MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An exodus of teenagers took to the streets Saturday night after multiple fights broke out and police in riot gear showed up to a party in downtown Minneapolis.

Teens in the crowd said a fight broke out around 10 p.m. at a party called Big Bash 2 that was held in the Hyatt Regency, located at 1300 Nicollet Mall.

The teens said the party’s organizers ended the Big Bash after the initial fight, forcing some 800 teenagers (police estimate) into the streets, where more fights broke out.

Police tweeted that they made “only a handful of arrests” at the scene and maced an unknown number of teens. They said officers showed up in riot gear, but did not use it.

Police said that extra officers were called in; but after the crowd dispersed, they were relieved. From the WCCO-TV newsroom window, about a dozen squad cars could be seen on Nicollet Mall.

Last year, the original Big Bash party, which was held at the University of Minnesota, was also broken up by police after gunshots allegedly rang out.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Why would they allow this party to happen again, if the same thing happened last year?? Also, obviously these kids aren’t innocent if they are bringing guns and mace to a highschool party.

    1. Ralph DeMattia says:

      And isn’t it odd that the mall AND the media failed to mention that the rioters were mostly BLACK!? You can bet that if they were mostly white and had attacked blacks we would have known it!

  2. alyssia bell says:

    Not this again. People really over react. Like last year things were taking out of content and a bunch of innocent kids were mac again. It really is a shame. Not all the kids were there to start problems and in fact 100% of the attendees just wanted a good time. Unfortunately some people can’t control themselves that’s both teens and adults. The police did not have to respond the way they did. Like last year. Luckily there weren’t any injuries like last year. I think teens get a little wild as everyone does its only natural. The producers of the event shouldn’t be blamed. They can’t control what people do and they did the right thing by shutting down the event. Unfortunately they now have a bad name for what guest of their event did. Its not right.

    1. Twins Fan says:

      SO, Let me get this straight. Some CANT control themselves(so they can throw patio chairs at other human beings, and we are to accept this behavior?)WRONG. and don’t blame the producers, because they CANT control what people do?WRONG. LUCKILY there were no injuries like last year? GROW UP. If you want to have parties in an adult setting(world) you will take responsibility for your actions. OR you don’t get to have any more parties.
      You are correct about it being NOT RIGHT. But we do not live in a world where humans regardless of their age just get to NOT CONTROL THEMSELVES. That is why the police CAN and WILL respond as they did. Thank you MPD for CONTROLLING the situation and keeping innocent TAX PAYING/WORKING CITIZENS SAFE. Not sure of the future world we will have if teens(pretending to be adults) think this behavior is unavoidable.

  3. Ignorant ppl are a waste of space says:

    Your an idiot , Oh what the cops should of just sat there while idiotic teens beat each other senselessly right ?
    When I was a teen I can’t remember fights just breaking out because 100% of the attendees just wanted to have a good time …no instead it would be fun and non violent !

    1. Mike says:

      When I was a teen in the late 60’s their were fights before school, after school and at most social events. Fighting has been around for a long, long time. The only thing different today is that guns are more prevalent and the police are not part of the community they represent.

  4. Ignorant ppl are a waste of space says:

    I agree with Mr. D
    I am sorry the teens that attended this party sound like a bunch of idiotic, lowlife, mom’s to busy to care because she is turning tricks, dad is in jail , want to be teenage thugs.
    Why is it there is always someone who tries to justify someones stupid behaviors ?

    1. Mimi says:

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  5. Johnny Vegas says:

    IT was unbelievable. I heard one man scream No!No!No! I live next door to the Hyatt. I watched from my balcony. Scary site. It was hundreds of kids forming a mob down NIcollet Mall. Cop afer cop car came and even cops on horses.Those idiot kids were scaring law abiding citizens trying to have a nice Saturday night downtown. Grow up and find something meaningful to do with your lives!

    1. @johny says:

      Watching it from your balcony yet you don’t tape any of it, you live in a apartment in New Hope im guessing go back to bed.

  6. Seriously says:

    Anyone that believes the police overracted needs to do a recheck on reality. If the cops weren’t there, it would have been worse and then people would complain they didn’t do enough. You can’t please everyone, but isn’t it better to err on the side of caution? For everyone’s safety?

  7. Joe says:

    The hotel showed an amazing lack of foresight in allowing this event inside their place of business. Also, why would anyone want this sort element in downtown Minneapolis on a Saturday night?

  8. Fast Ali says:

    Evidently, some don’t get irony.

    1. Mr D says:

      Don’t you mean sarcasm?

