MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are looking for a man suspected in a hit-and-run accident near Calhoun Parkway, where a 74-year-old bicyclist was hit.

The Minneapolis Park Police said it happened around 10 a.m. Thursday in a crosswalk at 32nd and West Calhoun Parkway. The 74-year-old man was struck by a silver blue van and taken to the hospital, where he is in stable condition.

Minneapolis Park Police are looking for the hit-and-run driver, described by witnesses as a white man in his 60s with thinning hair, wearing glasses.

The vehicle was last seen headed southbound on West Calhoun Parkway.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Minneapolis Park Police at (612) 230-6550.

Comments (24)
  1. Stomper says:

    Check Joe Senser’s garage. Oops. Too soon?

    1. Morgan says:

      Way too soon, you beat me too it.

  2. A Mpls Resident says:

    Well maybe they will get the Sensor treatment and get away with it… Who knows.

  3. smb says:

    Even if they find this guy can they prove he knew that he hit someone?

  4. HN says:

    A man was hit. Show some respect.

  5. Uncle Rico says:

    Make haste CCO crowd, gobble up all those low hanging fruit Senser comments!!!

  6. Look here now says:

    Joe was NOT there driving you idiot.
    Amy and her bald cap are presently AWOL tho ….. hmmmmmmmmm

  7. Sue says:

    I bet when they find him he ends up in jail, not like the Sensors and they say that the Sensors don’t get special treatment, that’s a lot of bull.

    1. Man On Fire says:

      Your ignorance in assuming it’s a man proves you’re unfit to make assumptions. Buh-bye moron.

      1. Community Organizer says:

        @MOF- I hope to God that if you are a professional of any capacity it does not involve reading/thinking/ and making decisions.

      2. just saying says:

        and your ignorance might be in not reading the article before you comment.

        buh-bye moron!

    2. Guy says:

      Worse – I’ll bet he ends up in jail BEFORE Amy Sensor does …

  8. Jeff Geroux says:

    whats up with all the hit n runs…thats all we hear. My question where are all the cops patrolling our streets…oh yea sitting in the donut shop. Since I moved to Minnesota, havent seen 1 cop on 35W or any other major highway. Maybe its time to protest!!!

    1. @jeff says:

      Then when you get a ticket you cry foul, how will a officer patrolling stop a hit and run, do you expect 1 on every corner Jeff? Your existence should be protested.

  9. Burnsville man says:

    why do minnesotants have to drive so damn crazy….slow down

    1. darn slow drivers here says:

      Darn! Slow down??? How about we just have them speed up to the speed limit for a change??

  10. I'm Too PC for My Morals says:

    Wonder why CCO has failed to put this 74 yr olds smiling photo up? Really bad job marketing this story CCO, but you already knew the stone casters would come out in droves. I’m jealous that your business is this easy.

  11. Uncle Rico is my hero says:

    What’s with all this Senior on Senior crime?

  12. Lanny says:

    And when the authorites do find this hit&run driver he/she will be put in jail right now!!!!! not allowed the ‘kid-gloves’ approach the law enforcement has afforded the Sensers. So appauling and corrupt that there are obviously 2 systems of justice…for the rich&famous and the other for us common ‘pea-ons’!!! Law enforcement/prosecutors….the Sensers are to be held accountable for killing that Laotion man….now!!

    1. Community Organizer says:

      Dont blame the Senser’s for being able to purchase protection from the law, it is not there fault that they can do that for themselves. Go ahead and blame away for not stopping and fleeing the scene, that’s the part that needs to be focused on. The decision making of the individual at the moment of the accident, just like this dude that hit this guy and kept going, no insurance/drunk/warrants likely the case.

      1. calamity organizer says:

        Yeah. This is America dang it. We can have just as much justice as we can afford. Its our right by gosh.And quit dwelling on the victim, its the goons decision to leave we should care about.

        1. Community Organizer Wins Again says:

          If you don’t like it then change it, cry baby. And how funny that idiots like you come here to talk about “victims,” end up whining and crying about the Senser’s and your pathetic have and have nots, but completely ignore the guy that got ran over in this story. You know, they make rittalin for adults too, the ones like you that can’t keep their thoughts straight in a public discussion.

        2. Dude that does not care says:

          So Calamity, we should foucs on victims and not about how flawed our society is that when someone hits a person with their car, or likely for you causes any type of damage to someone else at all, we should be focusing on the recipient of said damage instead of working to resolve the root cause of bad decision making? That makes no sense. You have a reactive mentality, excluding your self professed victim mentality. You sound like a p_ssy.

  13. death race says:

    Hmmmm, the description of the driver brings to mind the South Park senior drivers episode. Run for you r lives.

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