MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The wife of former Vikings player Joe Senser has been charged with one felony count of criminal vehicular homicide operation, after a fatal hit-and-run crash in August.

According to her attorney, Amy Senser, of Edina, was driving the Mercedes-Benz SUV involved in the crash that killed 38-year-old Anousone Phanthavong. She is currently in custody and being held on $150,000 bail. She will have her first appearance in Hennepin County Court on Friday at 1:30 p.m.

If convicted, she could face a maximum of 10 years in prison and up to a $20,000 fine.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman discussed the charges at a 1:30 p.m. press conference at the Hennepin County Government Center.

Freeman said they believe they have evidence to prove that Amy Senser was driving, that she caused a death and then left the scene. Based on the facts they’ve collected, Freeman said they have adequate evidence to prosecute her.

“One of our challenges here, there are only two people that know what happened that night. One of them, tragically, is dead and the other is exerting constitutional rights not to talk,” Freeman said.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman Discusses Charges

Phanthavong’s family also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Senser family. On Thursday, the attorney for Phanthavong’s family said they are relieved that criminal charges have been filed.

Attorney Jim Schwebel said the Sensers have failed to cooperate with the investigation. His team will continue to investigate until all of the facts of the case are known.

“We want a lot of specific facts,” he said. “We want a jury to feel the full impact of what happened that night.”

According to the criminal complaint, the attorney for 45-year-old Amy Senser contacted authorities at 10:30 p.m. the day after the crash.

Police said Phanthavong was hit and killed around 11 p.m. on Aug. 23 while he was filling his car with gas on the off-ramp of the Cedar-Riverside exit of westbound Interstate 94.

The criminal charges state that Phanthavong was found face down on the ramp, about 40 feet in front of his vehicle, with several injuries to the right side of his body. The complaint also states his shoes had come off and were on the ground between the vehicle and his body.

The attorney for the Senser family, Eric Nelson, led officers to their car and later revealed that Amy Senser was the driver. Investigators noted front-end damage on the passenger side, including on the fender, and what looked like blood on the hood. The criminal complaint states the vehicle is registered to Joe Senser.

“This is a tragedy. This is a tremendously tragic accident. She grieves for the family, that’s her concern at this point, his family. It may not seem that way because she’s exercising her fifth amendment right, but let that be a lesson to all Minnesotans and all U.S. citizens of how important these rights are,” Nelson said.

Multiple parts of the suspect vehicle were left at the scene, including a piece that was identified to have come from a Mercedes, the complaint states.

The vehicle was transported to the Hennepin County Crime Lab and a search turned up a bobby pin, a set of earrings, a bottle, as well as a Mike’s bottle cap inside the vehicle.

On Sept. 2, Amy Senser released a statement to the State Patrol, which read: “I, Amy Senser, was the driver of the vehicle in the accident in which Anousone Phanthavong lost his life.”

“Having a confession from the defendant isn’t a bad place to start. Obviously, we would need more evidence,” Freeman said.

Phanthavong’s cause of death was ruled accidental on Wednesday by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner. He was a chef at the True Thai Restaurant in Minneapolis.

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  1. Try this one says:

    I have a suggestion for charges that should be brought: MURDER, or at least manslaughter. And then hang her for leaving him there to die while she ran away.

    1. Real Talk says:

      That is the part i cannot get over. Even if you are driving drunk and hit someone, you still gotta stop, try to help and take the consequences like a man (or woman in this case). The fact you can leave some to die slowly on the side of the road is unspeakable.

      1. concerned citizen says:

        I agree!

      2. Mister Self Destruct says:

        And if you do, this is the only way to get tagged with DUI and change all the charges to more severe ones. The law makes it so running and being caught is a lighter sentence than staying, helping, and getting caught. It is what it is. It doesn’t make it right to leave.

        1. jordan says:

          if you ever hit and kill someone, drive away and hide your vehicle and let the authorities figure it out and DON’T SAY A WORD TO ANYONE!
          Poor little rich Amy Sensor with her big, tall, strong, cash cow hoovering over her like she is the victom…..Who was killed here and who was the killer? The media portrays the Sensers being the victoms!

          1. marney says:

            You are right jordan!! You stated it all exactly right. the media esp WCCO has treated the Sensers like they’re the ones who’ve been wronged, they’re the poor victims. The media have been as silent on this case as they can be and given Amy the kid-gloves approach. Little coverage has been afforded the man who was killed so heartlessly and horrendously. Not much of his family covered at all and how horrible this has been for them. The TwinCIties media have done a very poor job (kmsp better than the rest) reporting on this terrible Senser case.

    2. Reasonable says:

      Can’t be charged with Murder in this case as the definition doesn’t fit. Murder requires malice and forethought. She had to know that this guy was going to be on the ramp and plan ahead to hit him with her car for it to be murder.
      Also, felony homicde is higher than manslaughter which is just gross negligence.

