EAST TROY, Wis. (AP) — The police chief of a Wisconsin village says twin babies died after their 26-year-old mother left them unattended in a bathtub.

Chief Alan Boyes says the 11-month-old boy and girl weren’t breathing when officers arrived at an apartment building in East Troy on Thursday. The officers performed CPR on the babies, who were taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. Autopsies were under way Friday.

Boyes says the twins’ father was at work when they were found.

The chief says no one is in custody. He says two other children in the apartment were turned over to Walworth County social services, at least in part because the twins’ mother was so distraught. He didn’t know if those children were hers.

East Troy is about 30 miles southwest of Milwaukee.

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Comments (40)
  1. Joe says:

    God rest their souls.

    1. Kayla Nordgaard says:

      Wow, way to attack someone for their personal beliefs for absolutely no reason. Let people handle life’s ups and downs they way they choose to and maybe keep your comments on point with the subject.

      On another note, how many infants and children have to suffer and/or die before people understand that you can’t leave them alone in a tub of water? Impressive parenting.

      1. Cassie Sanderson says:

        Wow, way to look like an overreacting idiot,

      2. Jen K says:

        How in the world was Joe “attacking” anyone?! Your comment doesn’t even begin to make any sense whatsoever.

        1. Katy Smith says:

          I think she posted it in the wrong place.

    2. both ways there says:

      someone neglected Jesus too and he was nailed to some wood….just sayin’ you imbecile

    3. kpkilburn says:

      What the hell was so important that 11-month-old babies were left unattended in the bathtub? Tragic. Accidents can happen, but this is far from an accident. Pure negligence that deserves harsh punishment under the law!

  2. Tina Thielman says:

    makes my heart hurt how could you leave them unattended there babies…

  3. Tina Armstrong-Tellefson says:

    Sick to my stomach. Poor babies. In the arms of Jesus (too soon) The parent is an idiot!!

  4. Jen says:

    Why is the mother not in custody?! Leaving your child alone in a tub long enough that they drown is NEGLECT! Let alone two of them dying… ridiculous!

  5. Momma of 2 says:

    This is horrible!!! I could just throw up after reading this. Rest in peace sweet angels.


  6. Gloria says:

    It would seem that parenting is becoming a role far too few should embark upon. This mother, if you can call her that, is ignorant, neglectful, and a poor excuse as a human being.

    I hope nobody tries to justify her actions (or inactions) by stating that being a parent is hard work, the other children probably distracted her, or that it could have happened in less than a minute of her not being attentive. I hope she is charged with neglegence and involuntary manslaughter, then incarcerated. Perhaps the autopsies will reveal more than this one incident proving neglect or abuse had been ongoing. (I certainly pray these two little ones, and the other two children in the home, haven’t been experiencing horrific lives to this point.)

    1. Darwin says:

      Unfortunatly; Darwin wins another one.

      Survival of the fittest

      Or in this case the NON-survival of the offspring of someone who was too stupid to have been allowed to procreateto begin with …

  7. Sad Parent says:

    I agree with you Gloria. Being a parent IS hard work, other children CAN distract you, and something like this COULD happen in a minute. However, as a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that something like this NEVER happens. This mother should be charged with neglect at the very least.

    1. Debbie says:

      I agree, the mother could have been distracted……maybe one of the other children fell, started screaming for some reason, who knows. If you have this many small children running around, you shouldn’t put any of them in the bathrub unless you have another adult there to watch the ones that are not in the tub. If she was babysitting other children then she should not have started bathing her babies while they were there. I thought that was common sense, but evidentally those that agree with me must share my genius. The mother is going to suffer their loss for the rest of her life and I would not want to be in her shoes and live with that.

      1. t.m. says:

        Not that this is the case here, by clearly you’ve never had your significant other leave for an extended period of time. Personally, my children would have gone up to 15 months without a bath then, unless I’d hired a sitter to watch the other one.
        Maybe we’ll never know what really happened. My heart goes out to the family.

  8. Michelle says:

    Leaving babies unattended for any amount of time in a tub is INEXCUSABLE. Those poor little babies…it just breaks my heart.

  9. Susan says:

    The mother should be charged with more than neglect sad parent, how about first degree murder.

    1. Daisy says:

      Do you even know how the criminal justice system works??? Do you know what needs to be proven in order to charge and convict a person of 1st degree murder? No. You don’t. Shut your IGNORANT mouth,,. step away from the keyboard and don’t show the rest of the public what a complete MORON you are…

      Let me enlighten you…. premeditation needs to be PROVEN in order to convict a person of murder in the 1st degree… without more facts, I can’t speculate on whether or not this mother did this intentionally, but until those facts, if they exist, come to light, I will refrain from judging, which is something the rest of you HEARTLESS hineyholes should also do.

