Late-Night TV Target Bachmann To Get In On The Act

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican Michele Bachmann has been the target of ample jokes on late-night television. Now the presidential candidate plans to get in on the act.

A Bachmann spokesman confirmed the Minnesota congresswoman will appear next Friday on NBC’s “Tonight Show.” Bachmann will be in Los Angeles to deliver a long-planned speech to the California GOP’s state convention.

Show host Jay Leno has poked at Bachmann many times since she got into the White House race, sometimes over her history flubs and also over controversial policy positions.

Bachmann shot onto the presidential scene this summer but has since been overshadowed by top Republican contenders Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

Past presidential candidates have used late-night TV appearances to show off a looser side than voters typically see.

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  • Marcus B

    This oughtta be worth a few laughs.

  • anti bachmann

    she just keeps getting dumber everyday

  • time to laugh

    I always knew she was a comic. And her husband a joke. I might just tune in.

  • dada

    Rethink your appearance on Leno. As I recall Huckabee annouced his candidacy on Leno as did The Goofy Arnold and we know how that turned out.

  • Phid

    I’m sure all the anti-libs posting around here aren’t laughing after having voted the biggest joker into the Oval Office in 2008….or are you just laughing at the rest of us for having pulled it off like some practical joke?

  • anti bachmann

    he is trying to fix all the other oval office idiots mistakes if you dont like it here leave

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