Fmr. Sen. Coleman To Serve As Romney’s Special Adviser

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman has been chosen to serve as special adviser to presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The former mayor of St. Paul was selected for the official role, focused on policy, on Wednesday, as announced by Romney’s campaign.

Romney said in a press release that he is happy to add Coleman to his team.

“His advice will be critical as I lay out my vision for improving our economy at home and strengthening our partnerships around the world,” he stated.

  • otto

    As if I needed another reason not to vote for Romney…

  • marty

    I thought Norm was working at McDonald’s in Israel. He is too valuable not to be creating cashier and short order cook jobs in the private sector.

  • kman

    First T-Paw now Coleman=Loser

    • Real Talk

      Actually Coleman = Mayor Joe Quimby

      Coleman, “We will now hear suggestions for the disbursement of the $2million.”
      Citizen, “Don’t you mean $3million?
      Coleman, “Of course. How silly of me.”

  • Perry supporter now

    Picking the two losers from Minnesota shows Romney isn’t smart enough to be President, I wll now support Perry

    • Captain America

      That post just showed you’re not smart enough to follow politics. Please refrain from voting.

  • TPaw

    Someone let Mitt know that Norm’s strategy got him beat by both Jesse and Al. In fact the only reason he won his Senate seat was because the plane crashed. Maybe Perry should stop flying.

    • coleman hater


  • Facts Of Life

    Lesson to Romney stay away from Minnesota, it’s kiss of death just ask McCain. At least, Coleman will not be a VP, a sure way to lose an election. Minnesota is the state of 10,000 losers (politics & sports).

  • keel

    Heh. I was going to write something…until I realized that I really just don’t care…

  • Kevin

    Why dont these used up…..beaten POS just go away? Why do they just coming back….election after election…after election??????

    • Jack Noff

      Beacause pols only know how to slurp at the trough, not work a job.

  • Murph

    All three will be shining shoes in 2012! What a real doofus this Romney must be,isn’t there even ONE! GOP politician with any brains? Despite having stole from the poor and hoping for still more.The GOP seems fated to lose in the POTUS race! I guess it’s better than to lose your head like the French King and Marie Antionette did for similar behavior so long ago!

    • Ha!

      I don’t think so Murph. This country is falling off a cliff, presently teetering. Bernanke’s move today was another ding to the dem. trainwreck. The minute the stock market dips below 9000 the GOP and any of their turds is going to look astonishingly attractive. Bye bye Obama, because that’s just the way it is.

      • MIke

        Let’s not forget who inherited this Republican depression. Even David Stockton, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, thinks Republicans have lost their moral compass along with their ability to understand that cutting taxes caused the deficits.

        • Ha!

          Won’t matter. History tells the story, and here we are with no fix. In a very large vat of doo-doo.

          • Mike

            Determining the future has nothing to do with history. Every day of the year their are doomsday prognosticators and people who can’t handle the pressures that are around them. You are falling victim to your own paranoia. Pull your self up, straighten your chin, your an American. Dig in to that resilience that your ancestors had and used to make a better life for you. Stop acting and sounding like a beaten dog, it really is unbecoming and will eventually be your undoing.

            • Ha!

              You’re a bit of a nut job, aren’t ya? Good Luck with that.

              • Mike

                Sure buddy. I wasn’t the one who showed up on here whining that their are no solutions while wallowing in doo-doo. If you don’t have anything constructive to say about the topic, why don’t you find a wrestling magazine and play with yourself or get one of your Tea Baggers to drop a load on your big pointy chin?

                • Ha!

                  Dude, did you have a bad day. You need to chill. Not whining–just stating. It’s kind of a known fact that “doo doo” is as good a descriptor as any. Would you like to discuss something constructive. Like, yeah the repubs are turning on one another, have you seen the dems come out in full force against Obama. Kinda sick isn’t it. I’m a chick by the way so wrestling and fondling–nah. I’m certainly not a teabagger and wish things were better for our president. How’s that. I’m not paranoid, maybe just inately pessimistic. My fault. So, hey–Peace.

          • otto

            And at least half of that ‘no fix’ is coming from the Republicans. History does tell a story, doesn’t it

  • Ship Man

    A bunch of RINOs running in a pack…. WOW who would have guessed.?

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