ST. MICHAEL, Minn. (WCCO) — A bright yellow IROC Z-28 Camaro isn’t exactly your typical family car. So, with another child on the way, Katie Ortega did what many young parents would do — she put it on Craigslist.

It wasn’t long afterward that the phone rang and a prospective buyer wanted to meet.

“We set up a time to meet and he said it was the car of his dreams and he was sure he wanted it,” Ortega said.

But when 38-year-old Cory Wojcik of Elk River handed Katie cash for the car and drove away, she had a sinking feeling something wasn’t quite right.

Wojcik simply peeled off 28 $100 dollar bills from his pocket. The $2800 she was asking seemed to be no problem for him. On the vehicle’s title he wrote down a fictitious name, claiming to be a “Tom McNair.”

Katie grew suspicious, so she took the wad of cash to a nearby convenience store to have the money checked by a clerk. Ortega said that’s when the dread really set in.

“The marker stayed a black color. He (the store clerk) said they’re counterfeit. He went through ’em and checked a couple more and said they’re all counterfeit,” she said.

Ortega and her husband had been scammed and now had worthless money and no Camaro. They called the Wright County Sheriff’s Department and reported the stolen car. Within 90 minutes, a deputy had the car spotted. Wojcik was driving the stolen vehicle on Highway 24 in Clearwater. The deputy followed him until Wojcik hit a dead end and had to turn around.

“Fortunately for us he took a dead end road, where a bridge was out. He then turned around and the deputy put on the emergency lights. That began a chase for about nine miles,” said Wright County Sheriff Joe Hagerty.

When Wojcik wouldn’t stop, deputies placed “stop sticks,” bars with large spikes, onto the roadway. When Wojcik hit the device it immediately blew out the two driver side tires, sending him into a ditch.  He got out and ran from the scene but was quickly tackled and arrested.

Katie’s car will be returned to her, a little dented and worse for the wear. She’s now certain to be a little wiser the next time a buyer comes knocking.

“This time we learned our lesson, to be very careful,” Ortega said.

Comments (13)
  1. Bullwinkle says:

    I wonder if this is money that Ben Bernanke or the Fed Reserve just printed?

  2. Chuckles says:

    He should have put the money towards something more nondescript like a Toyota Corolla. A banana yellow IROC Z-28 Camaro is not that difficult to spot and apparently not quick enough to evade the law.

    1. @Chuckles says:

      @Chuckles..And a corolla would outrun a squad car?? Think before you post,you tool!

      1. josecuervo says:

        Chuckles was saying that a bright yellow camaro is too easy to for law enforcement to spot, and if you want to be that obvious, the vehicle should be able to out-run the law. A corolla would blend in easier, and wouldn’t have to out run anyone. Now that it’s been explained to you, THINK BEFORE YOU POST, YOU TOOL!

        1. @ Jose says:

          @ jose..lose the caps loudmouth..It’s also cute how you stick up for Chuckles..Are you guys a couple? With a yellow car?

          1. Chuckles says:

            Hey Jose, I prefer dudes like you……….

      2. loser says:

        Well apparently a z28 can’t outrun a squad car either. maybe he should have gotten a vette.

  3. Watch your back there Cory says:

    Hey Cory Wojcik, if I see you around town here in Elk River I’ll be sure to tap you on the shoulder and “say hi” – ya dorky Polak piece-O-cr@p…

  4. Sgt says:

    You can also hold the bill up to light and look for the watermark on the rightside of the bill. all bills have it except the $1 dollar bill.

  5. Bob says:

    They should have done the transaction at a bank, just to be safe. I would have.

  6. g8bbgg says:

    Craigs list, just a new word for crime.

  7. hadbeenscammed says:

    The z28 just isn’t worth it.

  8. @Jose says:

    Dumb Mexicans can’t spot play money! HaHaHa!!

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