Fewer People Moving To Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — U.S. Census Bureau figures released Thursday show fewer people are moving to Minnesota.

The number of people moving to the state has declined 19 percent since 2006. Metropolitan Council research manager Libbing Starling says people have been reluctant to sell their houses and pick up and move. Starling says many are skeptical that “the grass is greener in another place.”

Minnesota’s unemployment rate is 7.2 percent. That compares with a national rate of 9.1 percent. With fewer people moving to the state, there’s less competition for housing.

Minnesota Association of Realtors executive Chris Galler tells the Pioneer Press that without demand, housing prices have declined. The average price of a house in Minnesota is 6 percent lower than last year.

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  • the dream is dead

    So what are you saying, its better to have more people move to the state so we have a higher unemployment rate just so the real estate greed heads can raise home prices? Have you seen the empty neighborhoods of shoddily built and rotting mcmansions? They were, along with the contractors and bankers, doing something stupid: building homes for which there were yet no buyers. One more thing that helped inflate the bubble. The greed heads talk about lower home prices like its a bad thing. How else are homes going to be sold in a recession? The bubble created a superficial prosperity that let everyone be in denial about the dismal state of our economy. Our economy was in serious trouble long before 2008. To see what is happening to us, take a look at what’s happened to Detroit over the last ten years. That’s whats in store for all of us. The corporations have the largest cash reserves in their history but they are not hiring. THERE ARE NO JOBS TO FILL. Any aspect of production that requires labor has been outsourced to South and Southeast Asia. The real estate greed heads better get ready for some lean times, because the corporations have absolutely no intention of spending on labor in this country.

    • Reality sucks

      You are spot on my friend. I’ve spent much time over the years reading about the Great Depression and all the theories/facts behind it. Bizarre how we are lock-step in line to live it all over again. Never thought I’d see it, until I saw a twinkle in 2001 and the evidence in 2006. Buckle up.

    • caroljay

      I have said St. Paul is becoming like Detroit.

  • Brian

    Leave it to a media outlet to portray this as a BAD thing. Oh man…this is NOT GOOD. Maybe we should start building more section 8 housing, increasing welfare benefits, and shoveling more money into the EBT program. We need to entice those nice folks from Gary, IN and Chicago, IL to move here in droves like they were back in the day!!

  • Murph

    Why would anyone move to a place with such high taxes? In Wyoming you pay zero in state income taxes! Nothing in your property papers says you have to stay there the whole year! Other states they do not tax pensions and social security,so if you are retired there are other options.Minnesota since the Pawlenty fiasco has become a colder, and more difficult place to survive in! The GOP plan of cannibalizing the middle income class is not a very bright or successful recipe.If it spreads across the country,everyone will be boiling and eating their pets and Nike’s!

    • whatever

      Please explain how the GOP is “cannibalizing the middle income class.” Everything the GOP has done has been at the behest of its middle class constituency. The high tax rates you are whining about are the results of decades long dominance of our state legislature by the DFL. They created the entitlement gravy train that is now off the rails and is dragging our state down the tubes. But no matter, as long as any state official is GOP, you have someone upon which to place the blame for your own mistakes.

      • Right-On

        Exactly right!!! The DFL love raising taxes…why?…to fund all the entitlement programs (a waste of our tax money) because that equals votes for them. Folks are gettin out of Mn, they’re tired of their hard earned dollars going to wasteful entitlement programs.

        • Right-off

          Nowhere does it say they’re moving out of the state, and if you’re counting social security as an entitlement then I pray a bus finds your face today.

  • just sayin

    3 reasons.

    1. Long cold winters.
    2. Murderapolis.
    3. Taxes.

  • Ricky

    Okay, which is it? This article says home prices are down 6% from last year. The CCO article at: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/09/22/home-prices-still-dropping-in-twin-cities/ says they are down 11%.

  • Yup

    Spot on.

  • NO STADIUM!!!!!! GO TO L.A.


  • homer

    Left in ’91. Back often to visit family. Minnesota is a much meaner place. Minnesota nice is turning into the southern “oh, bless your heart”.

  • homer

    Case in point – Michelle Bachmann.

    Do the morons I used to live around in her district realize that she hasn’t voted in the House since August 1st? Real good representation you knuckleheads in Stearns voted for yourselves. Bravo

    • Bart

      Hey now homer, she has a vast district. I have read that the people of her district are not expected to vote for her this time around, her numbers are really bad with her limelight twirl. It will correct so that we won’t have to be so humiliated on a national scale. I don’t know what idiots voted for her but they sure won’t fess up to it.

  • Kevin

    Fewer real Americans are moving here! The immigrants are swarming here from every garbage dump country in the world…..and now the illegal mexicans are swarming here…..who the Hel* wants to move into this place? MN has become the shinning star for liberals! It is now Minnesomalia……

    • Oops there it is

      You’re such a whiner.

    • homer

      Oh, bless your heart . . .

  • caroljay

    O h man, I guess the bottom line is to move to a small town , with small taxes,

  • carol jay

    O h man, I guess the bottom line is to move to a small town , with small taxes,

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    Fewer People Moving To Minnesota « CBS Minnesota

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