TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is attacking Rick Perry’s decision to require that sixth-grade girls receive a vaccination to prevent the human papillomavirus.

As governor of Texas, Perry signed an executive order mandating the HPV shots, though his decision was overturned by the state legislature.

Bachmann says that order amounted to a “government injection” that threatened the rights of parents.

Perry is standing by his decision to require the vaccines because they can prevent cervical cancer. Perry says supporting the vaccinations means supporting life.

Still, Perry says he would have changed the process he used to require the shots. Instead of using an executive order, Perry says he would have gone through the legislature.

Bachmann’s comments came as the Republican presidential candidates sparred at the second of three debates this month.

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Comments (30)
  1. Murph says:

    So sexual rights of sixth graders are more important than the rights of hundreds of millions of American workers? At least in the GOP playbook.BUT>> the right to enslave workers must be preserved for that fat 2 % who happen to be millionaires? AND .. you people are going to vote for who? The guy who burned down Texas? The Charlie Manson eyeballs chick? The Eskimo beat my time with Todd chick?The I was for Obamacare before there was Obamacare guy? Or the guy who is trying to get someone in Washington to do the right thing but is saddled with A holes on both sides! Interesting how this shakes out!

    1. huh? says:

      You go ahead and vote Obama while the rest of us figure out what will actually get this place back to what it’s supposed to be. Oh, and Good luck with that.

      1. just me says:

        go a head and vote Obumer again and we will all lock step into Communist nation
        it is real it will happen
        Ultra Liberlaiism is an Eyelash away from Communnist nation

        1. frozenrunner says:

          Proof one again that the notion money past a 6th grade education was wasted. huh ? and just me did not learn under communist rule the eastern block workers as well as the North Korean and Cuban works had nothing. The leaders of the communist party got it all. Look at the average worker and the jobs in Texas under Perry. Minimum wage. Who gets the money, the ultra rich and corporations. It would seem to me from an economic standpoint that the Republicans are closer to communism than Democrats. The few that ran the states in communism ran the corporations. The common person was not welcome to the party. Here under the ideals of Republicanism the few that run the corporations run the state and the common person is not welcome.

          1. MIke says:

            I would rather have communism for all than live with the standards set by by the Republican party which equates to an elite undermining the common man and the working class. You shipped our jobs to China, but that is ok. You open our borders for illegals to undermine our wages, but that’s ok. You undermine the economy by deregulation of the financial markets, causing ruin to the working man’s retirement, but that’s ok. And now you want to strip Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security from our lives to give your wealthy donors more power. F the Republican party, bring on communism and lets start confiscating their power.

            1. huh? says:

              We all want to collect and benefit FROM America– but we have to remember from whom America collects those benefits in the first place.

          2. huh? says:

            Warren Buffet is not a Republican. And Obama has already started our march into a socialistic nightmare of shared wealth, economic dependence, and we are paying a high premium for political mediocrity under Obama

        2. Swamp Rat says:

          “Sieg Heil1” to you too! Thanks for the ignorant trash talk. No wonder the T-Baggers are rising in popularity with their nonsense. Is this what you call being an American this type of ignorant diatribe and vitriolic Horse Hockey talk? Enough said.

          1. Duh says:

            Being a liberal must be a state of mind as opposed to a conservative’s life in the moment. You can fault the guy owing 100,000 in student loans because, like a “Jim,” you shouldn’t have borrowed so much. Yet that guy with the student loan is a Dr. or a 3M chemist and can pay it off just fine over time. He put up the capital and backs it up with HIS career. But, that poor chick with the 7 kids racking up the welfare dole, well, we really need to do all we can and make sure she is snug as a bug in a rug with a 45 inch LCD. WHAT?? Sorry, but I think she should be uncomfortable as hell and itching her way out of the mess she put herself in. And, I think the promising kid that will do something with himself should have absolutely NOT A THING in his way. I can only assume that if you are a liberal, you expect to be on the dole someday. Why else would you actively support the cause?