      Laymans definition of the law:
      In the state of Minnesota, vehicular homicide is one of the six levels of criminal vehicular operation, and is defined as causing the death of a person, that does not constitute murder or manslaughter, as a result of operating a motor vehicle in a grossly negligent manner, or in a negligent manner while in violation of the driving while intoxicated law, or where the driver flees the scene in violation of the felony fleeing law.[5] Vehicular homicide in Minnesota requires, at a minimum, a mens rea of gross negligence.[7

      Felony Hit and Run resulting in vehicular homicide charge would be correct in this case. Also, Joe can get an uncontested divorce and keep everything if she’s convicted.

      1. sbrs1 says:

        It’s nice to see that there are “reasonable” people out here! It is not murder. Yes, what she did was despicable but it’s not murder. I do hope they throw the book at her. Possible 20 years and a $20,000 fine is not enough. However, she will still suffer. It’s called karma. She will never be able to work again, Joe will not be able to show his face at his bars, their “national recording artist” daughter will get booed off the stage and Amy will have to wonder for the rest of her life if she had stopped would there have been a chance that he lived? I hope she sees his face every night before she goes to bed, every time she drives a car and every time she gets to spend time with her family knowing the victim’s family will not have him in their lives except as an angel above.

        1. jj says:

          Remember it was Amy who did the deed, is this guilt by association? Everyone else in the Senser family is innocent. You go too far.

        2. jj says:

          Remember it was Amy who did the deed. Is this guilt by association? Everyone else in the Senser family is innocent. You go too far.

          1. sbrs1 says:

            I agree, however, it’s the family that is not cooperating with police. Not just her and this is why the rest of the family will suffer.

    3. Tom says:

      “Try this one”, Criminal Vehicular Homicide *is* a murder charge.

      1. Reasonable says:

        No it is not. Crime resulting in death isn’t necessarily murder. Murder, as defined by law, requires intent and malice. The driver did not know the victim and did not plan to hit him with the car at that time and at that location. Therefore it is NOT murder. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

    4. Me Ma says:

      She is a murderer and has no concious to leave a man die in the street after hitting him.

  2. Question... says:

    So she took off and didn’t call anyone to help. Here is what I don’t get. Didn’t the very next person up the off ramp call the police within seconds after they saw him lying there? Obviously I think this is egregious but that is the question I have.

    1. Partial answer says:

      His body was some distance away due to the accident or rather getting hit. I have yet to read anywhere that his body was actually on/visbile to a drive by.
      That was a question I thought at first and still not 100% understanding of it …. other than he was not in the traffic lane

      1. Guilty says:

        I know the gentleman that found the body. He said he waas taking the off ramp and slowed down because of the car and noticed a shoe laying in the road, then looked over to the side of the road and SAW A BODY!!. She deserves at least 4 years in jail for vehicular manslaughter. If you are rich you can buy anything, even freedom. I hope her guilt kills her instead.

    2. llp says:

      I don’t why you think it was the next person’s responsibility even if they stopped and called the police which should be their civil and moral duty. Would you hit someone and not stop if not I would question your civility and morality.

  3. Throw the book at Amy Senser says:

    I hope she has the book thrown against her. There is no excuse for her to drive off without stopping and calling for emergency responders to come. Her actions of driving off probably killed this guy. Just because she is from Edina does not make her above the law and just because she is the wife of a Minnesota Viking does not give her a pass to freedom. This family has lost a son of which they now must spend years recovering from that lost.

    1. Kinda onboard...half of it anyway says:

      I agree with what you say but don’t make it out to be a class warfare thing.
      If you or I hired an attorney in the same situation it would have played out the same..he protected them until he couldn’t. He did his job as he should have done it and they benefited from OUR laws up until this point in time.
      So she’s not “above the law” but is represented within the law.
      That said I hope they hammer her if in fact she was the driver. If not I hope the hammer the driver if found to be someone else. No one should walk away on this …. no one

      1. anonymous says:

        Hitting someone – against the law
        Fleeing the scene – against the law
        Not answering questions AFTER flaunting respect for the law – abiding by the law

        This is where our laws lost the value of the creators. When we cared about one another as community members, we valued each other and trusted each of us would do the right thing, even when unpopular.

      2. Jake says:

        I’m with ‘kinda’ here. Most people who are posting evidently don’t know much about the law, or have ever been in such a situation. I’m not defending the Sensers, just stating FACT. Even the ‘obviously’ guilty have a RIGHT to a FAIR TRIAL, and they have RIGHTS THEMSELVES, regardless of how bad the initial situation looks. So…… let’s all take a deep breath and let this thing play out — certainly the local media are watching this thing closely, let’s not start a riot over a ‘development’ in the case. After all, it wasn’t like she was a big time dope dealer who went postal with an UZI and purposely greased a few innnocent victims. Heck, those people can’t even get the death penalty in this state.

