MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin student has filed a federal lawsuit challenging her school’s ban on breast cancer awareness bracelets.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports in Friday’s editions that Sauk Prairie Middle School eighth-grader Kaisey Jenkins and her mother, Caran Braun, believe Principal Ted Harter’s ban on “I (heart) Boobies! (Keep a Breast)” bracelets Principal Ted Harter imposed violates Jenkins’ free speech rights.

According to the lawsuit, Harter imposed the ban at the beginning of the second semester last school year. Students who wore the bracelets risked detention, suspension or other penalties.

Sauk Prairie School District Superintendent Craig Bender didn’t immediately return a message The Associated Press left at his office Friday morning.

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Comments (39)
  1. Jamie Spencer says:

    once upon a time Breasts was a word we considered offensive

  2. justathinkin says:

    I love Boobies!! Save the Boobies!!

  3. Jake says:

    What is scary and makes honey? Boo Bees!

    1. no, seriously, it was says:

      hee hee I’m in a silly mood. This was funny

  4. Murph says:

    How old is Harter?

  5. Mr. T says:

    Get serious people. Mom is the real boob here! Teaching her kid to be a wiener. The next kid will want to wear a KKK bracelet! Is that what free speech is about?

    1. St Paulie Girl says:

      Yes, dufus, it is. Free speech is about protecting the right to self expression even when it might be considered “offensive” by some. You clearly miss the point of it.

      1. Swamp Fox says:

        @St.Pauli Girl
        Right On!

    2. Brian says:

      Personally I think both sides of this lawsuit are out of line. This principal needs to get a grip. If bracelets interfere with kids’ education, it’s the latest item on a long list. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings should also be banned. You can’t tell me these bracelets really interfere with anything. On the other hand, mother and daughter filing suit need to join reality as well. A school is an institution where rules are in place for the safety of everyone. If a student stood in the hall and said something like “Mr. Smith is an arse whole and his class is B.S.” those words would also be protected by free speech. Think that kid wouldn’t get punished? Doubtful. This is a smaller scale of what’s going on in Anoka-Hennepin district. “My child is a special flower who’s rights are being infringed.” Get a life

      1. Faith says:

        @Brian-yep I agree. Both sides are crazy. Parents like this irritate me. Just because you treat your kid like royalty and pretend they can do nothing wrong doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to. The bracelet rule is likely in place for a reason. How about instead of filing a lawsuit, you teach your kid some respect for authority and a need to follow the rules WHETHER THEY LIKE THEM OR NOT. This mother & daughter probably just saw an opportunity and are trying to get paid….

        1. Dave's Not Here says:

          Royalty? Come on. You’re so over the top that you’re ridiculous. Yeah, I’m sure they’re thinking they can get rich by overturning a middle school principal’s rubber bracelet ban.

          Get a grip on reality, Faith…

          1. Faith says:

            I guess you’ve never seen the kids who ARE treated like royalty. Their spineless parents swallow everything their kid hand-feeds them. And, of course, the kids can do nothing wrong…it’s always the teacher, or th district, or the coach, or the counselor, who are out of line…not MY precious child. And I never said they’d get rich, moron. I said they’d get PAID. Thought the details aren’t disclosed here, the lawsuit is likely against the district, not the specific school. And if you think this mother/daugher duo are simply filing a lawsuit to “fight for their rights,” you’re an idiot. They’re looking for a settlement.

      2. Jack Boardman says:

        It would seem to me, Brian, you didn’t actually READ the article; the only bracelets banned are the “Boobie bracelets,” not all bracelets. If it were my kid, I would not sue; I would have her get ALL her friends, boys & girls to wear Boobie bracelets, and just see how resolute the pricipal really is.

    3. All3Allin says:

      How do Breast Cancer bracelets and the KKK have ANYTHING in common.. I think you’re the one that needs to get serious. HORRIBLE comparison that doesn’t come close to getting your point across.

      P.S. Middle School kids already know what “Boobies” are.

