Police: ‘Mini-Riot’ Breaks Out At 16-Plus Party In Downtown Mpls

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It is promoted as the biggest “16-plus” party in the state, but the party turned violent last Saturday night, sending hundreds of teenagers into the streets of downtown Minneapolis.

During the incident, fights inside the Hyatt Hotel spilled outside and down Nicollet Mall. The teenagers were coming from the “Big Bash 2,” the second in a series of parties geared towards the 16-plus crowd.

Police called it a “mini-riot” and one officer got punched in the face.

“It’s really discouraging when we see that happen,” said Ricky Collins.

Collins, 19, is one of three teen organizers of the Big Bash. He says it’s a handful of teenagers who are causing the problem.

“It was some clique from St. Paul and some clique from Minneapolis, and that’s who started fighting,” said Collins.

Seventy to 80 officers helped control the crowd.

It was the second time police have been called to clear a Big Bash party at a hotel ballroom. Last April, it was the Big Bash one, held at the Radisson on the University of Minnesota campus.

“Obviously, as you can see, it keeps getting messed up and shining a bad light on us and we’re not trying to be in that light. We’re trying to do something positive,” said Collins. “We just need to get more people involved, like MAD DADS and any other community advocates that want to be involved.”

Some feel the party invite set the wrong tone: “No ID, no problem, just pay two more dollars and you’re in.”

“That might be something that we need to change,” said Collins.

Collins says the two parties have been a learning experience. He said he’ll now use special invites for the next party to help control the crowd.

Police are glad no one was seriously hurt, but they have concerns now that they’ve learned about the big bash 18-plus edition, which planned for next week.

“We are aware of it and licensing, Minneapolis Licensing, is aware of it also,” said Lt. Henry Halvorson with the Minneapolis Police.

Police arrested three people during Saturday’s mini-riot. One is charged with hitting the police officer we mentioned. The other two are accused of robbing a woman behind the hotel.

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  • TKiK

    Look at this CLOWN! What a Joke and waste of time

  • kazperz

    do you expect anything less, and somthing will happen next week and every other one

    • Tonya

      I agree. A big party with teens being supervised by teens in downtown Mpls. Uh, really? You expect something positive to come of this? Maybe good intentions but get real.

  • grizzlyman

    Nice kids huh?

  • Bob Mosy

    What parent would let their kid go to something like that?

  • Fed UP

    Organize all those teens to pick up garbage on city streets. What a waste.

  • fred

    a mini-riot?…..800 people vs. 80 police?…..I would sure hate to see a full blown riot

  • Dudetou

    Question , Why do they keep giving them a license to have a riot? I would tell them no and have such a high price for extra security that they would not be able to afford it.. Make them take out a multi- million dollar liliablity insurace policy for future damages to prperty and persons. Further more any one going in would have to go through a series of security check points , just like at the airport. And then make ther parents (if they have any that care) come and pick them up instead of them turning them loose in to the streets.

    • fu

      And also, all activities for people under the age of 23 should be banned! If you can’t handle being mature, stay at home in your room. This plan is gonna work!

  • Uncle Rico

    Reg- This whole article is weird. You guys ran this story as almost to say that it happened again… You also use the term “last Saturday…” Um ok, does this last Saturday happen to have a date associated it with it? Why are you even writing about week old news? Take this down or edit it, it’s confusing to the public.

  • Kevin

    Lions….and Tigers….and Bears….Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tom

    the primates are restless

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