MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The grandmother of the 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed on Monday said it was the second time in a week he had been shot.

Charlene Jones said her grandson, Juwon Osborne, had been shot in the leg last Monday, Sept. 12.

Police found him shot again this Monday in the 2900 block of Dupont Avenue North. They tried to revive him, but he died at the scene.

Jones said her grandson was walking to his mother’s house Monday night with two friends when he was killed.

She believes he was targeted, but didn’t elaborate on who she believed was responsible.

“Them babies … (they’re) not even getting a chance to grow up, not even my grandson,” said Jones. “Gone, gone … nobody can account for it.”

Jones said Jawon was supposed to start 11th grade at Robbinsdale-Armstrong High School next week.

Inspector Mike Martin with the Minneapolis Police Department said they don’t believe this shooting was connected to the other recent shooting deaths of two teenagers.

He did say that police are looking into whether the shooting may be connected to a fight Jawon had with a group of young people last week when he was shot in the leg. Martin said Jawon was known to police and had been in trouble before.

So far, no suspects are in custody, but police are asking anyone with information to give them a call at 612-692-TIPS (8477).

Comments (75)
  1. Samon Uou says:

    Sounds like they came back to finish the job.

    1. doug says:

      Yep, i bet the grandma was also packing heat.

  2. sam i am says:

    If your child was shot once, why on earth would you let him walk through the same neighborhood.

    Seriously parents watch your kids.

    1. just sayin says:

      What parents… they aren’t parents if they aren’t raising their kids right in the first place.

      1. Green eggs and ham says:

        Exactly. Seemed like the parents only enjoyed doling the dirty then raise a responsible child or being active in the childs life.

        1. Jake says:

          Then collecting all of the WELFARE for two decades. They throw their kids away just for a check. What a sick mentality.

  3. markH says:

    I think we all know where the problem lies, but most are too frightened of being labeled to actually speak up and make a difference. Ask yourself why, if “whites are just as likely to commit crimes as blacks” is Edina not overrun with murders and assaults? I think the answer to this is so obvious that it eludes most folks; education=opportunity. This is not to say that those who need the education actually WANT the education-in fact, based on school test scores they clearly do not.

  4. just sayin says:

    Oh Them babies ain’t even got a chance to grow up? Please. 16 is not a baby grandma. This kid had been known to the police for trouble before – face the facts. He was a promising thug like the rest of north.

    1. bob says:

      Yep, her poor poor baby was innocent i tell you.

    2. I'm Just saying too says:

      That’s why it’s so hard to get upset or feel bad about all of these norf side murders. You’ve gotta wonder how many times these “victims” have been assailants themselves in the past. You reap what you sow!!

  5. Please find the killers quickly says:

    Sadly, this murder may not be the last of this mess. His friends know who did it. They’ll seek revenge. I hope police find the perps fast and put them away forever, so maybe the cycle will stop earlier than later in this particular case.

    I’m glad Jawon wasn’t able to bring the violence into Armstrong High School, at least.

    1. Jake says:

      How was this kid enrolled at Armstrong? Open enrollment? I’m sure the hard-working people of Plymouth are thrilled that the schools they pay for are being flooded with North Side dirtballs.

      1. DWC's Angel says:

        Jake be more ignorant .
        Armstrong is a PUBLIC school(meaning yes it is an open enrollment school).
        I work in the Hopkins and Minnetonka school district . We do transport many children from North Minneapolis and DT Minneapolis to suburban schools in the area .
        I have personally worked with many children from N. Minneapolis and I can tell you this they are just as deserving as a child whose parent makes 300K a year living on Lake Minnetonka . I have done transportation for students in some of the worst parts of N. Minneapolis and these children where sweet , kind wonderful 6 graders who I am sure will make it just as far as as the kids from Plymouth, Wayzata, Excelsior and Hopkins. Not everyone from N. Minneapolis is bad or uneducated there is many of parents who are hard working and loving parents…

  6. Jessica says:

    Come on people I cannot believe the ignorance on this a childs life was lost at 16. This is awful be it north minneapolis, edina, or duluth!!!! Just because some people are given advantages that others are not doesn’t make them less worthy! Edina vs N, Minneapolis we are talking aboiut the high class vs poverty. A childs life was lost over nothing that is awful and all of you that think less…..makes me sick. My prayers are with the family. This is not a neighborhood issue its a nations problem!!!

