Is Horn Honking Protected Free Speech?

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A state parole agent says his daily horn honking outside Gov. Scott Walker’s house in Wauwatosa is a matter of free speech.

But, a Milwaukee County judge doesn’t see it that way.

A state trooper ticketed 36-year-old Azael Brodhead after he drove by Walker’s house day after day, week after week, blowing his car horn, sticking his middle finger out of his sunroof and shouting “Recall Walker.” Brodhead told the trooper he was simply exercising his 1st Amendment rights.

The Journal Sentinel  says Brodhead rejected a plea deal from the district attorney’s office and took his case to trial. Last week, the judge found no precedent for constitutionally-protected horn honking.

Brodhead still makes his daily drive past Walker’s house to shout his protest. Only now, he doesn’t use his car horn.

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  • Oh C'mon

    The Constitution also doesn’t protect harassment, but you know… whatev.

  • Dale Gribble

    This man is a traitor and should be tried and executed.

    • Jim

      Take yourself deep Gribble

  • gribblesux

    Gribble, you are referring to Walker right? I thought so, I just wanted to be sure.

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