EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. (AP) — Officials in East Grand Forks will soon discuss the future of the city’s 48-year-old pool.

The Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald reports that options are to close it, fix it or build a new indoor or outdoor pool.

The current outdoor pool has leaks, the deck is sagging and not all codes are being met.

Parks and Recreation Superintendent Dave Aker says repairs could cost between $800,000 and $1.6 million, and a new outdoor pool would cost $7.5 million.

The public likely will have the final vote, as any project will require a loan.

The pool lost $63,000 this year, but officials say public pools aren’t designed to make money.

There appears to be little appetite among city leaders for closing the facility, which draws 10,000 visitors each summer.

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  1. Tammy Stoe says:

    The other day while in East Grand Forks looking for the Medallion during UND Potato Bowl Fest, we took some time to walk around the East Grand Forks swimming pool – the pool off of Gateway Drive. It has been some time, more than a decade, since my two older kids swam in that pool when we lived in pre-flood of 1997 Grand Forks, and I hadn’t seen the pool since then. We recently read the article about what to do with the pool. Since my third young son is a competitive swimmer, there are times we have to drive all the way to the Hyslop Pool at UND in Grand Forks for lap swim from Crookston. The Crookston pool itself has become mismanaged and terribly rundown to the point where it would not make any sense to fix it but to build a new pool also. The problem in Crookston, however, is, building a new pool would be a ridiculous idea. The City of Crookston just built a what, a $25 million dollar sports arena, a public sports arena and the sports arena is shut down so nobody can use it but people who want to use it for the walking path – this came after the City of Crookston spent how many dollars to build walking path sidewalks throughout the city. There’s a fitness outfit in the new sports arena and the gym is CLOSED to everyone except for hockey boys and girls in winter months at night and on the weekends – the abnormal psyche approach to public fitness. Thus, the idea of building an OLYMPIC size swimming pool in East Grand Forks would be absolutely perfect – allowing both Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN and surrounding communities to utilize it – but of course, the swimming pool would have to be – OPEN. Bismarck has that brand new Olympic size pool but it is WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF NORTH DAKOTA, and is not accessible to all the people over here on this side of the state. The Hyslop at UND, although Olympic size, does not match up to the modern pool in Bismarck, thus all the more reason why East Grand Forks would be the perfect partner to collaborate and cooperate with to build a brand new Olympic size, modern swimming pool for everyone to use.

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