TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry says a massive fence along the U.S.-Mexican border isn’t the answer to the nation’s immigration challenges and instead says Washington should send thousands of border patrol and National Guard forces to patrol.

Perry faced tough immigration questions during Monday’s Republican presidential debate. Perry says Texas offered incentives for illegal immigrants to become productive members of society, including in-state tuition rates for those who wanted to pursue higher education.

His rivals seized on his record, saying Perry was rewarding illegal behavior. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota says taxpayer dollars shouldn’t pay for benefits for those who have broken U.S. laws. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman says Perry’s position on the border fence is “treasonous.” Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney adds that immigrants don’t want government hand-outs.

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  1. From the transcript: says:

    Some real class acts in the audience:

    Blitzer: (Someone doesn’t have insurance and needs major medical care, who pays) … “Would you let him die?”

    Crowd: Applause, shouts of “YES!”

  2. miki says:

    Makes it a lot easier to enslave people, when they’re afraid of going to prison (reference the slavery trial we had in Minnesota, just here this week, and in Britain today.) Makes you wonder who’s behind enforcement like this.

  3. USA says:

    It’s time to start rewarding those of us who work hard at trying to raise a good family, pay their taxes, DONT break the law, and lead honest lives instead of the filth that comes here illegally, breaks our laws, and sucks off of my and YOUR tax dollars. Pull our troops away from this lost cause in the middle east, put em on the border, and build the damn wall. The Chinese did it by hand and without the benefit of heavy construction equipment. Lets make it happen already and start protecting your country.

  4. frozenrunner says:

    Governor Perry wants the national guard so they can have the instruction to let enough through for maid service. The state of Texas decriminalized hiring illegal maids.
    How many troops would it take to make the border impermeable considering you have to support them and for how long?

  5. Joe from MN says:

    A fence would be good. One wire with a sign hanging from it saying US property. To give the fence meaning we put sharp shooters every 2000 yards apart, or where needed to see the entire fence. Need I say more.

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