  4. red says:

    Her actions in all of this is absolutely disgusting! Does she really thing she is going to get away with this?

    1. mwallek says:

      money does wonders for the right people. A campaign contribution, season tickets, or just cold cash in an envelope and the “fairness” of the system goes right out the window.

    2. Tom says:

      “red”, she signed a statement admitting she did it. Did they stall on the advice of an attorney? Sure looks like it but if she signed a confession that’s not trying “to get away with this”.

      1. anonymous says:

        Fleeing the scene….does that qualify as ‘trying to get away with this’ Tom?

        Her statement came 9 days later. If she was so willing to confess, why run? If the family is so filled with integrity, why flee? Why not answer the first 7 days when everyone is asking?

        Actions taken more than a week after the incident do not exonerate the actions performed at the time or immediately after.

  5. tillie says:

    She’s one classy beeeech.

  6. Robert says:

    So was Amy Senser arrested right away after the lawyer said she hit the guy?

  7. mike says:

    Cover Up! WCCO and all Media The charges will be minimal and Freeman will choke and file lesser charges, yet Tom Petters gets fifty plus years, go figure!!

    1. Mister Self Destruct says:

      Tom Petters should have gotten 500 years, and made to sit in the cell for all 500 without burial…

  8. jan says:

    I don’t care what they say, She should have been booked days ago and to imply that her social status had no bearing on this is absurd.

    1. come on jan - be smart says:

      doesn’t-didn’t and that be the way the law and system works.
      she’s no way near the first to have the benefit of all thanks to a good lawyer and our laws here in the USA. Rich and poor alike reap the same provided the keep their mouthes closed UNTIL they have an attorney.
      Justice will likely be served as it was meant to …. if not then raise hell at that point

  9. Ah, the pot smoking monkey speaks says:

    Where do you get your weed? Must be good stuff, eh?

    1. Mike Hawk says:

      Why did your source dry up? I could hook you up but it may be a little more pricey than that ditchy stuff you’ve been getting. On second thought you’re not worthy, have another Mike’s hard lemonade & take a drive in your car.

  10. Mary S says:

    I hope you are being sarcastic. Just because they are well-known is no reason why she should get off free and clear! If anyone else was a part of a hit and run, they would be in jail and facing major consequences.

  11. C. Dase says:

    Hit and run and leaving the scene of a accident she should be in jail . There’s no excuse for not coming forward immediately unless she has something to hide.

    1. sure says:

      exactly – and maybe she was. Charge her and the .insert, walks.
      It played out as it should

  12. mwallek says:

    Who is recieving the payola on this case? She needs to go to trial and then to jail like anyone else who killed someone with a car and then ran away. Just because hubby was connected to the gutless vikes is no excuse for getting out of a prison stint.

    1. @getreal turdhead says:

      you been posting on the “send to LA” forum now, haven’t ya….. time to fess up wuss

  13. manchild says:

    Charges will likely be vehicular manslaughter and fleeing the scene. While her actions behind the wheel certainly cost this man his life, it was still an accident – thus the (likely) manslaughter charge which indicates “without intent”.

    1. Michael says:

      Regardless of the technicalities she needs to go to prison. Careless driving that kills is still criminal and her actions since in not cooperating with the state patrol are reprehensible.

    2. Stunned says:

      It was an accident when she hit him.
      It was a murderous decision when she left him.

      1. Annabelle says:

        You said it! perfectly!!!!!

  14. Cris Burger says:

    She had over 24 hours to sober up or get the drugs out of her system (coke, pot, heroin, meth?).

    WCCO needs to fire him – a discrase to be part of this coverup!

  15. Cris says:

    Sorry – disgrace!

  16. mwallek says:

    This is a joke, or Dale is, one or the other.

  17. lol says:

    the drama of these dummies postin’ is what keep me laffing

  18. GrandmaJ says:

    You would be willing to take her place in this mess she created? You would beg to be put on trial for her, server her time? Just cause you are their fans? Or are you their children writing this. Pathetic.
    Great Americans don’t kill someone and think they can get by with hit. Letter of apology does no one any good. She hit him. She did not stop. She went home to hide when she should have called 911. She hurt the family, MN, USA, etc. Senser’s dirtied their own name. Prosecute to the fulllest. Your name or my name would have been in jail with in 24 hours. I would not have left the scene. In fact, how many people drove by this man and his car without hitting him in the first place?
    Did she TAKE AIM? Accident, my – – -. She was not on a single lane country road, dodging cattle on the road. She has not claimed a herd of deer ran across in front of her. She has not claimed another car cut her off.
    YOU are claiming innocent. Were YOU behind the wheel of that car?

