Bachmann Hires Former Pawlenty, Huckabee Iowa Aide

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s campaign is bringing on Iowa adviser Eric Woolson to help the Minnesota congresswoman’s campaign for the Iowa caucuses.

Woolson, of West Des Moines, is a veteran Republican campaign operative who most recently was an adviser to Tim Pawlenty’s campaign before the former Minnesota governor left the race for the 2012 GOP nomination last month.

The Bachmann campaign announced Wednesday that Woolson would lead its Iowa communication efforts.

Woolson was 2008 Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee’s state director during the former Arkansas governor’s campaign four years ago.

Bachmann appears to have struggled since winning the August Iowa straw poll. Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered the race the same day as that test vote and has taken the lead in national polls.

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  • My, my

    All in in Iowa!!

  • Poor Michelle

    Recycling the same old garbage. She thinks Iowa represents the enitre national electorate.

  • G Dog

    It’s Iowa!!!

    That’s like asking PeeWee Herman to advise on brain surgery….to the Kardashians!

  • Facts Of Life

    If she doesn’t win Iowa, it’s over. The money will dry up quicker than Minnesota Vikings lead.

    • steve

      Bahmann’s money is all ready drying. up.

  • tan pup

    I wonder if she understands basic math? Or reality. My GOD she’s so unlikeable . . .the more she is in front of the camera, the more I’m reminded of the history on how Hitler was able to come to power. Her and Marcus – just plain EVIL!

  • Tom

    WHy does she bother? She has no chance of winning, but apparently someone is telling her otherwise!

  • Give us a good Canidate

    She wants to hire a Pawlenty adviser LOL Good luck. When Michele started on this ride I like what she said and thought there might be a canidate I could support. But she has made some very stupid comments as of late. She should give up this quest and stay in Minnesota

  • Murph

    Picking the right GOP candidate is sorta like looking for something edible in your lunch bag..after it fell down the outhouse hole!

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