  9. stubby says:

    Doesn’t matter who they are. Tell your liberal, tree-hugging story to the business owner who are forced to close because NOBODY goes downtown after dark. Tell your lame story to the owner’s who were forced out of “the great savior of downtown” Block E. Nice job. Keep telling yourself it’s not the kids fault, but their environment. Time to take the gloves off and start cracking some skulls.

  10. stubby says:

    I say we have 2 more hip-hop events next to block E. That should about put and end to any of those businesses. Then we can tear down block E and the block next to it and put the Vikings stadium there. Perfect. If we need more parking hold a couple more hip-hop events in the warehouse district, clear those businesses out, and put up a parking ramp. Why do people think urban developement is so hard? Seems easy to me.

  11. rw says:

    Think about it. Why is it not safe to go to that area after dark? When you figure it out, it will be no big surprise.

  12. jan says:

    Innocent, little kids? I wish you’d been there and had gotten a taste of what “innocent little kids” can do to cause serious bodily harm to people. You can’ t just go aroound assaulting people when you get angry. The police were there, that’s why we have police. I’m thankful there are police who do such a thankless job for our safety

  13. the end of innocence says:

    Exodus? Where did they go out from and where to? A mob sounds more descriptive.

    1. Guy says:

      Near RIOT sounds even better

  14. Ms. G says:

    It gets really tiresome to listen to people (almost exclusively criminals) blaming our police officers for enforcing our laws and keeping peace. Without them, most of us would be afraid to leave our homes. In my opinion, this is a good day to thank all of these unsung heroes.

  15. foge says:

    It is obvious that this event doesn’t seem to work…. Maybe they should not have it again…. That would make sense….

  16. Ex Staffer says:

    The fault falls on the fail shoulders of the Minneapolis Police Administration.

    Given, the recent increase in youth violence, past history of violence with this event, and cronic short-staffing, this melee was as predicable as a downpour in a hurricane. After all the PD has an Intel center to predict stuff just like this, what happen there?

    The venues have a right to rent space to anyone. And unless there is liquior involved or an volation of fire code, goverment has no place regulating what type of music or entertainment offered.

    That said, The MPD police department is stuck with it 28-day scheduling, ten hour days shifts and unable to be flexable to events such as this because in may increase overtime. There are no extra “patrols” or officers anywhere…no matter the event or hype, Cops are taken ad hoc from somewhere else and other neighborhoods are shorted the police protection that they deserve. The only time they rise to the occassion is when a disaster happens and FEMA or someone else foots the bill.

    All can be avoided by proper planning. The Big Bash did not just happen, it was known and yet the top brass refuse to increase staffing. More cops are not need to be hired…more cops are need to be scheduled. It’s leadership, in this case lack thereof, not sheer man-power.

    1. Muhammad says:

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  17. KM says:

    Having been at the scene (was eating at the patio of the local in the back right of this video) and watching people get bashed with patio chairs, chairs flying into the crowd, thugs fighting in the middle of the intersection… I’d scarcely call them innocent little kids.

  18. Mr. Champps says:

    I blame Joe Senser.

    1. March113 says:

      Anyone notice how that story went away real fast .

  19. Johnny says:

    No Caesar, bad bad Caesar…….

    1. Nico says:

      The big perk of still working twwndoon is the contract parking that my employer pays for. 3 blocks from Target Field, 1-3 block to all the theaters on Hennepin. it’s saved us quite a bit of dough. We have tickets for the Ben Folds concert at Orchestra Hall this coming Saturday. He wrote full orchestral arrangements for his songs and if you like his music, it is awesome. we saw him with the orchestra in 2009 on Halloween. boy did the crazies come out that night! Do you guys have any Non-Masa recommendations for a pre-show dinner? We were thinking the <$20 Chipotle dinner

  20. mel says:

    It’s mob mentality. This has happened since man came on the scene.

  21. blayla says:

    I know police procedure and I can say with confidence they came prepared but throttled down as the situation unfolded. As for the organizers, nothing wrong with shutting down the party but honestly get better security for INSIDE the event then you only have to throw out the people fighting, make the call or have a squad sitting outside so then combatants can be handed over to police and maintain a solid event. No one HAS TO act out its a choice obviously, but from the hotel and promoter standpoint basic crowd control training says you don’t put 400 people out at once. You do it in stages so it can be controlled or remove the irritants and then phase out the party over an hour or so. This reduces the burden on the community and the cops. It also shows business sense and maturity, what a concept…..

  22. Moipstera says:

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