ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Two Democratic state lawmakers say the elimination of a homestead tax credit as part of Minnesota’s deficit fix will hurt property tax payers.

Reps. Ann Lenczewski and Paul Marquart vowed Tuesday to introduce legislation next year to reinstate the homestead market value credit. They didn’t say how they cover the cost of bringing it back.

They blame majority Republicans for eliminating the credit, even as they seek GOP support to revive it.

Lenczewski says property tax payers and local governments are losing out so the state can save more than $500 million over two years.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton signed the budget bill eliminating the tax credit for homes valued under $414,000, or about 95 percent of Minnesota homeowners.

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Comments (33)
  1. Bill says:

    We need the homestead tax credit.

  2. gdog says:

    If noting is going to be cut out of the budget then taxes have to be raised. If you don’t like higher taxes, then we need to have our loawmakers starting making some serious cuts.

  3. dan says:

    What are these guys smoking? Dont they know we are in a huge deficit and cant afford to be giving out anymore?
    Its time to figure a way to get people to work to increase the tax rolls, then and only then can you debate giving away any more money.

    1. Diane K says:

      You are the only intelligent person reading this article! Great response

      1. Flower child says:

        @dan & Diane K. If you two are so happy with this “tax increase” on 95% of homeowners, you can certainly feel free to pick up the tab for my property. Once again the wealthy have escaped paying their fair share.

        1. JLF says:

          Agreed Flower Child!! Why does the middle and lower class have to bear the constant barade of higher taxes? And if people aren’t working, they are already struggling to pay bills, how are they gonna afford a tax increase? ANd if they are going into foreclosure, you aren’t going to see squat for property taxes then either!! I understand the money has to come from somewhere…but why can’t the wealthy step up and take one for the team for once? When all your money is already taken by gas prices going up, grocery prices going up, child care expenses…etc lower-middle class Americans have little left and if Uncle Sam takes even more…that means less money for the other basics! But then that means those hard working Americans need to ask for assistance! Oh wait…Republicans want to cut those out too!! That is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! My hubby and I have worked out A$$es off 40+ hrs a week and STILL struggled to get by! I am tired of barely getting by! I want to know what it is like to be comfortable too, or is that just another luxery for the RICH! *SIGH* Ok, sorry, needed to vent… getting off my soap box now…

  4. Marg says:

    They better not build a new Vikings stadium, because they took away the homestead tax credit.

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      Eventually they will, and I’m glad. They need one, and so does the state of MN.

  5. Betty says:

    Typical Libs, give without knowing how you are going to pay for it or balance it out in the budget.

    1. Concerned citizen says:

      Typical Cons (consevatives). Very fitting (Cons). Haha!!

      1. dumb says:

        How CONcerned are you? CONcerned enough to not have a point. Hehe!! yeah, whatever.

  6. huh? says:

    Hey Dems. Slowly now. We…are…broke. This is your death knell.

  7. Wondering says:

    Do people with housing values over $414,000 still have the credit?

    1. go figure says:

      according to the article and what I just heard on the news, the answer is astonishingly…..yes.

  8. Kari says:

    Was there anything whatsoever broadcast on WCCO prior to this law having been passed? I admit that I find the news extremely frustrating and depressing. As such I must monitor my “intake” to salvage my mental health. Between being unemployment, the sad state of the economy; the State; the Country; the World AND most especially all the woes of my loved ones I can only handle so much “news” on a daily basis. Anyway – back to my ? Where were the political reporters BEFORE THIS WAS PASSED INTO LAW???? I think ‘THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION” !

    1. Kari says:

      Of course I meant “unemployed” in my comments above.

      1. Dave's Not Here says:

        Why are you not working?

  9. G Dog says:

    Can’t wait to hear the Teabaggers scream when their property taxes double with out the homestead market credit.

    “Cuz government is bad.

    1. Reality sucks says:

      why would they? the dems are fighting for re-claim of $150-300/year per house. I pay 900 in levies and get a homestead credit of about 150. my home value– about 280,000. not that big of a deal in the grand scheme. if they want to go after something–make those 414,000 houses skip the credit too. that’s fair!

      1. IntheMidwest says:

        @Reality et al. Where do you live that a $280,000 house only pays $900 in levies? I would like to move there, for sure! Maybe $150 is no big deal to you, but it is a big deal to many families. That’s a couple weeks of groceries, or a month’s worth of gas to commute to a job. And the wealthy once again to not have to participate in balancing the budget!

        1. Reality sucks says:

          hey Citizen et al. it’s 150 bucks. protest and damn the capitalist!
          everyone had to give up some candy during the craze. everyone. and if you think this is the only oddity in the budget, grab J.S Mill and read the budget. And, revolt!

  10. a says:

    to Kari… Rep Lenczewski was on the channel five local political show with the head republican guy… this was the sunday morning after Gov Dayton (who publicly said he disagreed..) signed off on the deal… Mr “raise no taxes” was sitting there on his chair being interviewed…all smug bragging they didn’t have to ” raise taxes”… she corrected him by saying all Minnesotans would be paying more taxes in the form of property taxes… she said the people have no idea that this was done… she was bringing out in the open and it was barely acknowledged… even though she tried to bring it up a few times… in other words they/we have no say… we have no rights I guess.. to be told ahead time so we the people may call the people that are suppose to represent us and tell them what we feel… tough to do if we are kept out of the loop… we have been conned again… GOP passed it off on the little guy again and put a lot of the burden on the local governments… all so they can tell their inflated stories and everyone just seems to suck it up… if it wasn’t that big of a deal why did they keep it so quiet??? I even wrote to MPR and asked them to look into it and see if was true… watched for a story to come out… nothing… until now…

  11. Pavel says:

    Why is it the wealthy are again singled out of the equation? Homes worth more than $414,000 continue to get the tax credit? These Republicans/Tea Party people are crazy!!

    Throw them out!!

    1. Tea Time says:

      Uhmm, that was passed before the TEE party was able to influence anything.

      Keep your partisan B.S. off this page. And as a Tea Partier, I am for either all paying or none…

  12. jpm says:

    Wait a minute…”no new taxes” This was a tax CREDIT that was already in place. It only cost the government money in terms of not collecting the money from homeowners. By repealiing the homestead credit, it INCREASES taxes on those who own homes under $414,000. I’d like to point out to those who are screaming we need to cut spending, this won’t help. There are no spending cuts…it only raises taxes. It’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  13. IntheMidwest says:

    And when homeowners struggle to pay the increased property taxes and can’t? Then what happens. More houses thrown onto an already troubled housing market.

  14. Dan Ondich says:

    What kind of a joke is this ‘CCO? When you read the article the words “credit” and “homes” are highlighted and underlined as if you were to click on them you’d get more information about exactly what this article is talking about. Instead, you are directed to some kind of ad!! C’mon, aren’t we bombarded with enough commericals???

  15. StraycatStrut says:

    Won’t work, Gov Dayton wants to raise taxes….. remember he laid off 22,000 in June? Now Dems want a tax credit. The Dems / liberals seem confused. No wonder no one can work with them. Maybe just a Granstanding story for the Lib ‘CCO.

    1. Steve says:

      cco is owned by a RepubliCON…man don’t you look STUPID!

  16. Pete says:

    Don’t any of you people have something better to do than post your loser comments on Yahoo? You reg’s are all loser’s now c’mon admit it…your lil lives are PATHETIC!!!

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