    1. Real Scary says:

      Uh huh. Boo *f’ing* hoo. You know what’s more sad than this story? The dumbing down of Americans…evidenced here by your stellar spelling and punctuation.

  7. lmc says:

    Perhaps Grandma If you didn’t raise your kids “in the life” they would grow up. I just cannot understand why you would have children when you KNOW they wil never reach 3o in the first place. Get an Education!!!!!!!

    1. chaos says:

      the ignorance of you all i guess its okay to kill your step parents and parents or maybe your own kids or step kids because that is what happens in the suburbs, like that 3 years old body that was just found, or the white kid who just shot and killed his step dad but i guess thats much better right?? WHTE PPL have some must up morals too, canibals

      1. AP says:

        Will someone translate this for me? Thanks in advance.

      2. MotorHead says:

        Well said, idiot. Next time, get your white friend to type, spell, and punctuate your entry.

  8. Kathie Gannon says:

    Maybe the child should have been home “hittin the books”. Be safe stay out of Minneapolis

  9. Someone with a brain says:

    Jessica the ignorance is in people like you who are so worried about being politically correct. Facts are facts, if you look on Wikipedia under prison stats you’ll see that BLACKS are incarcerated at a rate of 4.7% whereas WHITES are only at .7 percent. That means black people are SEVEN times more likely to be in prison than whites. You can’t argue against that. Quit being ignorant and thinking all races are just the same. They clearly are not.
    PS: I’m not a racist farmer, I live DT Minneapolis and my best friend and roommate is black. Just not the jersey wearing ghetto kind.

    1. Samon Uou says:

      About time someone said it.

    2. chaos says:

      i guess if we wore all black and killed our parents we would be accepted

    3. Just Saying says:

      Yay, now you know the facts. Now go find out WHY Blacks are 7 times more likely to be in prison than Whites?

    4. chaos says:

      it also means that white ppl are 7 times more likely to kill themselves, their own kids or parents if u check your history some of the worst crimes in the world were committed by white ppl so what does that tell your dumb ass Someone with a brain

  10. curly_racks says:

    Sad story…but what is sadder is how inept most of these parents are. Seriously, what in the world is this kid walking around after just getting shot a few days earlier? Some “cultures” and people don’t accept the concept of active parenting or personal responsibility. Low class trash. Was he starting to turn his life around too?

    1. chaos says:

      You guys want to blame the parents but you can not be around your kid all day is it the parents fault of the white kids that are over dosing on synthetic drugs

        1. curly_racks says:

          it is their fault.. you can raise your kids to the best of your ability…..instead of relying on tv and welfare…ps my kids are biracial so don’t call me racist …you sound like a moron

  11. richard hansakety says:

    Listen up crackers jdog was the bomb

    1. just sayin says:

      Cracker – oh please that is so mean! How could you use such offensive words like that? Who’s the racist here?

      Here’s is the perfect example. LMAO

      1. Yeah, i said it says:

        Using the word ‘cracker’ isn’t racist? LOL….please join your friend. North Mpls needs to wake up and thow away the trash.

        1. chaos says:

          yea the white trash

          1. chaos says:

            good for u mayo but white ppl do use ebt dummy you wre the ones who invented it and just because u left the north side doesnt mean you still arent WHITE TRASH U RED NECK

            1. Mayo says:

              Yeah you’re right. We did invent it. Know why? Moolies were too stupid to figure it out. YOU’RE WELCOME, Tyrone.

            2. DWC's Angel says:

              Chaos , Chill out on the white hate .
              Facts are facts .
              White and Mexican men are most involved with crimes against children.
              Asian men are most involved in random crimes.
              Middle eastern men are most involved with terrorism crimes.
              Native American men are most involved in alcohol related incidents.
              Black men are most involved in gang, drug, robbery and fire arm crimes .
              Not one type of criminal is better than the other . Not one class of offender is better than another because of race.
              People of all of races, religion, sexes, and cultures partake in crimes of all types. What is troubling to me is that with such hatred placed on one culture you are missing the point . It is not white people stomping into these areas and taking out these young people. It is people of the same race taking out one another . What is sad that people like you seem more concerned about placing yourself above others to make yourself feel better instead of trying to help be part of the solution. I admire your eagerness to fight back and defend what you believe in ,but how about you take that eagerness to fight and put it to work to save the next child’s life that might be taken by a bullet over something petty ! You don’t have to like white people , you don’t have to like what this white person is trying to tell you, however with so much Black power that you seem to ooze out into your comments . Use that to enrich the younger and teach them not to hate one another but to care and understand one another and to learn to sort out differences without the use of violence. Believe in yourself that you can bring change to a community . Maybe go to church and ask about starting a youth program for at risk youth , and welcome all sexes, races, cultures that way we can stamp out violence, crimes and hate and learn to live amongst people who we don’t always see eye to eye on matters. Maybe you would benefit too by learning to me more accepting of white people , because not all white people are racist.

