BURNSVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — Burnsville Police are investigating after a woman reported that a person entered her bedroom in the middle of the night through a cut screen.

The incident happened on July 6 at around 2 a.m. on the 13700 block of Wellington Crescent. The 20-year-old woman, who was home from college, told police that she was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom when she woke up to a person standing in the doorway.

When the woman asked who was there, the person shut her bedroom door and left the house. The woman wasn’t able to give a description of the person.

Police say the person cut through a window screen to get in, all while her father was upstairs with the lights and television on.

Burnsville Police and a K9 from the Dakota County Sheriff’s Department searched the area but no suspect was found.

Luke Hjermstad lives across the street from the family’s home.

“It’s gutsy. It’s gutsy … It’s shocking that people would do that but at the same time it’s the way it is today,” said Hjermstad.

He said the family was shaken up by what happened.

Hjermstad has three kids of his own and he also heard about what happened at Hidden Valley Apartments in Savage this week when a 7-year-old girl woke up to find a person standing in her room. She pretended to be asleep until the person left.

Savage Police say the week before, at the same building, they found a chair placed against an apartment window and the screen was removed.

Now Savage and Burnsville police are working together to see if they are dealing with the same person in all three cases.

“There are similarities. We don’t know if they are by the same person. But we are definitely going to be working with them and see where it goes,” said Sgt. Rory Bochniak of the Burnsville Police Department.

Burnsville Police said these incidents are rare and ask residents to make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked at night. Anyone who sees suspicious activity is asked to call 911.

Anyone with information on the Burnsville incident are asked to call the Burnsville Police Department at 952-895-4585.

Comments (10)
  1. little rex says:

    I dream of the day someone breaks into my home they won’t meet fido they get to meet mr. glock like the rock from the wwe said just bring it ! everybody should and has a right the bear arms and send the message not in our homes

    1. ME says:

      I’m locked and loaded as well. I hope that no one would ever break into my house but if they do I would have no hesitation in defending my home with superior force.

  2. Darren says:

    Male? Female? White>?Black?Hispanic?Native? Midget? Extermely tall? Fat? skinny? Accent? smell funny?

    Any information at all on the suspect?

  3. Redneck Purist says:

    That’s not a home invasion. That’s a prowler break in. A home invasion is when they come through the door brazenly, usually armed without caring who knows or sees them doing it. At which time, if it’s my house they get shot and killed. Don’t get me wrong, I’d treat a prowler the same way. More and more people are gunning up. When some of these clowns start getting shot, it’ll happen less.

  4. john says:

    Take a few empty cans and tie some fishing line between them. Hide the cans in and around your yard that way any intruder walking around your yard would stumble into the fishing line , hidden at ankle hight , making some noise and hopefully alerting the home owner or neighbor maybe even a pet dog if you have one . It might even frighten the intruder off thinking he might have alerted someone. Also could you place a few extra automatic lights around your property.

  5. Victoria Meyer says:

    I love how almost everyone is like oh you should do this you should do that … It is obvious by your comments that not one of you have been in this situation .
    As someone who was robbed of the security of my own home by the exact same sort of incident …I know this much , you are startled, afraid that the person might have a gun, afraid that they might attack you …you don’t think rationally . You don’t have the time either because these types of situation can be a life or death situation. My heart goes out to this poor woman because it will take a life time to shake the feeling of being completely robbed of the only security you allotted yourself, your also fear of the next time . It changes you as a person … I have not slept with a window open in over 3 years, I keep my curtains drawn if I am alone, If my fiancee is out at night working, camping at the store, I have to have someone here with me .It is awful and it is a nightmare come true .

    1. Sue J says:

      Baby! But a gun!!

      1. Victoria Meyer says:

        I can’t understand why you feel the need to call someone a baby! As a 100 pound woman who stands 5’5” having to deal with thug looking man at least 2-3 times larger than me in the wee hours of the morning standing in the middle of my living room I think I did an ok job of coping . Like I said unless you have been in a home invasion you have no clue how you would deal with it …you can say you’d do this and you’d do that and truth of the matter you are half asleep when you confront the person , you have no clue if there could be more than one, you have children residing in your household sleeping, there is broken items strewn all over the place, you are unsure if this person has a gun,
        you have so many thoughts in those moments while you have some stranger in your house not knowing what the heck he might do …I’d like to see how you would react. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone but to call me a baby …maybe someone like you should be in my shoes . Sad thing is my case didn’t stop after the home invasion unfortunately we had to wait out the rest of the two months left on our lease, after the invasion we had a window peeper the remainder of the time , with over 15 calls to Saint Paul police department and more than 4 witnesses (neighbors ) witnessing the window peeper and 1 neighbor actually seeing the man prowling around our property before the break in occurred no one was ever caught . Eventually we moved and things have somewhat gone back to normal. Next time think about the words you use and maybe try to understand where one might be coming from .

  6. tom says:

    better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6

  7. Sue J says:

    This happened July 6Th and it is September 9th today? Thanks for the quick heads up

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