Phone Glitch Panics Students’ Parents

NEVIS, Minn. (WCCO) — A glitch caused quite a panic for parents in one Minnesota school district.

On Tuesday morning, 520 parents got automated messages from the Nevis school district saying their children weren’t at school.

The automated service was intended for just two students whose absences had not been verified.

The school dealt with hundreds of calls from confused parents.

The glitch was fixed, and a second call was sent to parents to disregard the first call.

The system was back to normal on Wednesday.

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  • Frank T.

    Phone systems don’t “glitch”…this was human error blamed on technology.

  • Savvy up North

    Ever had your computer mess up and send the same email message to the same person over and over?

  • Mr. Me

    I smell a lawsuit for duress

  • Real Mom

    Get over it people. You must have zero confidence in your abilities as a parent if you monitor these poor kids that closely. You going to follow them into the military someday too? Give it up. Let go and let them grow. You’re going to have 20 year old wussies that run into huge trouble the first time they are out of your sight. Shame on you.

    • cutbackonthesugar

      miss your sugar fix this morning “Real Mom”? Why go off on the parents – it’s not like it’s their fault the schools phone system messed up!

  • getrealnevis

    Sadly… its not the phone system… it is this SCHOOL SYSTEM that is messed up. Poorly run by the school board & Supt. perhaps a key ‘Personnel’ change is in order for this district. Parents have every right to be worried.

  • No problem

    i am a student at nevis, this wasnt a big deal at all we barely knew it happend, they sent out a call to our parents that it was a mistake right after it happend. Although we did get some nasty texts during school form are parents about skipping school it was fixed right away,

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