    1. LMO says:

      @Dale Griblble I am sorry, but I don’t normally comment on these, but I can’t believe what I just read!! How is she a “HERO”? She killed someone and took off!! And what difference does it make where he is from?!

      1. Michael says:

        Stop wasting our time by posting as a character from the King Of The Hill cartoon. We know Dale Gribble on the cartoon is a no-minded person who threatens our liberties with his idiocy but for you to “have fun” with people while posting this is terrible or in the alternative dangerous if you really believe it. If you really do then go ahead and post your real name wuss.

        1. Rusty Shackleford says:

          Familiar with the 1st Amendment much, Michael?

          1. Michael says:

            Absolutely and I also recognize the threat to our liberties posted by groups that would take away our rights by hiding behind secret organizations and closed doors, i.e. the Koch Brothers. So now you’re using another fake name. Must be great to live your life as another right-wing coward with no values unless greed, racism, and ignorance have become values.

  19. Johanna Pinckaers says:

    Which ever daughter she is covering for is very lucky, my mom would never do that for me.

    1. Mister Self Destruct says:

      Dumb comment. There’s nothing to suggest that.

      The Sensers will only make public that which they could not prevent from being made public or that which would be brought out as part of the criminal investigation. Period.

  20. Metal DJ says:

    I thought the daughter was driving?

  21. Angus says:

    What is scarey is some of these “Hang Them High and Damn the Evidence” could end up on a jury. She ispresumed innocent until proven guilty. The system is working but to avoid Texas justice takes time. If and when she is found guilty then comes punishment time. I suspect they may work a deal subject to the court but that could depend on what kind of evidence ther have.
    Everyone is assuming she was drunk/on drugs but we do not know. She may have been and they may have been legal prescription drugs.

  22. MJ says:

    yesssss indeed your the pot calling the kettle black. Go back and edit your comment before you hit submit. Do you mean Iran or Iraq? And they were hikers not hitchhikers. You talk about wearing emotions on your sleeve like 3 year olds, looks like your a little emotional yourself you dumb and ignorant hypocrite.

    1. At Michael J. says:

      A brillian post here MJ by a true fricken snot faced idiot. 😉
      I suspect you understood the comment and intent . You are still today a pompous prick. Ahhh – I now feel better myself.
      How’s the ex there buddy? She still shacking up with your former best friend? I know Michael — that was kind of low. Me sorry – not

  23. Chuck Norris says:

    And how do we know you’re not?

  24. TL the alligator says:

    WHAT?….THATS ALL?……what about the fact that she left the scene of a FATAL accident?….should there not also be a charge for leaving the scene of the accident?…..SOUND AND LOOKS TO ME LIKE PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT BY THE DA’S OFFICE……i think i’ll be sick now….OMG i just threw up a little in my mouth…………she (or whoever was really driving) absolutely should serve serious prison time.

    1. AmandaK says:

      I agree, I can hardly stomach this kind of garbage anymore.
      Yes, she gets off because her stupid husband is an ex athlete, how infuriating.
      I hope the family sues the $hit outta these people and wins.

      1. Guy says:

        Correction – she gets off because her husband is a RICH ex athlete…

  25. Throw the book at her says:

    Report it 24 hours later is time to sober up

  26. TL the alligator says:

    Dale Gribble………your name sounds about as stupid as you must be ……almost.

  27. JW says:

    I hate that she actually looks like she is bout to smile in the picture! She looks like she’s a drunk! My boyfriend died because of a drunk driver and I think it’s sick that she didn’t stop. This guy could still be alive!!!! Even drunk, thats not a hard decision to make!

  28. Redneck Dale says:

    She’s gonna look real pretty in an orange jumpsuit!

  29. AmandaK says:

    What a crock of $hit this is. She hit a human being with her car, and left him there to die. I had a feeling this was how it would go, but I held out hope that justice would bemore important than money, and again, I was wrong…

  30. AmandaK says:

    What a crock of $hit this is. She hit a human being with her car, and left him there to die. I had a feeling this was how it would go, but I held out hope that justice would be more important than money, and again, I was wrong…

  31. AmandaK says:

    Yeah, but not the right kind of felony you jacka$$. Should be charged criminal vehicular manslaughter in the LEAST, add to that charges for hit and run.
    YOU sound like the worthless sack of excrement to me…

    1. Reasonable says:

      Criminal vehicular manslaughter is a lesser charge than felony hit and run. Vehicular Homicide is what you’re looking for and until there is evidence of who was actually driving the car, Amy can’t be convicted on a VH charge.

      1. Tom says:

        Isn’t her confession that she was the driver enough?

  32. ME says:

    Would she have turned herself in had he only received injuries and not died???

