ave. S. in Minneapolis, will close its doors on Sept. 30.

Hard Rock International said they are fully committed to the city of Minneapolis and look forward to potential future projects within the city, according to a released statement.

The company also states, “We have run a successful business in Minneapolis, but the current site has created challenges that prevent us from continuing to operate at this location.”

The Hard Rock Cafe opened in 2002.

The Shout House and the AMC Block E Theater remain some of the only businesses left.

“Our strategy over the past year and a half has been to reposition and re-tenant the building. We continue to work towards a revitalized Block E, contribute to a successful Hennepin Avenue and carefully and methodically determine the best possible uses for the site,” said Phillip Jaffe, partner at Alatus LLC, which owns the Block E center.

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  1. Hard Rock Fan says:

    It’s too bad, I hope they do open in a better, safer location. My family loves going there, but last winter when we went we were scared to death because we had to walk through a large group of thugs to get in and out. Both my husband and I agreed we wouldn’t go back the area with our children ever again. Maybe Minneapolis can get some control out there…..

    1. NavyVet says:

      How do you know they were thugs? If they didn’t attack or harm you in any then I don’t understand your logic. You just sound like a coward.

      1. Realist says:

        Don’t play dumb. You know full well what this person is talking about.

        1. Jambo says:

          Yeah, there were black people there. Maybe the Hard Rock will reopen in Maplewood or someplace with fewer, you know, thugs.

  2. Sarah Jenner says:

    I totally agree! That bus stop area between Hard Rock and where GameWorks is out of control and full of thugs and people looking for trouble.

    Vey sad that all of block E is pretty much gone.

  3. Tammy Belka says:

    remember when they proposed making Block E a park? Instead they built the current stupid retail monstrosity. 10 years later and this great idea keeps heading farther south

  4. Hager says:

    Block E should have been a park. It was stupidly designed, ugly and bound to be an attraction for unsupervised youth. It should have been a center courtyard “garden” mall with a mix of restaurants, shops and green space to attract an upscale crowd. Some classical columns and a beautiful vista in and out from Hennepin Avenue. Thinkk Place des Voges in Paris. It should be raised. There is no hope.

    1. Cell Block E says:

      I think you meant “razed”, Frenchy.

  5. Loves MPLS. says:

    Please people. Minneapolis is not close to ghetto from where I’ve traveled in the US. Go to LA, Chicago, NYC, and Hollywood and you’ll reconsider why Downtown Minneapolis is not even half as bad or flourishing with poverty and homeless people. We’re just a smaller metropolitan (than those mentioned above) and our downtown has a much smaller tourist attraction; therefore, less people and we see more thugs/ghetto-ness.

    Or, you can always just stay in the suburbs or move to Downtown St. Paul.

  6. what!?! says:

    They lost control of this place a long time ago to the ghetto. You could never bring your family there and feel like if was a safe family oriented hang out.. Once again, the ghetto rats ruined something that was and could have continued to be a nice place to grab a bite , bowl, play games , see the latest picture ect..

  7. stubby says:

    This all could have been avoided if the mayor and city council had a set, and weren’t so afraid of being called rasist for enforcing the law. I would pretty much bet if it were groups of blond-haired, blue-eyed kids causing all of the trouble at block E, skulls would of been cracked the 1st time it happened.

  8. Jambo says:

    Yeah, there were black people there. Maybe the Hard Rock will reopen in Maplewood or someplace with fewer, you know, thugs.

    1. jambo is a thug says:

      No Jambo, Maplewood has its thugs.

  9. its over says:

    Well I guess gentrification didn’t work out for Block E. Bring on the parasitic casino. Now that fits the theme of this neighborhood.

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