ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — U.S. Transportation Secretary will tour a light rail construction site in St. Paul where he’ll make a pitch that major transportation investments will create jobs.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will meet with workers Monday at the future site of the Central Corridor Light Rail’s Union Depot Station in downtown St. Paul. He’ll be touting President Obama’s proposal to create jobs, which includes money for transportation infrastructure projects.

Last April, the Federal Transit Administration signed off on a $474 million funding agreement for the construction of the 11-mile Central Corridor, which will connect downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul by light rail train. It’s scheduled to open in 2014.

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Comments (9)
  1. Joe Hanson says:

    Mr. Secretary, how many miles of rail can we build before we run out of money to subsidize riders?

  2. All Aboard! says:

    Why are communists like 0bama and his henchmen so fascinated with trains anyway?

  3. head under the train! says:

    I think light rails have been around alot longer than Obama has you dope!! And since when is Obama a communist???

  4. Pavel says:

    I see it is the same “nuts” writing negative comments about light rail. Try transport in any other country in the world and you will see why public transportation is of the utmost importance in major cities for the future.

    True these rail corridors will not do a thing in northern Minnesota, but these transportation systems are the future. Why do you suppose NYC, Chicago, Washington D. C. and San Francisco invested in rail systems? To move more people efficiently!

    Go educate yourselves or else bury your head in the sand just as you have been doing for as long as I have read these articles on light rail.

  5. quentin says:

    Hope Mr. LaHood doesn’t have to cross University Avenue where they’re constructing this boondoggle. He’d miss his return flight. Another example of “public servants,” and the unions they serve, seeing money in the federal trough and wanting some–regardless of reason. Older and larger cities have different transportation problems than the Twin Cities. This is just another case of waste with little return.

  6. jan says:

    Why trains when we already have buses? It seems such a waste to tear up the streets and borrow money to get something we don’t need or want. I have yet to talk to anybody who wants light rail. We used to have streetcars when I was a kid and they were no fun and much slower than busses and we gave it up as a bad idea and covered up all the tracks on the streets. Don’t people ever learn from past mistakes? A bus can go wherever it’s needed but a train can only go where there are tracks.

  7. Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    Just another waste of Tax Money, thank you Liberals and Dems. We just love to hear you want to waste our money.

  8. I'd buy BONDING for any LRT project ... says:

    Understand that this is more than just light rail transit. It is also a very needed underground utility reconstruction that both Minneapolis & St. Paul are in dramatic need of along University. It is far more than just the “TRAIN”. This project is a text-book example of long range planning that will save the citizens of Minnesota along with the ridership dramatic amounts of money in the future based on a more stable energy sorce powering transit with a predetermined “DESIGNED” lifespan of 125 years. For all of you that can see into the future please tell me the consumer cost of a gallon of gasoline, a LBS of rebar, a cubic yard of concrete, a ton of bituminous pavement laid, the additonal right of way purchased by our GOVT to add lanes and exit ramps to an already overcrowded highway transit system in 2036. This project gives these protections to all of us as tax payers and should be applied to the greater Twin City Metro Area as a comprehensive transit plan.

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