  6. Bill says:

    This is ridiculous. Why doesn’t the article tell us the reasoning behind the ban?

  7. AntiTeabagger says:

    School rules state they students must not wear anything that distracts from their education. I am one for free speech, but next will be one for testicular cancer that says “Be Nice to Nuts”

    1. Not enough real problems says:

      @testicular cancer- Wont happen, it’s a “mens issue” and therefore does not get the attention or the funding it deserves because of feminism. I dont have the stats but will take the time to get them if people freak out over this comment. It’s the truth though. Just doesnt have the marketing campaign behind it that BC “Awareness” does. Sad for all involved.

  8. dcray says:

    If there is a freedom of expression and you can’t wear a breast cancer bracelet than kids should not be wearing sagging pants, gold chains, or talk like they do. I would rather see a kid wearing a breast cancer bracelet than see their underwear.

    1. dvs says:

      dcray has the smartest comment of all

  9. Tom says:

    I would like to know where I could get some of the bracelets I do know a few women that have breasts cancer any donation for a cure I’m for it.

    1. 3-Day walker says:

      I see them in tons of stores, Tom – I think the last place was Claire’s or something like that at the mall. Ask around. I know they are on-line, too.

    2. Been There says:

      Make a donation in their name directly to the cancer research institue, it will mean a lot more, trust this advice.

  10. alison says:

    if being creative to come up with a new slogan to support a cause then why not wear. Its the same as wearing a yellow one for the service memebers or any other bracelet that is out there for supporting something. Yes it maybe a distracting but i’ts getting attention, and getting asked questions as to why someone is wearing them. Which is how support for a cause is started. I say wear them. if the whole school wears them or most of the school how can the princpal punish is whole school?

    1. sick of it all says:

      you’re close here but ask the question to any of these students and they cant tell you jack (information wise) about the cancer- how it works, prevention steps etc. Kids are being kids with these, immature, and it is obvious to the officials. I deplore the mkt’ing that goes on in this country and around the world. Follow the paper trail of where that money really goes post purchase and you’ll be appauled, hopefully to the point where you stop wearing ridiculous colors, hanging ribbons (defacing property), and start making direct donations to cancer research funds themselves.

      1. Jennifer K says:

        My argument exactly.

  11. Dale Grible says:

    Who doesn’t like a nice pair of fun bags

  12. Swamp Fox says:

    THINK! before you call the President a ‘boob”. This isn’t a political story for yazoos! You picked the wrong thread to comment on.

    Now who is a Boob???

    1. me says:

      Yes – THINK. “Boob” is WAY too mild of a label for OBummer.

  13. Swamp Fox says:

    Can’t you read? This is not about politics? Now who is the Big Schnook [aka ‘boob’] here now?

  14. sad but true says:

    Lighten up people, we’re talking about a promotion for a good cause. I do see the schools point though, it could cause a distraction. I thin the school needs to step up to the plate and manage this, not just “outlaw” the bracelets!

  15. Keister Opener says:

    I think both parties in this case need my boot sunk 6+ inches straight into their keisters.

  16. Jennifer K says:

    By purchasing these bracelets, you are supporting breast cancer in a very minimal way because a very low percentage of their profits actually go to breast cancer research. I’d encourage kids to buy a bracelet or make a donation through a valid organization such as Susan G. Koemen or the American Cancer Society. Likewise, I’m led to believe that many students are wearing these bracelets because of the word “boobie” – not because they are aware of how frightening breast cancer really is. In my opinion, breast cancer is about saving LIVES… not boobies.

  17. KEVIN says:

    The biggest boob is the principal.

  18. this IS a great cause says:

    This is about saving women’s boobies. Any rule that stands in the way of saving boobies should be set aside. In my opinion, there is no greater cause than that of saving women’s boobies. In fact, I think women’s boobies are the cultural glue that holds our society together. Or am I just another American male with a booby fixation? Gad I just love saying that word. Booby, booby, booooooobies.

  19. Jake says:

    Most people place to much value on BOOBS, especially those that aren’t that great.

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