        3. Dave's Not Here says:

          When you refer to the President by insulting terms such as “Obumer” your opinion is instantly devalued due to your extremely juvenile mentality.

  2. d dog says:

    She’s fading away with her whacko ideas. The race will be boring without her.

  3. Silly says:

    Perry forcing vaccinations on people, Obama forcing socialized medicine on people. What’s going on here? Sounds like Germany in the 1930’s. Ron Paul is right, these people are dangerous

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Get your facts and history straight. You’re beginning to sound like MB. “Ignorance begets ignorance” so say the ancient political pundits. Your comments are proof of this axiom.

  4. Jerry Frey says:

    Perry – Dubya redux, thinks entitlement programs are unconstitutional; Paul – an oddity; Santorum – nothing better to do; Pawlenty – so what; Bachmann – get a clue, no accomplishments in Congress; Cain – no chance; Huntsman – no chance; Gingrich – super dud; Romney – plastic fantastic, spineless. Sarah Palin still lurks about marketing her brand name. Donald Trump may give it another shot for more free publicity, something he excels at.


  5. Pavel says:

    Most are too radical and it shows up in their discussion. Most make ridiculous statements just to catch the voters attention.

    Sounds to me as though the government should “recommend” shots not only for girls, but for boys too! The virus is showing up in “unusual” areas within men as well.

  6. frozenrunner says:

    Yes Governor Perry I think you can be bought for $5.00 dollars,. Hopefully some do gooder outfit with access to a list of Merck employees and too much time on their hands will show how money was given to Perry and cronies in Texas.

  7. BoredSecurityGaurd says:

    I would rather slam my nuts in a door than have Michelle Bachman for President…..she is SO dumb…

  8. Laughing up North says:

    LOLOL Security Guard! The whole debate made me laugh and shake in fear, but you, made my morning :))

  9. Pretty Funny says:

    Some real class acts in the audience at the debate last night:

    Blitzer: (Someone doesn’t have insurance and needs major medical care, who pays) … “Would you let him die?”

    Crowd: Applause, shouts of “YES!”

    The video:


    1. It's the Tea Bag TwoStep says:

      Wir sind die neue Ordnung

      1. Herr Goebel says:

        Der Reich wird 1000 Jahren leben! Heil! Heil! Heil!

  10. time to laugh says:

    To see Michele unable to butt in like she does at home was great! And, what was she looking at, her head always turned to the left. Lastly, why do they call these seesions debates? They are 30 second sound bites, just awful.

    1. MB a stuffin says:

      She turns left so her saggy face and zits dont show. makeup hides better on other side. Think she needs a pump up bra too or some tissue stuck in….and in her mouth too I guess. They still make Kotex?

  11. bob says:

    The side show continues.

  12. LadyJane says:

    What is wrong with preventing cancer from occurring? This vaccine should be mandated (for both boys and girls, all three doses) just like measles, polio, etc. The comment about it promoting sex is as stupid as saying that factual sex ed cause kids to go wild and crazy.

    Low point of evening was the audience cheering that an uninsured person should die (if you missed it The Gleam at MinnPost.com has a link).

  13. StraycatStrut says:

    Good to see some FRESH ideas in this debate. For heavens sake… we need to get ourselve out of the Obama Depression, high unemployment, high gas prices, start getting off on Arab oil depence, protect our borders and stop the liberal whinning. As Joe Biden’s words of wisdom…” “….. huh? Guess he doesn’t have any. Any of the GOP canadidates would be better than the Socialist Prograssive Depressive 40 Czars lead from behind “Bad Luck” 57 States Obama. Raise the debt ceiling….again….again…again….again…. all he knows…nothing.

  14. No Thanks says:

    I’m all for vaccines that stop contagious disease, but cancer? I don’t think I can “catch” cancer from some one else. This is government interference in my private life.

    1. LadyJane says:

      I can only assume you have had sex with only one partner who has never had any other sexual partners. Men harbor the virus and transfer it.

    2. Dave's Not Here says:

      “No Thanks” is an idiot.

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