MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police say a drunk driver was trying to turn his car around on a set of railroad tracks when a train came barreling through.

The Coon Rapids Police Department said the incident happened around the intersection of 119th and Northdale Boulevard.

A Good Samaritan topped to help the man but he could not get his car off the tracks. Both cars were on the railroad tracks when the train came through.

The Samaritan was able to get out of the way without any injuries. The other man suffered injuries to his forehead and leg and was taken to the hospital. Police say he’s being processed for DWI.

“He was inside the car,” said Sgt. John Stahnke, of the Coon Rapids Police Department. “We’re not sure if he exited the vehicle just prior to the train striking it or if he was in the vehicle.”

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  1. Guy says:

    TWO Idiots. The ABSOLUTELY first thing to do if a car is stuck on rr tracks is to call 911 and HAVE THEM STOP THE TRAINS. YES – They CAN do this.

    1. Jake says:

      I agree! I’m thinking the guy has seen too many movies with the good guy saving the day JUST before the train comes by and hits…Though I am waiting for people to come on here and say “Stupid train, shouldn’t have been there in the first place, it should move away from me cause it was here before me”

    2. @guy says:

      Wow do you breathe on a machine? it is not a 10 second procedure to contact 911 then have 911 verify this information, contact the railroad, then the railroad contact the engineer to stop this train if its not to late by them, you have to remember some people arn’t cowards like you so they may try to help instantly.

      1. Guy says:

        Actually; it IS a 10 second procedure to contact 911 … just push the 9 then the 1 and then the 1 again … see – even YOUR feeble mind could probably handle it.

        When the dispatcher answers; say “I would like to report a car stalled on the rr tracks at xxx. Please send a cop, tow truck and stop any trains coming thru that intersection. Thanks”

        THEN you can go do something … AND you’ve just multiplied your effect by getting more people involved who can ALSO do things in parallel.

        Getting yourself in trouble TRYING to help (reports say the samaritan’s car was ALSO STUCK) … ISN’T HELPING – it’s just adding to the problems.

        THINKING before acting isn’t cowardice & being stupidly brave isn’t being brave its just BEING STUPID.

        1. Capt.obvious says:

          911 call takes 10seconds, stopping the train takes several minutes…..

          1. Guy says:

            And they had enough time for the 2nd driver to come along … and appearently talk to the 1st driver & come up with whatever plan they had to try get the 1st car unstuck … which not only DIDN’T work but got the 2nd driver stuck too.

            THAT is the time that would have been better used to try to get the train stopped.

            Engage brain before engaging gearshift

    3. Super (Phone) Guy says:

      Should I get off the tracks before I dial 911 or will this hinder the train stopping process?

      1. Guy says:

        The second driver shouldn’t be getting ON the tracks; but if YOU really need to ask this, I would suggest that you do the human species a favor & lay down in front of the next train to come along. (hopefully you havn’t procreated yet).

    4. stacie says:

      i just need to say this my grandfather and uncle both work for bnsf a train going thru there at that crossing is going about 65 mph witch if you no anything about trains it would take that train about the length of ten football feilds to stop i agree the “good sem.” probly should of just stayed away and called 911 but trains cant stop like cars can it takes ALOT longer for a train to stop bottem line to this story dont drink and drive and dont f*ck around at rr crossing the train WILL ALWAYS WINNN

  2. Idiot says:

    Not if it was close to the intersection. They don’t stop on a dime.

    1. Guy says:

      If it was THAT close; the second fellow shouldn’t have even TRIED to do whatever it was that got HIS car stuck too.

      I KNOW that intersection very well (less than a mile from my house; my family goes to that park next to it for fireworks every 4th of July). You can SEE several MILES in either direction up & down those tracks. Even in the dark you should see the headlights of the train if it is near.

      1. Stopguy says:

        It wasnt those tracks, those are the tracks by sand creek park, it was 119th by northdale which is the tracks by the coon rapids transit station, you’re quite informed lol

        1. Guy says:

          Ok; that still doesn’t change the idea that you can see for several MILES up & down
          those tracks – they are very straight. If the train is so close that it CANT stop; you don’t put yourself in its path; you get the other idiot out of HIS car & back far enough to not get hit by flying bits & pieces.

