MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis man has been charged with shooting his ex-girlfriend eight times in front of her daughter Monday evening.

According to the criminal complaint, 45-year-old Keith Ammons, of Minneapolis, shot his ex-girlfriend on Monday evening. Authorities said the injuries she sustained will likely leave her paralyzed for life.

Ammons and the victim, who was not named in the criminal complaint, had been together for more than a decade, but separated recently. The criminal complaint says Ammons shot her after she went out on a date earlier that evening.

The victim’s 14-year-old daughter was in the room when Ammons allegedly began shooting the woman, and told police she heard three shots before fleeing to a neighbor’s house.

Police think Ammons only stopped shooting after his .45-caliber handgun jammed.

The victim was shot eight times in total. She was taken to North Memorial Medical Center, where doctors determined she had been struck in her spleen, bowels and spine.

Ammons was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon in Maplewood. He has a 1996 conviction of second-degree assault, and was ineligible to possess a firearm.

He is now charged with first- and second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault and possession of a firearm as a prohibited person.

Comments (6)
  1. Dave's not here says:

    His goatee is cute.

  2. Jake says:

    LOL. True. A man armed with a .45, who fires 8 rounds into another human, at point blank range, well, the victim should be dead as a hollow tree.. I don’t care if the rounds are FMJ or HP or nuclear tipped explosive roiunds. SOMEBODY is withholding a lot of relevant info on this subject….

  3. Lynch that thing says:

    Well Keith, gouge out an eyeball yourself, or let someone in your new home do it for you. Either way, your in for a good, long, skull f***ing the way I see it…

  4. karibdis says:

    have yet to see a nick nock that can aim. sad.

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