By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The hottest ticket in town right now isn’t the Twins or the Vikings. No, it’s the Minnesota Lynx.

The Lynx opened their Western Conference Semifinal playoff series against the San Antonio Silver Stars Friday night at the Target Center. A record number of Lynx fans packed into the Target Center.

Crowds of people made their way to the target center to cheer on the one sports team in town that can say it’s in the play offs.

“The hottest tickers selling out here now is the Lynx ticket,” said Scalper Johnny Dollar.

Even ticket scalpers are taking advantage of the Minnesota Lynx first playoff berth since 2004.

“I got my Lynx ticket, I’m saving it for myself,” Dollar said.

Many fans found themselves compelled to support the Lynx because right now, they’re the only winning sports team in town.

“Come down to support the team that is winning right now they are a championship team championship caliber so I’m going come down and see them,” said Lynx fan John Rhodes.

Inside you can see why the Lynx are the hottest ticket in town. It’s family friendly entertainment at its best.

“It’s something we have never seen for the Lynx organization it’s been a long time coming,” said Minnesota Lynx Public Relations Director Aaron Seehusen.

For the first time this season the entire lower bowl sold out as fans bought more than 11,000 tickets. That outpaces the more than 8,000 tickets sold per game this season.

“I have Micky, and Hannah and Jim,” said Lynx fan Cindy Grim.

Grim said she brought the entire family out to support the Lynx.

“It’s great entertainment and we just love watching basketball,” Grim said.

For Mom and her girls, who by the way both play basketball, this is great sports entertainment. But dad is actually the biggest fan.

“I think it’s great to support the Lynx and watch good basketball we have a good team this year,” said Jim Grim.

Not only does he enjoy the game and all the bells, whistles, lights and action, he said he loves the people watching.

“People watching is great we got some great super fans here,” he said.

They’re super fans who love to cheer for their team. It’s all a part of a great experience, the Lynx hope thousands more Minnesotans decide to give a try.

The Lynx beat the San Antonio Silver Starts to take a 1-0 lead in the series. The two teams play Sunday afternoon in San Antonio, and the Lynx can win the series with another win.

  1. Al says:

    Only game in town that is fielding a winning team. Yep Minnesota needs to cheer some kind of winning team – even a girls team. Word is Mauer may be playing for them next year – just needs a contract structured so he can only play in half the games and sit out the rest for medical reseach,

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