    2. funny says:


    3. fred says:

      was he a crip, or BLOOD?

      1. chaos says:


  12. LaQuanda says:

    Could be because they are ‘LAZY’

    1. chaos says:

      hope u do not have kids doug if so be careful what u say because you may get a call that some other white kid bought a gun to school and started shooting up the place like colubine

  13. curly_racks says:

    Not taking education seriously……..that is the problem its called being a parent

    1. NotOneOfThese RacistPeople says:

      You people make me sick! … Someone with a brain – I hope your best friend/roommate sleeps with a knife under his pillow!

  14. Desean says:

    Doesn’t sound like a lot black folks in Mpls are concerned about the violence.

  15. tyrone shoelaces says:

    Jdog rip I know the boys got u back

    1. Desean says:

      I might be mr obvious. But “if his boyz got hiz back” then how come he dead?

  16. Ann says:

    It doesn’t matter what race he was, he was still a human being. There are a lot of caucasion criminals, Amy Senser, she only has the money to get a lawyer and essentially she drove off, leaving a human to die, some may look at that as murder too. The child abusers as of late, the ones in the news the past few weeks were caucasion, so that is really ignorant to not look out your own back doors. just saying.

  17. curly_racks says:

    I am one of the first to point out that generalizing and saying all people that live here are this and that is racist…..but I do believe in judging on actions and character.

    The kid got shot earlier this week after a fight with another group. Why on earth his parents (or is dad just not around) would let him walk around the same neighborhood is beyond me. Yes, it is tragic that he died but at the end of the day you have a culture that only seems to know and respond in violence. This is an issue for low class blacks in America.

    1. curly_racks says:

      pot meet kettle

    2. lisa says:

      was coming from his grandmother’s and going to his home which was in the middle of the block

  18. Someone with a brain says:

    Chaos, I agree that white kids do so some messed up stuff as well. Look at all the shootings at schools and malls. It’s almost always some emo white kid. So of course ALL races have their own problems. But what’s bothersome is the rate in which black people commit crimes. Almost every murder or shooting you read about is in minneapolis and involves black hudlems. It doesn’t make sense to point out a few white outliers in subburbs. They aren’t the real problem.

    1. Someone with a brain says:

      Yeah your right it usually is someone white who does that. But that may happen twice a year vs the 50 or so blacks who murder someone. Which one seems like more of a problem??? You are horribly ignorant and I’m sure your life reflects that.

      1. curly_racks says:

        Maybe because with 70% of black kids being born to single mothers its hard to know who to kill if you want to kill your dad??

        1. chaos says:

          curly just because you are a single mother does not mean you do not know who the daddy is stupid it just means you are not married but i guess its ok to kill our dad if we did not who he is or to eat another human so we can be more like white ppl let us not forget about the OK city bombing with the day care in it how heroic of a white person to kill kids but that is normal for you all i forgot

      2. chaos says:

        no they may only put it on the news or in the paper once in a while but im sure it happens more than that google school shooting and see how many never made the papers so please stop sending your kids to school with guns

  19. Kevin says:

    Second times a charm…..

  20. rj says:

    He was just starting to turn his life around too.

  21. Scott says:

    It’s a cycle that needs to change, and the change needs to come from the people in N. Minneapolis. Money will not solve this problem, neither will unaccountability. I work in N. Minneapolis and I see the same type of people that live in the suburbs. They walk their kids to school, or to the bus stop. They wait for the city bus, or go to work just like everyone else. The problem is people in N. Minneapolis are surrounded by a lot of worthless garbage. Kids are constantly seeing the wrong example and they get immune to it. They see this as normal. Cycle needs to change before there is hope.

