MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Closing arguments have been made in the trial of a teenager accused of killing three people in a Minneapolis market.

Jurors went home for the night, but a verdict is expected on Friday.

Lawyers gave their closing arguments Thursday morning in the trial of 18-year-old Mahdi Ali. He is charged with killing three people at Seward Market in south Minneapolis in January of 2010.

A store employee was gunned down, along with his cousin and another customer. The victims were Osman Jama Elmi, 28, of St. Paul; Mohamed Abdi Warfa, 30, of Savage; and Anwar Salah Mohammed, 31, of Brooklyn Park.

The state is relying heavily on surveillance video that they have from the night the attempted robbery and murders took place. They are also relying on the testimony of an 18-year-old who says he was with Ali when the crimes occurred.

In exchange for his testimony, that teen has entered a plea agreement and will be going to prison.

According to the prosecution, all three victims were shot multiple times at close range.

The prosecution also said they have surveillance footage that places Ali at the scene of the market during the crime. They say blood from one of the victims was found on Ali’s pants.

The prosecution also said they have testimony from a man who shared a jail cell with Ali, who says the teen admitted to him that he committed the murders.

Officials say no weapon, DNA evidence or prints were ever found at the scene.

If convicted, Ali could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Comments (9)
  1. TL the alligator says:

    ….this clown is even dumber than he looks…i hope the inbred loser spends the rest of his life in prison…..THIS case and this animal is a perfect reason why Minnesota should have the death penalty….he deserves the death penalty.

  2. Hang em High says:

    I have a tree in my yard and a short rope the State could use,

  3. hate the system says:

    he doesn’t deserve the death penalty. he deserves to be shot and killed, then brought back to life, then shot and killed again.. would be fun target practice.

  4. Whitey Fjord says:

    Just remember, it’s a peaceful religion. We can’t let a few million bad apples ruin it for the rest of them.

    1. Come on now! says:

      Did you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world? The Radical Islamics are the ones who are the “bad guys”. They are the ones who act with violence. FYI this had nothing to do with religion.

  5. Kevin says:

    Really? I am offended! I have never seen so many racist statements in my life! Shame on you all! I mean this POS shot other somalians….its a win / win for me! He goes away to prison to bend over for Bubba…I mean Allah….and the three victims well….enough said…..but a federal word of warning…..some POS somalis had a web site set up to promote a POS somali gathering…a guy from the cities posted that he would love to go since it was easy target practice….the feds moved in and charged the guy with a federal hate crime……or as I like to call it….forced diversity…

  6. Hello! says:

    So much for Minnesota nice….

    1. Kevin says:

      Sorry Hello…there are no REAL Minnesotans left in MN. It is all immigrants now….less people are moving to MN (except from Mexico and Chicago)…single mothers are increasing…..poverty is increasing….welfare is increasing….unemployment is increasing…..but not to worry…..40% of Worthington, a once dieing city is now illegal mexicans……help is on the way….of course…when all the real Minnesotans leave….so will the immigrants as there will be no one left to pair their welfare……Ya gettin it????

  7. TL the alligator says:

    …i wonder if he’ll have that extremely stupid expression on his face when he hears that the next 40 plus years of his worthless life will be spent in a concrete cell……actually it would be a shame if he ever walked as a free man for the rest of his life—-LIFE WITH NO PAROLE.

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