Alliant Techsystems Moving Headquarters To Va.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Aerospace and defense manufacturer Alliant Techsystems Inc. plans to move its headquarters from Minneapolis to Arlington, Va., on Oct. 1.

The company said Thursday that the move would increase contact with its U.S. government customers and Congress.

Alliant said about 210 corporate employees would stay in Minnesota. It currently has 2,700 employees in Minnesota and 3,500 in the Mid-Atlantic region of Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.

The company was created in 1990, when Honeywell spun off its defense businesses. It expanded into aerospace by acquiring Hercules Aerospace Co. and Thiokol Propulsion, making it a major supplier of solid-fuel rocket motors.

The shares fell 56 cents to close at $58.94.

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  • Pete

    One more major corporation moving its headquarters out of MN….how many does that make in the last 12 months?

  • Ed

    Too many.

  • Mommy

    Easier to close operations here if the HQ moves away. Thanks union.

  • Sue J

    The story failed to mention the TAX savings they will be getting by moving out of Minnesota!! Poor reporting WCCO

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