      Put yourself in her shoes for ONE second… imagine the heartbreak and grief you would feel if you lost 2 babies… open up your eyes, and more importantly open up your HEART.

      And those of you touting “Christianity” as a guise to judge….. God isn’t judging this mother, and as Christians, you should be praying for the parents, siblings, and the rest of those affected by this tragedy…. shame on you.

  10. cawend says:

    reading this made me sick… how could you ever do that to poor innocent souls? 😦 unreal

  11. Willow says:

    After all this in the news, you would think people would learn…do not leave your babies alone in a bathtub! If you have to do other things while they are taking a bath, get a babysitter.

  12. shut up says:

    if you don’t know the full situation or what happened, don’t comment on it. i’m not gonna go into detail but i know the family this happened to and it truely was a terrible accident. she loves all 4 of her kids and would never purposely hurt them. so all of you can stop judging.

    1. Mauria Ellenson says:

      Please, enlighten the caring Public as to how two children less than a year old could die by drowning in a Bathtub through no fault of their own. Accident? Negligence. No excuse.

      1. Daisy says:

        Caring public? PFFFFTTTT….!!!! Wow… ignorance is abound on this thread…… no evidence of a caring public here…. shame… I’m disgusted with our society and humanity in general right now.

    2. Carla Jennings says:

      Did the babies full the tub and climb in while mom was busy with something else like FARMVILLE?

      1. Daisy says:

        Most ignorant comment on here. No facts, just a moronic stereotypical assumption…. shame…. and to think you posted your full name with this comment… … :/

        1. Morons...all of you says:

          …and to think you are stupid enough to believe that’s her real name.

  13. kate says:

    Very sad, they were almost a year old, I assume sitting up by themselves and crawling, if not walking, would sort of think if she left the bathroom for a second they would be ok..given the water wasnt that deep.. only takes a minute to drown though 😦

  14. JMJ says:

    If she had harmed her children on purpose i could understand the hateful comments on here. It sounds like an accident. I supposse all of you can throw stones because you are all so perfect. This mother has already been punished in the worst way possible.

    You can spew your hate at me, but remember your lives are not over yet and any time in the future something horribly accidental could happen to you. I will pray for this mother, her babies, family and friends. I will also pray for all of your hateful souls.

  15. Desirae says:


    I cannot believe the comments you people are leaving.This poor mother has lost two of her babies. It was an accident, but for the rest of her life she will have to deal with the fact that she was the one that left them alone in a tub that lead to their drowning. I think that is enough pain and suffering for a lifetime without you people judging her and leaving such hateful comments.

    Some times in the situations the parents get withdrawn and forget that they still have other children that need them. I pray that she has the strength to overcome this horrible tragedy, stay strong, and remembers that her other children need a mother still. I pray for her, her family, and her babies that were taken far too soon.

  16. Kimberly Murray says:

    Also what about parents who continue to leave their babies and children alone with dogs. There have been several gruesome deaths recently including a 2-week old baby, the family’s black labadore mauled it as well as an 18 month old mauled by 3 pitbulls. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Dogs are not humans and babies, toddlers, small children should NEVER be left alone with dogs nor around water or even in the bathtub. It is child NEGLECT and ABUSE.

    1. Morons...all of you says:

      I love how people like you will use any news story to spout off about your favorite cause. Stick to the story or GTFO the internet.

  17. Kimber Wilson Peterson says:

    As a mother of twins it is hard for me to believe that both of the babies just accidentally drowned. Something does not sound right here. I do know that at times it is incredibly overwhelming taking care of two little ones especially when you are tired from lack of sleep and they are crying. If there was any form of postpartum depression….. Support is something that is so needed. I feel so sorry for the mother…and the babies….and the siblings….and the father. May they find their way through this.

  18. sabrina says:

    When I gave birth at the hospital the nurse made me watch a safety awareness video on dealing with crying babies. NEVER to shake one that can cause brain injuries. I already knew this since I have worked with children for years but believe me if we are not educated in safety and prevention then how else are we suppose to know? I’m not saying she is totally innocent yes very stupid indeed BUT did you know it only takes one mouthful of water for a baby to drown?? I never knew that until I read about baby safety. Maybe she left those babies for just 30secs and that’s what happened. ;-(

    1. Morons...all of you says:

      I love how people like you will use any news story to spout off about your favorite cause. Stick to the story or GTFO the internet

  19. Stephanie Levasseur-Duszynski says:

    Perhaps Wisconsin should now start an anti-bathing campaign. Sweet babies, rest in peace.

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