  33. Mundo says:

    For anyone to pretend the justice system is the same for everyone is asinine. That’s the beauty of the O.J.Simpson case, The only color that matters in our justice system is GREEN.

  34. sanchez says:

    minor charges,6 months+community service.
    was he attempting to fill the car or in the process of? was he crossing the off ramp, or walking down it or just standing there? where on the ramp was he, top or bottom? if it curved to the right, how would she have seen him? its a blind corner, its possible she didnt know she hit someone and didnt see the car immediately,therefor ruled an accident as it should be. she walks in my opinion.

  35. Joseph E. Blow says:

    I think that it is good that charges were FINALLY filed, though they may not indicate the magnitude of the criminal acts. I hope that the real justice will occur for the family of the victim when they amend the unlawful death damage claims to sue the Senser’s for all they are worth.

  36. Gwen says:

    Does it not bring pause to anyone that she hit him and let him die less than 3 blks from the Riverside Hospital ER where he could have been saved?

  37. larry says:

    What a clueless bunch of morons! Minnesota doesn’t have a DA (District Attorney), we have elected County Attorneys who prosecute crimes. Also in terms of civil law, the victim contributed to his death by running out of gas on the freeway and pulling over on a poorly lit exit ramp in a construction zone. The driver will probably claim she thought she hit a barrel or traffic cone. Not the best neighborhood either. Rich or poor, the lawyers are the only ones to win.

    1. Mike says:

      He technically was not a freeway Larry, he was on an exit ramp. You want to hold him responsible for his death because he was standing in the dark? Good luck to that when it goes to trial.

      PS. Your an idiot.

  38. AmandaK says:

    Thanks for the clarification Reasonable. Maybe the actual charge sounds too lax to someone like me who does not know the legal jargon, I just get tired of seeing wealthy, famous, or “important” people commit crimes and get off easy. For once I would like to see people like her get taken down a notch, and be punished the same way you or I would be. Fed up..

  39. Concerned citizen says:

    So you’ve never jumped in the car and not looked at the gas gauge? Some of us don’t drive fancy new cars that tell you gas is low. Also, if it was fuel injection from the older days – they stopped running with gas still in the tank going uphill (and that ramp is uphill). You need to stop blaming the victim; he’s dead thanks to Amy!

    1. Ben Dover says:

      Fact, it’s against the law to enter the freeway without sufficient gas to exit the freeway system. Fact, his vehicle ran out of gas while on the freeway. Had he not violated the law no matter your justification for doing so he would still be alive today. It doesn’t matter if he forgot and jumped in without looking at the gauge or if the gas gauge didn’t work or that it wasn’t a “fancy” car it’s the law for a reason. I’m not condoning her actions but the “victim” is somewhat at fault here.

      1. Just the facts says:

        False, you are not required by law to have sufficient gas to exit the highway at your planned destination.
        Troll – Ben Dover.

        You are cold to blame the dead for being hit.

      2. Jordan says:

        Are you kidding? Against the law the enter a freeway without having enough gas to get off? What Planet are you from and what driving manual did you study when you got your license? Planet Freak?

      3. Ben Dover (Yeah We Know You Do) says:

        I love American, where even idiots like Ben Dover get to share their incorrect & stupid thoughts…..you go Ben (no really, just go, like to Vermont or Utah)

  40. ME says:

    You all sit here and judge her, last I checked you’re not the a part of the criminal justice system. Our society is founded on a justice system that guarantees rights under the constitution, how dare you people spit in the face of the system??? Justice must take it’s course within the legal guidelines that have long been established in our great nation.

    1. really? says:

      Does that system not require us to act accordingly?
      Is it written as law that we do not flee the scene of an accident?
      Can you honestly tell me you cannot notice hitting a throwing a grown man 40 feet?
      (I hit a cone and stop to see what happened)

  41. Jessica says:

    I thought I remember reading somewhere that there was construction there and she thought she simply hit a cone or something and that’s why she didn’t stop. I know that I have run over things in the road before and not stopped to see what it was…and I was sober. I guess I will wait to pass judgement until I know all the facts. She was right to lawyer up right away because anything you say, no matter how innocent can be twisted. And you know they will be because it is a higher profile case

    1. Just sayin' says:

      …and that might be why people claim you do not take responsibility for your actions.

    2. joeschmo says:

      I agree about the construction. However, if you hit anything wouldn’t you check your car when you got home to make sure you didn’t do any damage? At that point when you see BLOOD wouldn’t a normal, humane person call the police and find out what happened???