  22. chaos says:

    timmy the thing wrong with the world is the white ppl since the beginning of time study your history because white ppl were not the 1st ones in america stupid ass

  23. Lisa says:

    I BLAME alot of this on the system, in my line of work Ive seen were the state will leave a child with the mother even though she can not take care of her kid or kids, seen were to many grandparents are having to raise their grand kids & seen the older child trying to do what they could to make sure that their siblings eat. I blame the state for cutting back programs that keep kids busy after school and during the summer. For many of you to say I’m glad he’s dead, or he was a thug or not at my school. My friend is black but dont wear this or that…..what that have to do with the lose life. Anyone of you could die in your sleep, could get run over while walking down the street, no one is promised tomorrow and hope that someone spit’s on your grave.

    1. hunnybear18 says:

      Since when is it the state’s responsibility to entertain your children? I grew up on a reservation and still found plenty to keep myself busy. Course a lot of that involved some hard work, something these young criminals are not interested in.

  24. chaos says:

    jeff just like the dumb b**ch that had your dumb a**

  25. Jake says:

    Let’s see…. I’ll take a deep breath. Teen son gets shot in the leg. If it was MY kid, I would interrogate him to the bone to find out what happened. Second, I would tell him to stay the hell out of N. Mpls, so he wouldn’t get shot AGAIN. Third, I would search every inch of his belongings, with or WITHOUT his permission. I would go thru his cell phone to the bone. I’m guessing that the parent or grandparent didn’t do ANY of these things, so now it’s time for a funeral. That’s what happens when you don’t get involved in your kid’s lives.

  26. Jake says:

    Got news for ya, Jdog was NO soldier, by ANY definition. He was a stupid sheep who got slayed. Didn’t even have enough sense to stay out of the very environment that got him shot less than a week earlier. That’s NO definition of the word ‘soldier’. You don’t even mention what he was “fighting” for, certainly wasn’t for his COUNTRY.

  27. just wondering says:

    Why was he going to start school “NEXT” week? I thought school in Minnesota started like the first couple of days after Labor day. Oh I suppose he was limping along the streets of Muderapolis recovering from round one.

    1. AP says:

      And why was it at Armstrong? A school in the middle of Plymouth?

  28. truth hurts says:

    HMMMMM………shot twice…….hmmmmmmmmmm…….gotta tell you something about the kid

  29. Melissa says:

    You all are so good at pointing out the obvious problems, but do any of you have real, working solutions? Meanwhile someone’s son/grandson/brother/uncle died and probably for his shoes or jersey. Another article reads, “father drives drunk with 5 year old son in the car.” He’s white, so where’s the outrage, where’s the racist comments, where’s the self-righteous lecture?

  30. likeus39 says:

    Boy the people on this thing kills me. Always got something negative to say. Just because you live over North does not mean you are poverty stricken. I agree 100% with the fact that people should take total responsibility for their kids upbringing & not leave them any & everywhere. Education plays a big part in the choices you will make, but make no mistake. Even the well educated have killed. Look at Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy. So my point is, people make the decision to pull the trigger with their own mind frame. It does’nt come from your up bringing. It just so happens to be in the Northside of Minneapolis. I get so tired of hearing another child has lost their life to foolery. Alot of these young men are very talented, I just hope & pray that soon & very soon. They can see their life is of value. No one chose the parents we were given, we all just have to make the best of bad situations at times. I raised 4 kids over North up on Sheridan Ave 15years ago, & things have certainly changed over the years. But my kids turned out fine. And i was a single PARENT. So don’t point the finger at the parents. Make these kids accountable as well. When you set rules, punish them if the dont adhere to them. Trust me they will be forever greatful. Parents please, please make sure you know who your kids hang with & know where they are at all times. Nowadays your life definately depends on it. I will say a prayer for the fallen, but it will also take the help of the shooters to stop & realise that violence is never the answer to anything. It only makes things worse.

  31. Jessica says:

    Is it sad that I was reading these comments and had to continue because of all the Chaos comments. I would love to keep reading his anger inspired posts directed at everyone that comments against how he feels, but I do have to work. I believe for the most part you get what you deserve. If you don’t break the law the odds of having bad things happen are less. I mean bad things happen to good people all the time, but for the most part if you go out looking for trouble…trouble will find you. I feel bad for the family as a life is lost, but I have a feeling he was involved in risky behavior. No one deserves to die, but the odds increase based on choices that a person makes.

  32. chaos says:


  33. blah blah blah says:

    Sounds like this could potentially have been a gangster family. The mom, Jamica Holden, was driving get-a-way in 2008 for a home invasion / murder: She got a coat and a diamond ring for her part in the crime. which were not recovered. Perhaps she can wear them to the funeral. For more info:

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