          Use BRAIN first.

        2. Hmm says:

          I think it is the sand creek tracks, but doesn’t matter what tracks it is, I cant imagine why the 2nd car ended up on the tracks, regardless if that guy thought he was helping and put his life in danger thats up to him, Im sure if “Guy” saw a child drowning he’d call 911 and wait for help.

          1. Guy says:

            No; I would probably throw in a rope or something floaty & pull them out.
            (There are REASONS that lifeguards have “rescue cans” & USE them
            instead of simply grabbing a drowing swimmer)

            Dying heroically (which is what I’m assuming you are implying) without
            making any effect is just stupid. Becoming a PART of the problem instead
            of a solution is stupid.

            Doing something EFFECTIVE is much better than doing something SHOWY.

  3. Jason says:

    Damn it, Darwin missed again!!!!!

  4. Not Guy says:

    It can take up to 3 miles to stop a train “Guy”.

    The thing to do if you are stuck on the tracks is get away from your vehicle, call 911 and wait and see.

  5. Guy says:

    @Not Guy –

    Yes and they had time to manage to get the 2nd driver’s car stuck too.

    THAT time would have been better used trying to get the train stopped.

    1. @guy says:

      Guy stick to flipping burgers and cooking fries, something you’re qualified to give advice on, leave the life saving to the peoples whos lives mean something.

      1. Guy says:

        Since that disqualifies YOU; why are you posting.

        Oh – I know – its because you are too stupid to know HOW to flip a burger.

  6. Just saying says:

    Why are there so many cars getting stuck on railroad tracks anyway. I have driven over tracks millions of times and never get stuck. I believe about 90 percent of them are drunk.

  7. I'm Just Sayin'... says:

    1. Nothing said these cars were stuck.

    2. Guy sounds remarkably like architect… hmmm…. darn know-it-all wannabe

    1. Guy says:

      “A Good Samaritan topped to help the man BUT HE COULD NOT GET HIS CAR OFF THE TRACKS.” … that pretty much matches “stuck”.

      And if I used an alternate handle; it would be PROGRAMMER – not “architect”

  8. Smart Aleck up North says:

    They were standing on the tracks fishing for the Great Northern

    1. Guy says:

      And CAUGHT it too 🙂

  9. just saying says:

    @ I’m Just Sayin’….No it did not say he was stuck, then why would you just be trying to turn your car around on the tracks? I was just saying “most” of the stories that you hear about trains hitting vehicles, are all that the vehicle was “stuck”.

  10. stacie says:

    my grandfather and uncle both work for BNSF a train going thru that crossing is going bout 65 mph it would take them almost 10 football fields to stop some else made a good point the best thing to do is get away from your car my grandfather killed a mom and her 4 kids cuz her car got stuck and she locked the doors of her van and sat there my gpa put the e brake on but his train still hit herand killed all 5 of them moral of the story dont drink and drive and dont mess around at rr crossing

  11. Shane L. says:

    “A Good Samaritan topped to help the man but he could not get his car off the tracks.” What the heck does “topped” mean? Yes, I know what they meant but come on. This is a professional news station, not elementary school. The WCCO 3rd grade-level web editor strikes…AGAIN. I cannot believe this person has a job. Either this person is an idiot or doesn’t know how to proof read their work. If this didn’t happen so often I wouldn’t take the time to say anything, but I’ve come to expect it every time I read a story on here. What a shame.

  12. thgir says:

    Well, common sense would be to use my car to push theirs out of the way… Pushing manually sounds like too much work anyway.

    From there, a car isn’t worth my life – my car or anyones – so yes, a person should try to move it if anything isn’t coming (for someone not drunk it’s not too hard to know if a train is on the way) and leave in time to get out of the way.

    Also, I’ve been on the phone with 911 for at least a few min while they are getting my name, location, and phone number. Yes, it would be wise to call it in this case, but it shouldn’t be relied on to stop a train in time.

  13. Dave's Not Here says:

    I like this “Guy.”

    -The commenter formerly known as “The Architect.” (no, not a building architect)

  14. JT says:

    too bad his car insurance cant refuse to pay out based on his drunk driving.
    Drunk Driving = FAIL
    Train = WIN

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