      1. Jessica says:

        I have checked the next day when it was light out. (granted I parked outside and didn’t have a garage. If you didnt turn the light on and look really closely maybe you didnt see the blood. If there was a little speck it could be easily missed in poor lighting if you just looked quickly.
        People claim I do not take responsibility for my actions? No one has ever said that to me. Why would you say that? Other than its easy to judge people on an anonymous board or you are just cruel and enjoy saying things to attempt to upset other people.
        I am not saying she is not to blame for the death, but I am just saying to wait until all the facts are out there to cast a judgement on if she is a monster for running or if she honestly didnt know. The only 2 ppl that know what happened are Amy and Anousone and one of them can not speak. They did call the police and have cooperated with authorities per the stories I have read.

        1. sbrs1 says:

          I agree with joeschmo. Any semi intelligent person would check their car after any sort of altercation. With as much damage as there was, there is no way (even the next day) you would not notice it. This is not a small accident. it’s not someone hitting a cone or a garbage can, this was someone hitting another human being throwing them 40 feet! Bottom line: she knew. whether is was that night or the next night, she knew.

  42. Andy says:

    She will Plead out and spend no extended time in jail. Probably probation.

  43. Lonnie says:

    Worst case scenario for Amy: Highly skilled attorney + fame = plea deal, no jail time, out of court settlement which insurance will pay and won’t cost Sensers other than the attorney fees.

    Best case scenario: In a jury trial she could potentially walk free if a skilled attorney could focus responsability and blame on the victim if the testimony is presented to make it lok like the victim stepped in front of her vehichle and she did not know she hit him, etc, etc.

    Also, most people do not know it but there are tests available to determine if alcohol has been consumed up to 3 days later. Wouldn’t police know that and test her anyway ?

  44. justsayiin says:

    @miachel- watch out, dudes on his time of the month. jeez, don give yurself a heartattack over these wcco comments lol

  45. blackie says:

    white people always get away with killing people of other races

  46. Joe Fasterback says:

    What the H—? She was wasted and got away with the drunken driving manslaughter charge????> Who else would be treated like this. Throw the book at her now!
    WCCO:- Sensor needs to go.

  47. Danny says:

    I’m still miffed that she could have hit him and not known it or that she stopped then left. To much traffic in the area that someone didn’t see what happened besides Mrs. Senser. Is the exit light still out ? It was dark a ramp 2 weeks ago at 11:30pm. So many questions to learn about yet.

  48. The whole thing stinks says:

    It’s legal manipulation by a system that only the wealthy can play. The average income person involved in crime of this nature would not retain any attorney, especially attorney’s of this calibur, until they were actually charged with a crime simply because of the financial hinderance. Nor would most attorney’s of this calibur take this case for an average income person because it wouldn’t be “high profile” enough.

    I would be very interested to see cell phone activity around the time of the accident. I would bet it was significant immediately after the accident occured from someone in the Sensor family. This whole thing reeks of cover-up from the media, the attorneys and especially from the Sensor family

  49. Annabelle says:

    God you’re an idiot too. Related to the Senser’s are you? Neightbor, friend, business associate?

  50. xxx says:

    Everybody is so right and so above every doing anything like this at all.
    1. We really don’t know for sure who was driving the vehicle.
    2. We have no idea if the person that was driving the vehicle was impaired or not.
    3. We have no idea of the type lighting in the area at the time of the accident and whether the driver of the car had any inclination that a person had been struck or if the driver thought it was a part of the roadway or traffic barrier.
    4. Change places with the driver of the car. Haven’t you ever been in a position where something bad happend, but fate and or chance was on your side, so that you ended up having 0 problems with the very bad situation that happened to you.
    5. How many of you who have posted have been driving with a cell phone in your ear and have made a bad driving decision.
    6. How many of you posted have driven your car when you were dead drunk, but managed to get where you were going without hitting anything or getting hurt your self, or getting a DWI.

    As the good book says, don;t throw rocks if you live in a glass house.

  51. Annabelle says:

    She looks pretty smug in her mug shot. Doesn’t look a bit repentent.

  52. Dave Campbell says:

    He was putting gas in his car you idiot!

  53. Mister Self Destruct says:

    She looks like Maria Shriver after getting hit in the face with a flat blade spade.


  54. Patrick says:

    You got that right!!! That makes such sense…right on

  55. JOHN SEAMANS says:


  56. Molly says:

    GOOD Amy Senser has FINALLY been charged….after affording her 3 or more wks. by law enforcement. Give me a break…anyone else would of been arrested and put in jail RIGHT NOW!!! Its just disgusting how the justice system treats the rich&famous with soft kid-gloves. well, now that shes been charged I hope she actually gets punished for what she did. is just dispicable to say the least that Amy (or a daughter is more likely) Senser hit a man and just left him on the road to DIE!!!!! these people call themselves christians, Joe Senser a minister…what a joke!!! WCCO better fire him,,,I’m not tuning into this station anymore with that kind of an employee there.

