MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 22-year-old Crystal man is accused of fleeing police on a motorcycle in traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour, according to criminal charges filed in Hennepin County Court on Friday.

Zachary Maxwell Moore was charged with fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle.

According to a criminal complaint, Orono Police were on routine patrol at about 10:11 p.m. on Aug. 8 when they observed an individual, later identified as Moore, driving a black Suzuki motorcycle. He pulled a “wheelie” on a residential road and was driving more than 100 miles per hour.

While pursuing the motorcycle, police noted that Moore reached a peak of 130 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. He was making several quick turns and accelerating to avoid officers, the complaint states.

Police later found Moore in a private driveway lying on his stomach trying to hide in the weeds. He was arrested and transported to the Hennepin County Jail.

If convicted, Moore faces up to three years in prison and $5,000 in fines.

Moore was known for creating the company “Civics Reborn,” where he took old Honda Civics and completely rebuilt them, saving car owners thousands of money on vehicles in tough economic times. WCCO-TV recently learned that Moore had fallen far enough behind on repairing vehicles that he had received several complaints from car owners. WCCO-TV knows of  up to 18 complaints.

[Read the original story on Civics Reborn.]

WCCO reached Moore, and while he would not comment on the charges, he commented on his business, saying his Civics Reborn program is expanding with a new business model and was created to help people using volunteers and subcontractors.

Comments (23)
  1. me says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA epic fail!

  2. lionel mandrake says:

    If convicted, Moore faces up to three years in prison and $5,000 in fines.. Should read when convicted. Send these guys with all the testosterone to
    afghanistan. Good place for him to be a thrill seeker.

    1. Carl S says:

      That is an idiot comment. What did he really do? Speed. That’s it. Lionel, everyone on this board is now dumber for having read that comment. Guys have testosterone and its a natural issue we all have to face. The guy will lose his bike and license, face a large fine with maybe 90 days in the work release and that is more then enough. The most pain will be caused by losing the bike and the license.

  3. willie says:

    stop strip on motorcycle ?? ur nuts wipeout would result very bad if they were deployed…

  4. TL the alligator says:

    …just how do you get behind doing auto repairs?…..YOU DONT unless your an incompetent doofus………..this clown has no business being in the auto repair business with so many complaints and mismanagement of his money…..i’ve been in the business 30 years and NEVER have been behind nor had ANY unhappy customers.

    1. Dan says:

      Haha you obviously think this guy runs a repair shop. i’ve been to their new place. It looks about ten times more advanced then a shop. The building that they are in, isn’t even capable of having regular customers get repairs. It’s only for the cool people like me and my wife who get to have our civics warranted there. “just sayin” lol

    2. uwishyouknew says:

      Ok in 30 YEARS you have NEVER fallen behind on repairs? Ive been in the auto repair industry for 16 years myself. If you have NEVER fallen behind cause you arent a INCOMPETENT DOOFUS… it could only be due to the following reasons A; you are a GOD in the auto repair business and you SHOULD be working as a CREW CHIEF on a NASCAR team! B; You have never had to wait on a part to be delivered, never broke a bolt, or other hardware, every job has gone perfect over a 30 year span (in a state when every damn bolt on a car is rusted to hell) or C; your shop sucks to the point you cant stay busy enough to fall behind. Being in the “business” Ill guess C as my answer. If you arent falling behind on repairs you ARENT BUSY ENOUGH! NOT TO MENTION this is NOT a REPAIR facility get your facts straight. This company basically rebuilds an ENTIRE car from the motor to the interior and exterior to a customers order. they dont bring cars in to get fixed! how many cars can you tear motor, tranny, and FULL interior out of rebuild and replace it all and have it painted. how long will that take you genius? working on a new staff and a new facility starting from ground up??? Get a life TL.

  5. TL the alligator says:

    send him to Afgahanistan?…..LOL….i dont think so…..the very last person i’d want covering my back in battle would be a clown like him…..just sayin.

    1. Carl S says:

      HOHUM, you have combat experience then? You’ve taken fire with someone else covering you? I personally want someone with balls firing back at the Taliban. You are assuming this guy is one of those none conformists that would run like a biatch.

  6. uwishyouknew says:

    First of all.. I was with him that night. Anyone who knows him personally knows hes a great guy and great friend. We have all done things when younger we arent all proud of. Get off his back. He made a mistake.. so what. Spike strips? you should be hung by your nuts by them. you dont put someones life in danger cause they are riding their bike too fast. his “wheelie” consisted of his wheel being about a foot or less off the ground. As far as his Civics Reborn program..he started a concept NO one else has to help consumers and the response has been overwhelming for a small company to keep up. His contract STATES there is no specific time to expect your car cause they are dont have the supply they are needing. 92-95 civics arent just laying around all over assclown. Its grown WAY too fast and hes TRYING to keep up. If you got 20 cars dropped in one day and needed em all fixed in 3 days could you do it? Mr TL? NO. Give him a break for trying to get something off the ground as a concept to help the common man in a bad economy by providing vehicles that are reliable at a fair price! Not to mention the dozen other companies hes started. Pass judgement before ya know the facts. Smart…

    1. future custermer says:

      If there aren’t used parts just laying around all over. How do people get their car repaired in the future?

    2. JCP says:

      Maybe you should read my contract may car was to be delivered June 6th 2011 and it is now September 21st 2011 and we have not heard from Zach since July 9 2011 when he was on his way to his shop to see what happened with our car he must have lost his way. This is not the first time he has been pulled over for speeding. so it is not a mistake it is a choice he keeps making. He should be given the greatest sentence the law will allow. He should also have to pay back everyone he has taken money from and not produced their car.Since he doesn’t have a license to sell cars in Minnesota his business should be forced to shut down.

      1. WOW says:

        ACTUALLY. he doesn’t sell them…get your facts straight. He REBUILDS so the owner can sell.

        1. JCP says:

          Well I have a contract with his signature selling me the rebuilt car has the id number of the car and his name listed as the seller. As far as him rebuilding them you should go to the shop sometime because the guys rebuilding the cars say he is hardly ever there. Maybe you should not believe everything he tells you because he couldn’t tell the truth to save his life. We will see what the judge has to say shortly. He is also in trouble with the Better Business and Attorney general of Minnesota.

          1. THANKS. says:

            Well since i’ve known him for over 16 years, don’t you think i’ve seen his shop? I’ve watched him build this company from nothing…an i’ve seen the stress that builds up. People make mistakes, but he would never lie and scheme to make money. He was and is still trying to make a difference which is more than you will ever do with your life. So before you go pointing fingers at someone who is only trying to do good, maybe you should take a look at your sad little life and change your outlook on things. You don’t know him. You’re not his friend. And you were definitely not there that night because this case proves just how crooked cops can be. Considering that there were no “weeds” for him to hide in, not to mention that if he was on a curvy road going 135mph don’t you think he would’ve crashed and got hurt pretty badly?

    3. DontBuyHere says:

      Zach and his cohorts are liars and at best, totally incapable of any honest buisness. They are under some delusion that they are helping folks out when in fact they take their money while giving false expectations of delivery, product quality, and warranty.

  7. JMD says:

    If Zach owes you a car or owes you money, or has delivered a car that is unsafe without further repairs, eave a message on this board. A group that Zach has ripped off are in communication with each other.

    1. S says:

      Zach owes me money for a car that was terrible, he signed an agreement to repay me, made a couple of payments and that is it. He still owes me money.

    2. LiesLiesLies says:

      I have a car, but no title, expired tabs. Zach said the title was submitted in August, but the DMV says there is no activity since May…

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