  57. Just Saying says:

    Right… so what if this was your son or brother? How would you feel if your son made a mistake of not checking his gas tank, ran out of gas, and had to stop at the side of the road to fill his gas tank while someone who was not paying attention hit and left him for dead? You still wouldn’t be blaming her for letting him die instead of calling for help? I don’t think so Willie. People make mistake, she committed a crime.

  58. Dave Campbell says:

    Lawyers will have fun with this. Trying to get a jury seated in Hennepin County will be next to impossible and I will bet he goes for a change of venue. This was handled very badly by both the prosecutors office and the Senser family and will be a real fiasco before it’s done.

  59. Mikey says:

    How incredibly stupid. How is this accident Joe’s fault, the restaurants’ fault, or the fault of all the employees who would be out of work if the restaurant closed because of dipsh–s like you?

    Believe me, I’m not at all trying to shift blame… I, like everyone else, hope they throw the book at this dumb broad. But this is HER issue. Can I hang YOU up by the nuts and destroy everything you’ve worked for if your wife goes and does something dumb without any knowledge or influence from you?

    1. Mike says:

      The vehicle was in his name Mikey, that makes him liable. It’s how the law works.

    2. Guy says:

      Why do think the restaurant will CLOSE because of this … it’ll just change its name to “Phanthavongs Grill – Sports Bar”

  60. Kevin says:

    I would feel sorry for her if she had stopped to help him or at least called the cops. But this whole thing stinks! I am not so sure she was really driving! I hope they investigate the where abouts of the entire family! Maybe the victims family will own Sensers bar when the law suit is done…..again a tragadey if she stops….white trash if she doesnt. Hang the bastar* hang em high…..host her feet into the sky….

  61. telm says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    1. Mike says:

      What part don’t you understand Ted? She hit someone with her vehicle and left him to die at the scene. We will never know if she was drunk because she ran away from the scene.

      PS. I really don’t understand the judges statement to the public in affect said, she is not a danger to the public. If a person like that doesn’t define a danger to the public, then who does?

      1. sbrs1 says:

        I agree. If she’s not a danger than I guess we are all in trouble! I like how her attorney says she feels for the family. Really? Watching her and her husband walking out of jail with smiles on their faces doesn’t seem to me like they really care. Very distasteful! Just proves even more what kind of a horrible person she is. Joe should be ashamed of himself! I’m curious what Bud Grant thinks of this? He coached his players to be men of integrity both on and off the field.

  62. Elizabeth Troester says:

    Seriously, to the guy who is pointing out that the victim illegally entered the highway without sufficient gasoline….are you for real??? Have you never run out of gas??? A lot of things are illegal but they still happen. Driving with a tail light burned out is illegal. It can happen before you even know it. Should you be thrown in jail if it does? You are a real smug person if you think the victim is in any way to blame for running out of gas in a dangerous place. What a stupid comment to make, and to repeat it a second time! I really think you are a relative of the driver, or something like that.

  63. Jake says:

    xxx, get a clue. Your #1 and #2 points are valid, the rest are not. There is NO excuse for leaving the scene of an ‘accident’, drunk or not. That area is a well lit area, even at night. There is no excuse for leaving the scene of an accident, it is clearly stated in state law. By leaving the scene, she altered the evidence that was involved, and made the prosecution’s case that much harder to prove. So if she is found guilty, she should get a tougher sentance.

  64. sick of human trash says:

    You were born and we let you live…guess Amy’s not as humane as the rest of us.

    FYI – not illegal to run out of gas.

  65. Angus says:

    Reading the comments:
    1. She was the driver
    2. She was drunk/on drugs
    3. She left him there to die
    4. Give her life without parole
    This is a summary of 90% of the comments. NONE OF THESE IDEAS ARE PROVEN! All assumptions. The wheels of justice grind slowly. The problem is not the law but the jurys that come up with some very strange verdicts.

    Remember the judge (I believe an appeals court judge) who raided the trust fund? Recommended sentence: 48 months. He got 60 months, lost his wife and family, all his assets, last heard of living in a low rental hotel room in Mpls. I doubt he got off easy.

  66. Freedom is not free :) says:

    416 John St, Edina is where she lives. Everyone is free to go speak their minds there. Have a good night and I will see everyone there tomorrow.

  67. joeschmo says:

    The headline is Senser: Grieving for family. Did not look like it as she walked out of jail laughing and smiling ear to ear. Or wait, is the headline misleading? Does it mean she is grieving for HER family because now they have the embarrassment of having a mother with a mugshot on tv? This woman is cruel and heartless. She could care less about the victim or his family. If she did she would tell them what happened.

  68. xxx says:

    You indicated that my points were not valid.
    So that means that you have never used a cell phone when driving. You have never had a single drink and was driving. You have never been distracted when driving. You have never had an accident or near accident when driving.
    You always see every single obstruction on every single foot of every road and street that you have ever driven.
    You must have incredible eye sight, have super reflexes and a car that goes over buildings.

    1. JAS says:

      XXX. you hit it on the head. The people on this blog talk like they were sitting in the car right next to her.

  69. Jake says:

    Hey, xxx, yes, I stated that SOME of your arguements werent’ VALID, and I STAND BEHIND THOSE COMMENTS. I AM CORRECT. That doesn’t imply that I have never broken the law, that isn’t the POINT. Actually, I have been on BOTH sides of the law, when it comes to crimes, courts, and judgements, so MAYBE, I have a LITTLE MORE EXPERIENCE in a COURT OF LAW then YOU DO. Don’t suggest to ME that I have to be PERFECT in order to opine HERE, as I am quite sure that you are far from PERFECT. I do believe, however, that based on your comments, that I have the benefit of having a lot more WISDOM, based on my longevity, and you should learn to appreciate THAT.

  70. Jake says:

    Were any toxicology tests done on the dead driver, to see if he was drunk? What if he stumbled into the middle of the exit ramp, and got run over? How come NOBODY as even thought of asking this question, until NOW? It is certainly a possibility, as there are virtually NO eyewittnessess to the crime, other than the driver. Yes, there is the broken mirror and paint damage, how do we know that the driver of the Mercedes didn’t try to avoid hitting the guy by swerving to the right?

    1. You're an idiot! says:

      It doesn’t matter if he was drunk or not, the crime is that she hit the guy and drove off. If it was simply an accident, she should have stopped. But did she stopped? Did she call for help? Did she report it? Nope. She waited a whole 24hrs before she contacted the cops.. Enough said.

  71. paul mitchell says:

    joe senser looks old and fat and grey and hungover.

  72. Nutts says:

    My opinion, but I still think it was one of the kids driving. Amy coming straight out and confessing just seems to make it more obvious. Joe has too much to lose with all the businesses being under his name, so he can’t confess. The kids would never have a future if they were convicted. Hence she is the smart choice to confess. I am assuming thats why it took so long to confess. They had to figure out which one of them would be the wise choice to confess with minimal loss. She’s lived most her life already. They still have money after she gets out. She probably helps Joe run the businesses and is a stay at home mom. Its a win win situation for the sensers. Only debt that can be repaid to the victim’s family is the civil suit and making sure she spends enough time behind bars. She will probably go to a minimum security prison and live like a queen after Joe pays off all the gaurds anyways. The victims life is worth a lot more then 50000.00 I hope they get them for all they got.

  73. Dryden says:

    In other news, Rich White Woman kills some asian guy or whatever, the media closes ranks around her rich media-figure husband, declares the poor woman the victim in all this, and buries the whole thing on page twenty.

    “Your Honor, the defendant can’t possibly be held responsible for the hit-and-run, she’s too rich to have even noticed someone so far beneath her.”

  74. Deep Thinker says:

    This is an outrage, the wife of a famous Minnesota Viking looking at jail time. Why can’t the legal system just let her go, I’m sure after she sobered up she was sorry for hitting & killing someone. What next? I bet the judicial system wouldn’t even let Adrian Peterson get away with murder. I hate it when special people are punished, it’s just not fair…

  75. Some People Operate Without Brains says:

    Also against the law is driving over 120mph with an empty gas tank, and having more than 40 Mexicans in the front seat…little know facts, but it’s the law. Did I mention that it’s also illegal to drive with a sun shade completely blocking your windshield….alll these pesky rules…..but seriously, it’s against the law to enter a freeway without having enought gas to get off? That’s funny….

  76. TokenGimp says:

    He should not have been there with a vehicle low on gas.. That was his mistake. That does not excuse hit and run by anyone, mother or a daughter. It doesn’t excuse anyone else that knew of the crash. No one that knew of this and failed to step up is innocent either. It feels like money and privilege has helped fuel people frustrations.

  77. Bewildered says:

    For any of you idiots who are defending this good for nothing woman, SHAME ON YOU. Put yourself in the position as the victim’s parent. If that was your son/daughter what on earth would you do??? I personally would probably go after the family and end up in a very bad situation. It is unthinkable that a person would have such disregard for another person’s life. I hope she pays dearly for her actions and hope the rest of the family suffers as well, as much if not more than the victim’s family. Truly a pathetic human being. Didn’t even get out of her car to check the victim’s status. Worthless human being that doesn’t deserve the gift of life. All this discussion about against the law or not…just plain immoral. Sad….My prayers go to the victim’s family and prayers that the Sensor’s get what they deserve.

  78. Bob jenkins says:

    He was a illegal immigrant he never shoud have been here in the first place! She is innocent!

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